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Review #1, by Xweetikrisi Perfect Blue

23rd July 2009:
That was good.
I am not joking.
Keep writing!

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Review #2, by canhuffnpuff Perfect Blue

16th December 2007:
" other frowned upon her. She could not bare it. Everyone accused her of breaking Harry Potter’s heart and being a tart." That line I loved. I'm a big Harry/Cho fan and I always thought she's been unjustly...hated, when she was just an emotional wreck after Cedric's death.
Crazy twist at the end though; threw me for a loop that's for sure!LOL Way to go. Nicely done.

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Review #3, by Ellie_HPLover Perfect Blue

13th October 2007:
what the heck? lol that doesn't even make any sense, but it still made me laugh! i wonder what happened to Harry, I am so confused!

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Review #4, by Ravenclaw_Comet260 Perfect Blue

11th October 2007:

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Review #5, by ballet_dancer Perfect Blue

6th July 2007:
OH MY GOD. That... Well, I couldn't even put an exclamation point on the first sentence though it merited one, because I'm so shocked.

Let's see if I have this straight. The books happened. Cho ran away from Hogwarts in her seventh year. She married/became involved with Rom. She had sex with Harry. She is not pregnant with Harry's child. Tell me if I got that right.

I swear that is the twistiest plot I've EVER seen in a one-shot. It was INCREDIBLE. I am absolutely and utterly speechless, except for the fact that I'm in the process of typing a long review right now. But I am really honestly still in shock.

It seems that I am the sort who likes dark stories, which I had never realized before. I must repeat, this was an absolutely inredible story. I do believe I'm going to give it a 10/10. This will be my third one of those, so feel special.



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Review #6, by _Moony_ Perfect Blue

12th November 2006:
I must say, that was one of the better fics I have read on any site. With your talent I am sure you could take your ideas and complete novel-fics. If you ever need a beta reader, please, do not hesitate to ask.

Author's Response: Woah, thanks, I was sure no one was really going to like the story. Yet, you made my day. Thanks I'll take your offer into consideration.

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