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Review #1, by Darby FriendsWhoShootEachOtherLingeringLooksSometimes

15th April 2012:
Oh gosh, that was absolutely adorable! I loved it!

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Review #2, by hermiones_patronus FriendsWhoShootEachOtherLingeringLooksSometimes

25th March 2007:
Grins happily. I love the line "Oh Harry! Hermione and I have decided to be friends who shoot each other lingering looks every once in a bit, is that all right with you?" Hilarious!

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Review #3, by Anette FriendsWhoShootEachOtherLingeringLooksSometimes

25th February 2007:
Hahahahhahahha!! That was so funny! 10-10!

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Review #4, by Crosby FriendsWhoShootEachOtherLingeringLooksSometimes

12th February 2007:
haahaaa a friend sent me a link to this story, very funny story!

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Review #5, by maggiedalena FriendsWhoShootEachOtherLingeringLooksSometimes

21st February 2006:
Cute and fluffy. I love it when there's arguing involved but it could get a little confusing to see who says what. I doesn't really matter, but I like to create an image in my head of Ron and Hermione bickering. lol

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Review #6, by Hello Kitty FriendsWhoShootEachOtherLingeringLooksSometimes

29th January 2005:
What a great story!

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Review #7, by MelissaMoony FriendsWhoShootEachOtherLingeringLooksSometimes

8th May 2004:
That was pretty darn cute, ya know. And humorous. Good job! You get a nine.

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Review #8, by dare_devil120 FriendsWhoShootEachOtherLingeringLooksSometimes

16th November 2003:
That has got to be the best speech-only fic I have ever read. People sometimes make them like scripts, with stage directions. That was adorable, I can't believe more people don't read and review your work. In one word? Magical. 10/10

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Review #9, by EighthWeasley FriendsWhoShootEachOtherLingeringLooksSometimes

3rd August 2003:
wanna update? i\'d sure appreicate it if you did....i like the way it\'s told in all dialog

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Review #10, by Vera FriendsWhoShootEachOtherLingeringLooksSometimes

18th July 2003:
Pleez continue! THis is adorable!

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Review #11, by Vera FriendsWhoShootEachOtherLingeringLooksSometimes

11th July 2003:

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Review #12, by Mglyrics FriendsWhoShootEachOtherLingeringLooksSometimes

10th July 2003:
oh that is so great. It\'s witty, and romantic and you stay true to the characters, awesome job! I love it!

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Review #13, by KaOtIcAnGeL FriendsWhoShootEachOtherLingeringLooksSometimes

10th July 2003:
aww that\'s so cute

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Review #14, by JayCee FriendsWhoShootEachOtherLingeringLooksSometimes

10th July 2003:
I couldnt have written it better myself.

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