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Review #1, by shadowkitty22 Ginervender Get into the Picture

2nd September 2007:
Okay, so it seems even weirder that Hermione would tell the boys that they shouldn't write to each other so that they would have more to tell each other when they got together. Especially seeing as how she is the one who is always nagging to them that they didn't write or hardly wrote anything at all. But I suppose it works well with the direction you want your story to head in, so I guess I'll have to let it be.


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Review #2, by shadowkitty22 This is NOT happening!

2nd September 2007:
Hehe, I love HSM! That was a really great movie and it was funny to see it on here. Somehow I don't picture Hermione writing in her journal like that, but oh well, it is your fanfic, not mine. Also, I think the curse you were thinking of is the Imperious Curse (getting people to do your bidding) and not the Cruciatus Curse (torturing people).


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Review #3, by WildFire6660 Ginervender Get into the Picture

8th December 2006:
Quik, quik! Next chapta next CHAPTA!! xD

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Review #4, by WildFire6660 This is NOT happening!

8th December 2006:
rofl. *shudderes, Hermiones Dad is soo mean! I like the story though! 10/10

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Review #5, by sweetie_face 14 Ginervender Get into the Picture

27th November 2006:
Very very funny. Love ur style of writing! Just like J.K but a bit more in touch with real life! And don't worry about the kissy bits, they were fine. Sorry to read that that was the last chapter following Harry and Ron, though I'm sure the rest will be great Please write more!!!

Author's Response: aww.. thanks soo much! you have no idea how much that review meant to me. :P stay tuned..

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Review #6, by mm24 Ginervender Get into the Picture

5th October 2006:
I liked that! And I am glad that now the chapters will follow Hermione and Draco! But still great job! I really enjoyed it! Can't wait for more! Thanx 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I appreciate the review. :P

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Review #7, by mm24 This is NOT happening!

4th October 2006:
Oooooooooook. I liked that. A lot. it made me laugh. Very hard! At the begining at first at leaset. I,personally, hated High School Musical. All my friends loved it. I made fun of them forever. So whan I read this tears were practicly roleing down my face. I know pathitic. Well great job! I can't wait for more! Love the idea so far. Nice seriouse twist! Thanx!

Author's Response: Haha! LOL! Aww, you didn't like it? Well, you can't please everyone.. but at least you liked it even after the whole High School Musical thing. Thanks for reviewing! Hope you come back for more!

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Review #8, by HpodSufferer Ginervender Get into the Picture

4th October 2006:
I'm interested...sorry, I seriously cannot think of anything else to say...except I'm laughing- hard at Lav-Lav. I hate her. ;)

Author's Response: Haha. Yeah, me too. LOL! Still, it's a surprise you think it's funny. I struggle with humour.. :P Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by hermione malfoy This is NOT happening!

29th September 2006:
great story love it keep writing i will be back

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reviewing. I really appreciate it. Lots of love.. Hermione Malfoy. :P

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Review #10, by Padfootz_luvr This is NOT happening!

26th September 2006:
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Author's Response: OMG, Padfootz_luvr! Thanks soo soo much! I'll e-mail in a few. Still, I really appreciate the offer! I love you! LOL!

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