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Review #1, by heRmiONe Can\'t Fight the Moonlight

25th February 2007:
Aaaw, why did you kill her? *sniff* I love this song, but it didn't go very well with the story... but no problem since the story itself was pretty good :)

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Review #2, by Keetonie Can\'t Fight the Moonlight

19th February 2006:
Excellent penmanship!! I truely enjoyed reading this.

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Review #3, by rain Can\'t Fight the Moonlight

9th August 2004:
great fic, loved it, ron and minoe, aaawww, to bad mione died owell, great job

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Review #4, by vanessa Can\'t Fight the Moonlight

15th May 2004:
Aww! That was so sweet! Poor hermione. *sniffle sniffle*

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Review #5, by meredith Can\'t Fight the Moonlight

4th April 2004:
I liked it but i think the song clashed, it needed to be slower

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Review #6, by Joe Can\'t Fight the Moonlight

13th September 2003:
Really good and really sad...

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Review #7, by caughtinbetween Can\'t Fight the Moonlight

7th September 2003:
Wow...that was so sad. And good! :) ~Katie

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Review #8, by atomic kitten Can\'t Fight the Moonlight

14th July 2003:
i honestly don\'t think that the song fits the story. the song is too cheery, but the story is kinda depressing, so i think you might need to get a different song. :)

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Review #9, by SilverMirror Can\'t Fight the Moonlight

10th July 2003:
Very good! Poor Hermione! *sniff* I liked it a lot. Oh, I was wondering if you could plaese tell me...what HTML code did you use to make some lines italic?

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Review #10, by sampotter Can\'t Fight the Moonlight

10th July 2003:
wow! that is sooooo moving! i loved it! i think i`m going to read it again!

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Review #11, by mglyrics Can\'t Fight the Moonlight

10th July 2003:
*sniff* sad but sweet. Great story!

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