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Reading Reviews for Alone in the Dark
24 Reviews Found

Review #1, by georgie_greenie Saying Goodbye

22nd January 2008:
Woah, that was sad! But really we-written. Lovely use of language and descriptive words.

Great job! 8/10!

please review my story!

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Review #2, by ravenclaw_girl308 Saying Goodbye

15th August 2007:
that is so sad! I was crying throughout the whole thing.

Author's Response: aww it is rather sad aye, thanks fo ur review! it is much appreciated. :)

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Review #3, by Millioncolorslily Saying Goodbye

31st July 2007:
Oh, this is sad, Plz let thee be more!

Author's Response: unfortunately i dont think there will be.. not at this stage, i am swamped at the moment with school, but thanks for reviewing and reading!

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Review #4, by DelilahBlueEyes Saying Goodbye

30th July 2007:
This one made me cry. That was horribly sad but at the same time one of the best stiroes I've read on this site. I applaud you! Another 10 from me!

Author's Response: oo thankyou once again!! applause sure is nice lol.. sorry it made you cry!! i was a little bit emotional when i wrote that hehe.. thanks for your splendid reviews!

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Review #5, by DelilahBlueEyes Her Last Minutes

30th July 2007:
Wow. that was pretty intense, in every sense of the word! I love the detailed discription, even if it was utterly tragic and heartwrenching! Got a 10 from me!

Author's Response: ooo thankyou! im glad you didnt think there was too much description.. :D thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Mystile Her Last Minutes

30th July 2007:

Very Sad, but very good.

Rating 9

Author's Response: thanks so much!! :D

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Review #7, by XxxSirius4everxxX Saying Goodbye

29th July 2007:
Your story is fab! It actually made me cry! Great work xxx

Author's Response: hehe thanks!! sorry it made u cry :( it is not the happiest fic aye? lol thanks for your review!!

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Review #8, by Bright Green Eyes Saying Goodbye

13th July 2007:
AW! that was so good! I loved it!!! is there more! you almost made me cry :D I think i'll put it on my favs list!

Author's Response: :D thanks so much!! there might be another chapter coming.. but not for awhile as my life is pretty hectic atm.. and maybe a whole different story.. so many ppossibilities lol.. thanks for your review!!

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Review #9, by la la lexi Her Last Minutes

3rd March 2007:
haha i never rviewed this chapter. lol. i love it so much! omg chicadee youre so good! ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: lol, thanks heaps !! :D

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Review #10, by la la lexi Saying Goodbye

22nd January 2007:
omg this is soo saddd!!
but i love your details and descriptions, and i loved rons speech. ecellent job, you shine, chica! =]

Author's Response: thanks so much! rons speech was a challenge, im glad you liked it!!! :D

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Review #11, by CrystalClear Saying Goodbye

5th January 2007:
Amazing. Truly moving. You're a great writer, and I hope you continue to write - I'm going to add this story to my 'favorites'!

Author's Response: aww thanks once more for your reviews! :D :D :D

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Review #12, by CrystalClear Her Last Minutes

5th January 2007:
Wow. Very good, very powerful, and very well-written. I'm impressed. I just came to let you know that my story you reviewed, 'Wait, say that again?' has been updated, but then I saw your story and it looked good...and it is! I'm going to go read your next chapter now!

Author's Response: aww..thanks so much! yay 'wait, say that again' is updated! must go read --> lol :D

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Review #13, by Lily 4eva Saying Goodbye

23rd November 2006:
Once again; amazing.

Author's Response: awww cheers!

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Review #14, by Lily 4eva Her Last Minutes

23rd November 2006:
Wonderfully written. Haunting. Amazing.

Author's Response: thanks so much!!!

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Review #15, by Shii and Nel Saying Goodbye

22nd November 2006:
It was great, brought tears to my eyes. A few bits of CC, though, would be that it was short, but not because of lack of story or plot or emotion, just something that sometimes is overlooked; format.

It doesn't decrease the quality of your words at all, it just makes it easier for readers to, well, read if you were to split up a few of those heavy paragraphs. Formatting can even bring in good timing and things of that nature.

But without the formatting it is a great story. I think you've painted the feelings of both roles quite nicely.

Author's Response: thanks for your review! to be honest i never even thought of formatting before! ill have to take it into account for the next chapter. thanks again! :)

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Review #16, by Jellyman Saying Goodbye

18th November 2006:
Aww, the tears are coming :( That was heart breaking. Truly heartbreaking.

Well done :)

Author's Response: thanks! i just love ron :) though i am a bit mean to him by killing off hermione :( lol thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by Jellyman Her Last Minutes

18th November 2006:
Oh my God. Haunting much? Lol, I love it! Gripping and suspenseful...

Author's Response: wow, u actually read it..and tonight! lol thanks for your review!

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Review #18, by Miss_Granger72 Saying Goodbye

14th November 2006:

Author's Response: cheers Miss_Granger72! ;)

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Review #19, by Laine Lufkins Her Last Minutes

14th November 2006:

Author's Response: cheers!

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Review #20, by granger_2007 Saying Goodbye

14th November 2006:
aww its so sad i think i might cry!

Author's Response: thanks for your review! and i noticed it was added to your fav stories! thanks so much! :D

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Review #21, by voodoo child Her Last Minutes

9th October 2006:
OH my god it was great i loved it *snif * nooooo Hermione !!!
Great keep writing !!!

Author's Response: thanks for ur review...i am sad about hermione too!

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Review #22, by Cal5114 Her Last Minutes

9th October 2006:
aww, that's sad, but great story, keep on writing.

Author's Response: thanks so much! i will!

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Review #23, by Izzieluv Her Last Minutes

8th October 2006:
thats morbid

Author's Response: it is a bit..hopefully later ill have time to write a happier one... thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by Hera Her Last Minutes

5th October 2006:
Very.. hmm.. realistic. I liked this, keep it updating :D

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! I was so excited when i realised my story had been validated! Cheers again :D

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