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Review #1, by HiJane_2 Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

1st April 2010:
It has been quite a while since I last read and reviewed one of your stories... so here I go!

First of all I'm so glad I read this one, and I have simply LOVED reading it and I'm so sad that it looks like you won't be updating anymore. But I understand completely the loss of interest in writing a story that's been "finished" with the last book out and the writers block that can come with it.

Although Letting Go was and is one of my favorites of yours I've enjoyed this one immensely and the plot made of stronger stuff!

FYI: I noticed in the previous chapter when Phelan has just come to the entrance hall waiting for the other Tri Schools' delegations to arrive you say that Adam has left to get Phelan new clothes, he leaves then Ginny and Des hide away Phelans bag and then Adam is there straightening and asking where Mina has gotten too.

What's up with that? Might need a fixin'!

Superb as always.. thank you for all the time you've put in these awesome stories and I hope you will update or just tell us what's going on or a heads up if you decide to abandon this story.
I hope you respond to this review! Still love your stories!


Author's Response: As of last night (May 17, 2010), The Gate of Fear is "abandoned". I'm sorry! I just cant get back into the mindset to write this story. :( HOWEVER. A new story has been added. For those of you who have read any of the RP that my sissa and I have done, this will look really familiar. This story is based off of our "fifth era" RP and is a sequel to Letting Go. Some things will change from the RP, so dont worry about it all being the same old stuff. Hopefully you guys like this one as much as my others. I can't promise I'll update fast, but I'll do my best. You guys rock. ^_^

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Review #2, by won_won_lover Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

4th October 2009:
Please, Please, Please update! I'm on my hands and knees begging. Okay I'm not but I was re-reading this 'cause I was going over my favorites and I remembered how much I love your stories. They are really good and you haven't updated in two years. Its torture not knowing whats going to happen next. So, Please, Please update!

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Review #3, by dmluver2012 Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

7th August 2009:
WRITE MORE PLEASE!Your writing is awesome

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Review #4, by ilovehim52 Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

7th December 2008:
post soonn !
i miss yourr writing.
i re-read your whole series the past couplaa days.
and you needa updatee! cause i love it.

Author's Response: I'm trying!!! I'm so sorry that it's been so long. I blame JKR. When she ended the stories, my creativity died. But I do have a couple of projects in the works. We'll see.

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Review #5, by foxie34 Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

8th April 2008:
i love your storys and r you going to finnish this one and have you got any more?

Author's Response: Yes, I am planning to finish this one. I've been having a hard time writing it since Deathly Hallows came out, but I'm slowly working on it. Also, there will be one more. It's going to be short, and it goes into what happened after Deathly Hallows. (Taking into account Marauder Magic and The Dark Years, as well as a couple one-shots...but excluding Ghosts of Past and Present and anything afterward. It's after the ACTUAL Harry Potter story.) That one is about halfway done, and I'll post it when it's all completed. I want it to be perfect, or as close to perfect as it can be.

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Review #6, by Cassidy Evans Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

1st March 2008:
Sleep is very good. Poor Phelan. Phelan and Luna, sitting in a tree. Nah, I'm not gonna finish it. Charlie did the same thing to Phoenix and Remus in Ghosts of Past and Present. Thats just a little harsh coming from me I think.


P.S. -- Please please please update soon! I wanna know how this is all going to turn out... Sorry for bugging you, my Lady, but I'm DIEING to know what happens next... Me and all your other fans, that is.


Author's Response: I'm sorry!!! I really am. I'm struggling with the rest of my story. JKR pretty much pulled out all the big guns for Deathly Hallows and now what I had planned and anything else I was going to do seems...very lame. But I know I need to finish regardless. I will do my best to do this.

Besides, my Sissa is abandoning me soon so our RP will be a little dull. I'll have more time to work on the fan fiction.


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Review #7, by Cassidy Evans Chapter Eleven: Weres

29th February 2008:
You know, I'm still ecstatic that I have my name on one of these chapters. Plus its on the chapter that Adam comes back! I cried so hard when I thought he had died the first time I read this ((I think I remember scolding you for it severely...)), and it really was no different this time, though I knew better. Call me pitiful. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this.


P.S. Still lovin the story... Wheres them updates you mentioned?

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Review #8, by writingdesk Chapter Five: Christmas Joy and Pain

20th February 2008:
I'm really liking this story so far. I just finished your other series. The "Ghost of Past and Present" kind of confused me, but that was just because of all the characters. I've never been good with remembering who is who. Off topic. But I'm liking this story a lot. Keep up the good work.

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Review #9, by BlackFaerie Chaper Sixteen: Kissing and Crying

5th January 2008:
HIEE!! Sorry to be a buggin, but I dont suppose you have any aspirations to finish this SOON!!! Would love to know what happens, its been really good, and Id hate for all that hard work not to be concluded in a most satisfactory manner!! ^_^

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Review #10, by Jenni Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

4th January 2008:
I love all of your writing...I am hoping that you are planning to do more and soon!!! I love your characters...they are wonderfully written.

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Review #11, by James and sirius 4 eva Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

14th December 2007:
oh great chappie. now i want to know what nyxie was talking about when she told james they cant put it of for much longer. oh and its great to see that harry and adam are getting back to the bestfriend/brothers that they were before the attack! i know that wasn't this chappie but i wanted to read the whole of what youve done so far before reviewing.
Great Job Seriously! cant wait for more.

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Review #12, by charmedlily Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

10th December 2007:
lol!! Very funny... I love your story so far and I can't wait fr you to up date it. So here's to hopeing that you'll up date soon!- Charmedlily

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Review #13, by siriusly potter Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

4th December 2007:
i love all your storys but i just wanted to ask do you pronounce nyxie the same as nixie.
keep writing
cant wait for next chapter
thanx :]...X

Author's Response: Yes, Nyxie is said like Nixie...I just wanted the Y to spice it up. It's like Pixie but with an N instead of a P.

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Review #14, by sKiDrOwFrEaK Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

7th November 2007:
hey, are you going to continue this story?
I was just wondering because you haven't updated in a long time...or have you decided to quit writing this after DH?
I really hope you much as i love roleplay it is nice to see an update every once in awhile to make sure your still alive and wanting to finish the story!

Author's Response: Yes, yes...I'm going to continue. I was going to end this story and do something else, but everyone wants this ending, so I'll try to give it to them before getting too involved with another project.


P.S. -- As always, if anyone has any requests of me...

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Review #15, by Ginny Skywalker Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

5th November 2007:

Great chapter, it is probably around the fourth or fifth time I've read all your stories, and I love them all. But... I am getting pretty bored waiting! Not to be rude, but I beg you to update! I love your stories so much and I really want to find out what happens, I'm just so addicted! Please do update! I, and all your other fans, love your stories so much and would love some fresh chapters that I haven't already read several times over!



Author's Response: v_v

Allright, allright... I'll try and hurry. But keep in mind what I've mentioned before! My computer died and I lost all the notes I had and most of the next chapter!!!

That's my excuse, but still, I will try to hurry. I can't come to my reviews page without being overcome buy sadness and guilt (okay, and a little amusement too).

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Review #16, by Dee Dee Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

25th October 2007:
I hope u continue writing soon :)
Things have been getting boring with ony the roleplay to read :)
Which please reach till the end of it (i noticed some eras werent completely done)

Author's Response: Haha,'s because of my fanfiction that we never reach the end. Fanfiction gives me a jump start, then I write to the end...and of course, we know the end, so why roleplay it? Haha, okay...maybe that's not a good excuse. But that's how my mind works. =(

I'm hoping to have another chapter up soon. No promises, as always...but reading these reviews makes me feel so darned guilty...I must give in!


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Review #17, by Cassidy Evans Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

15th October 2007:
Lady Darkheart, with all do respect, I'm really put out with you right now. Just because book seven came out, I don't believe that you need to stop writing this one... I REALLY want to know what happens in it, and have been checking every day to see if theres been any updates on it. I love everything you do (if you don't believe me I've read marauder magic through to ghosts of past and present like fifty times each, respectively.) Please at the very least concider continuing with this one. Oh, and if you don't mind, could I make a suggestion for a one shot? I'd like to see something with max, and with Mat & Emma...


Author's Response: Ah, I love thee.

I could definitely work on a Matthew/Emma one-shot. I had never planned on it, but their story is adorable and I'm so happy you suggested it! what to write!


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Review #18, by bea_evans1624 Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

11th October 2007:
Are you going to continue?? I really hope you are. I have recently become obsessed with all of your stories and I don't know what I would do if there was nothing left for me to read! So please, please, please keep writing!!

Author's Response: Okay...hehe... I know it looks as though I'm not going to write anymore, but I AM! After book seven released, I put everything on hold. Compared to the book, I knew my recent fic would not do the book line justice. That one I have considered dropping completely, or perhaps just putting it on hold for a long time.

However, there is another fic in the works. This one, on the other hand, I would like to finish completely before posting it, because I keep changing too many aspects. When I'm happy with it, you will see the finished story. Marauder Magic and The Dark Years will both be relevant (in the main) but Ghosts of Past and Present and Letting Go are, I guess, AU fics now. Hehe...

I think you'll all enjoy the new fic, when it happens. I already do.


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Review #19, by babypaya262 Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

9th August 2007:
Hi!!! first off i just wanted to say that i LOVE your trilogy!! i can read it over and over and its always so amazing. i love all the characters and so i visited your stories page and read your 3 one-shots with characters from those stories and then started to read this story. normally i dont read AU fics where Lily & James live, but i loved all your characters too much not to read it!
so thanks for writing such awesome stories and keep up the great work!!

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Review #20, by POTTERRULZ Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

3rd August 2007:
can't wait for more chapters. I love your twist iin the story with this one. I am looking forward to the rest of the story!!

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Review #21, by UPTOWNGRL94 Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

14th July 2007:
i LUV YOUR STORIES! They are so good. Please review so I can enjoy this story some more.

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Review #22, by helenium Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

4th July 2007:
ok, I lost it. All day, every day I only read your stories. Read your forum, THREE TIMES! And it is just the beginning of the summer. Crazy I tell you...

Oh yeah, just wanted to ask you if you will write more one shot stories? I love them really...ok I'm mad.Absolutely barking.

Hope you are well and...I don't know, have a nice summer? :D

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Review #23, by sinwillys822 Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

4th July 2007:
can't wait for the new chapters. if i hadn't read ur other fan fics i would be completely lost but i understand what is going on hope you update soon.

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Review #24, by BlackFaerie Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

5th June 2007:
Hmm. . . I hear that sleep is good too. . . Never really got the concept though. . . Lying down and closing your eyes until your brain shuts down temporarily. . . Nope, makes no sense to me!! LoL. Good fic, anyway. You did well with Luna, am looking forward to reading more. Please update soon? :D
P.s. Am glad that Harry finally got round to punching Malfoy. And poor Pandora. . . :(

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Review #25, by yo Chapter Seventeen: All Because of Wrackspurt

11th May 2007:

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