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Review #1, by Ydnas Odell Smiling

21st April 2007:
Ok there are some good stories on this site. Some have spectacular plots, some have excellent style to their writing,ome authors just have an intuitive grasp of character.

Very few have it all. There are 38,000 stories on this site. I may have read 2 or 3,000 thousand of them. This is the best of the bunch. This is a 10 in every category and you can tell you took a lot of care and time in crafting this story. And the little golden moments were you modiifed the book quotes from Rons POV were especailly grand.

Only CC I can give is to work on your spacing an paragraphs, espeically in the last section, but that is just layout not writing.

Truly one of the best stories on the site.

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Review #2, by maggiedalena Smiling

21st February 2006:
You warned me but I just couldn't keep away. Oh my gosh, this story is so sad. I feel like crying or throwing up 'cause I can't imagine what seeing the love of your life dead is like. The flashbacks were great but it's so sad!

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Review #3, by DIYALAH Smiling

23rd November 2005: s-a-ad. how did she away..was she like protecting the order. or sis she like jmp infront of ginny to block the killing curse or something? GREAT STORY THOUGH...VERY TRAGIC!

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Review #4, by bettyboop Smiling

21st December 2004:
that was the saddest thing ever! it was FANTASTIC, just incredably depressing. love stories gone wrong isnt my favorite thing to read, but yours is done so well...

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Review #5, by Crizel Smiling

25th August 2003:
Beautiful story....I love how you put everything into detail and then brought it to life. Loved it.

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Review #6, by VERA Smiling

11th July 2003:

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Review #7, by JayCee Smiling

10th July 2003:
Started off good but a little sad at the end dont ya but good. I really like your stories.

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Review #8, by mglyrics Smiling

10th July 2003:
you made me cry, that was tragic...but it was an awesome story.

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