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Review #1, by Silver Moon Girl The Funeral of Hearts

10th November 2007:
I thought it was AWESOME! you ROCK!!!

Author's Response: Wow, I apparently rock now! Thanx for the comment, it is very much appreciated!

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Review #2, by GreatestGryffindor The Funeral of Hearts

29th April 2007:
haha I loved it! :) 10/10!

Author's Response: thanx for the comment!

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Review #3, by _alechia_ The Funeral of Hearts

8th April 2007:
that was very well written. well done. if you have a mo will you please read something of mine and tell me what you think? thanks so much

Author's Response: thanx for the comment! sure, ill read something of yours!

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Review #4, by Draco_love_91 The Funeral of Hearts

25th January 2007:
I really liked this story i just wish it wouldnt have stoped so soon.
i was so into it lol.

Author's Response: yeah sorry i have a tendancy to do that.

Well that means that theres room for a sequel! :D

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Review #5, by vguanne_ice_princess The Funeral of Hearts

27th December 2006:
not bad sam i like it good story line and thats all i can say 10/10

Author's Response: thanx vyncie ur stories r pretty good 2

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Review #6, by foreverfleur The Funeral of Hearts

26th December 2006:
wow really interesting plotline. great use of dialogue throughout the whole thing!

i love the last part with the integrated poem/italicized lines. really nice job.

Author's Response: thanx its actually lyrics to a song
"Funeral Of Hearts" by HIM

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Review #7, by ravenclawLDS89 The Funeral of Hearts

9th December 2006:
haha, that was great, good job. i wish draco really liked her though. the ending was awesome, i loved the last line, very cute. draco is hot for her even though he won't admit it. the end. :)

Author's Response: thanx. i was thinking about writing a sequel where hermione wnats to get beck with draco...

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Review #8, by hpdude_4life The Funeral of Hearts

5th December 2006:
well its obivous hu hermione ends up with.
i want that 2 happen in the hpseries, but in hpff, im a dramine. 8)
so i didnt agree with the pairing.
but the story was good.
yey!! 8D

Author's Response: hey thanx 4 the comment (lol when i was writing it i had no idea what was going to happen in the end...)

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Review #9, by xX_Erased_Picture_Xx The Funeral of Hearts

4th December 2006:
That was so cool and funny at the end :)

Author's Response: thanx! there might be a sequel coming out, so look out for that!

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Review #10, by SIC The Funeral of Hearts

23rd November 2006:
that was good...the ending was a bit abrupt but other than that i loved it

Author's Response: thanx, its my first fan fic so ur reviews really count!

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Review #11, by Daddums The Funeral of Hearts

25th October 2006:
Brilliant story Crimson.
I look forward to more of your work.

Author's Response: Thankyou, Daddums!

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