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Review #1, by weasley7(not logged in) Wizard's Chess

1st May 2007:
LISTEN TO ME!! Ang u must put in the summary that it is on my account. if people want to see if theres a new chap-chap they dont read the first one again!!! so say it in the summary and put it as abandoned and then give me all the chaps u have!!

Author's Response: i will vannah!

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Review #2, by weasley7 Wizard's Chess

3rd March 2007:
angela susan boettcher! you need to get the freaking chapters up! if u dont i will broadcast your name, address, and phone # to stranger through bob! THEN HOMELESS PEOPLE WILL STALK U!

Author's Response: savannah elizabeth bradford! you just put my whole name up on the internet!!!! now I WILL be staled...but by middle aged perverts! thanks.....ahem....if you read it says we are continuing it on WEASLY &, so, you should probaby get some of the chappies from Mandi, and I'll give you mine....sometime. So there! Plus I don't think Bob alows that....when have you been such a Bob fan?!? *coughsagecough* lol ;0)

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Review #3, by theVAN Wizard's Chess

6th December 2006:
Ang, I read this again & realized some run-ons, missing words, and misspelled words. Have Coleen check it for you next time! K?


Author's Response: k!
thanks Mrs. Bruemmer--I mean Vannah! ;)

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Review #4, by vanBurger94 Wizard's Chess

2nd October 2006:
This is weird, I'm reviewing my own chapter...
But it's okay! I do love me! :P


Author's Response: yes, BRAVO on the chappie, mine would be up, but with teh stupid entomogoy stuff Mrs. Zvonar assigned, I havn't had any time...stupid bugs..*makes puking motion* Thanks for reviewing Vannah!

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Review #5, by germanchoklitcake Wizard's Chess

1st October 2006:
Hello Angi! vanna and i almost had to kill you because we thought you ddidn't give us CREDIT! YAY!

Author's Response: Why would I not give you credit?! Thanks for R&R-ing our story!

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Review #6, by harrysgirl24 Wizard's Chess

29th September 2006:
Hey guys! It's really good so far! Keep it up! Going to faves...

Author's Response: Thanks Lenny!

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