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Review #1, by kassandra466 Green Apples

25th December 2009:
awee!! that was so cute!! i LOVED it!! even though it was a little short!! :D

Author's Response: At the time, I'd planned on writing a sequel which is why it's short - it was allowing the room for a sequel. Unfortunately, after that I took a two year hiatus from fan fiction and I can't remember what plot I had in mind so it was dropped, lol.

Thanks for R&Ring! Glad you enjoyed!

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Review #2, by angelchaser13 Green Apples

28th July 2009:
Au contraire, my fellow writer; it's quite amusing. I love how Lily argues with herself; it reminds me of Harry in HBP when he's trying to convince himself Ginny is like his sister ;-D.

The apple-stem twisting was a wonderful element to the story! I've done it myself loads of times :-)

Grammar-wise, the story had a few tiny errors, but overall it was quite good. Plot-wise, as I said, it was sweetly funny. I like it when you write in this genre. I enjoyed the story very much.



PS--'At the Beginning' has one new chapter up, and another in Waiting mode! And I hope you feel better! :-D

Author's Response: Thank you!! It's so great to hear that :) I've also done the apple-stem twisting trick and when doing it once I was inspired to write this.

I also really enjoy writing in this lighter, humorous genre. I've always thought of myself as more of a 'darker' writer up until recently, when I started writing my new fic "Sunrise" that's a lot lighter than my norm. It's refreshing to get away from the dark and twisty fics XD

Thank you!! Your reviews mean so much to me!!!

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Review #3, by Harry and Ginny Green Apples

13th July 2009:
great story but i would like to see Lily and James talking and making up. they are so cute together!!!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Thank you! It's always nice to read positive reviews for old stories :) I have an idea for a sequel one-shot in mind but no promises there because it is quite rough and I'm rather busy :)

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #4, by mollie jay Green Apples

21st June 2009:
short but sweet! i liked it!!!=]

Author's Response: Thanks my dear :D I'm so happy you enjoyed this. It's always nice to get positive reviews for old fics ^_^

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Review #5, by TheDirigiblePlum Green Apples

13th April 2009:
I remember doing that with apples... trying so hard to get it to snap off on "S"... somehow it never got that far. :D lol

It was cute and original, and I always imagined Lily with a fiery temper :)


Author's Response: Haha, I can imagine. I used to curse letters near the end of the alphabet! :P

Thanks so much, it means a lot!

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Review #6, by Murphygirl Green Apples

9th November 2007:
hey who is the actress that is suppose to be Lily in that banner she is so pretty!

Author's Response: Isla Fisher :) She's from Wedding Crashers.

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Review #7, by jameslily1313 Green Apples

31st October 2007:
its pretty funny! i should try that game whenevr i eat an apple! i like how it just happens 2 b him evry time! funniness is the best in these strys! and romance, since its a romantic plot basically no matter wut!

Author's Response: I agree, romance often creeps up in nearly all stories - even if it's nothing very deep or planned out. Everyone needs a little love :)

Thank you very much for your lovely review!

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Review #8, by Romina Stephanie Green Apples

14th April 2007:
This was sweet - or at least the ending!
I enjoyed reading when she argued with herself - it was amusing. I can imagine her sitting there, getting irritated over the apple-thingy, while the elfs are staring at her questioningly. Oh, so funny! : D
Great one-shot!
- Stephanie

Author's Response: Haha, thanks, I enjoyed writing this, because I know myself I've twisted enough apple stems to last a lifetime, so I figured why shouldn't Lily? :P Thanks a lot for your review!

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Review #9, by accidental dreamer Green Apples

3rd April 2007:
This is cute! ^^

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #10, by aww Green Apples

5th February 2007:
very cute

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #11, by Magic_Marker Green Apples

25th January 2007:
Aw, this was cute beyond words. I'm kind of tired of seeing Lily portrayed as a version of Hermione, so it was refreshing to get inside her head and hear her bubbliness, her frustration at James, and her cute stubborn side. She seems like a girl I would like and definitely someone James would be complete with.

Author's Response: Haha, thank you

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Review #12, by glacialangel Green Apples

28th December 2006:
jeez im gonna have to try tht sometime! lol ur a fabulous writer

Author's Response: Haha, have fun with it! And thank you very much. It means a lot :D

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Review #13, by Ms_Malfoy Green Apples

24th December 2006:
cute : ] i like it

Author's Response: Thank you! ^___^

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Review #14, by GinnyGirl333 Green Apples

30th November 2006:
Aww it was tho thweet! Really, it was! I loved how Lily was furious, and then the apples calmed her down. I loved how she found a way to calm her legendary temper, and I loved that the stupid apples had a conspiracy against her. Bravo!

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much, you're incredibly sweet :D

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Review #15, by HPdiva Green Apples

10th October 2006:
Wow that was really creative! and all came from cutting green apples, I'd love to see what you come up with cutting red apples (etc). The point is I love your story, especially since I think many have tried soemthign similiar to the twistign of the stem and dwelinf on the letter. I have sat there forvever trying to pick out names to match. Well enough of my rambling! I loved it and really hope you add a sequal about what happens, maybe James's reaction to his girlfriends loss of insanity. xoxo

Author's Response: Aw, you flatter me! :) True, I do come up with ideas doing completely random things. I think always in the back of my mind I have this light which clicks and says, "Hey, that'd make a cool fic." lol.

I might add a sequel. I actually thought of an idea while.. well I can't say or you'll guess. lol. But I may. Thanks so much for your lovely review!

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Review #16, by Loly Green Apples

7th October 2006:
That was cute...u should write about what happens next, I'd like to know! ^_^

Author's Response: lol, i might. i might not. thanks for the review

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Review #17, by GreenTiger Green Apples

6th October 2006:
Great story!!! I really liked the apple thing! :)

Author's Response: lol, coincidentally I thought of it while cutting a green apple :P

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Review #18, by chocolatefrog Green Apples

5th October 2006:
awww that was a really good one...plot and characterization and all....keep it up =)
and try nd read my fic :P

Author's Response: thanks! :)

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