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Review #1, by ms simone What the Future Holds

2nd April 2015:
love the drama and romance that following the main characters!! maybe one day the story will be coninued..

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Review #2, by Papa Dragon Come What May

19th October 2012:
The author of this novel never ceases to amaze me! This book in terms of N.E.W.T grades would be O+

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Review #3, by Parvati_Khatri What the Future Holds

28th June 2012:
I was listening to the song Fix You by Coldplay while reading this chapter... and the two things combined just made me burst into tears! I love this story, and I totally think the song Fix You fits this story. (Hehe, I don't know it may just be me and my obsession for Coldplay.) Though seriously, please finish this, it's amazing, never give up on it.

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Review #4, by BrandiLion Boundaries

14th June 2012:
I'm hooked. It's 2:26 in the morning, and I can't stop.

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Review #5, by Laura-Jayne What the Future Holds

23rd August 2011:
hey, i have just finished reading your story after finding it 2 days ago and i must say it is addicting :) i abslutely loved it and i like that you kept the harry ginny relaionship aswell.. some people seem to think that should stop... :D you are a great writer keep it up :)

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Review #6, by jlemon Best Laid Plans

19th February 2011:
So Hermione falls in love with Draco, someone who was an accomplice to her best friend's murder? Is this story supposed to be serious? Because it seems like a joke.

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Review #7, by ugirl1234 Questions

26th November 2010:
Interesting! Well I'm hooked!

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Review #8, by Angela What the Future Holds

21st February 2010:
I am not a believer in fan fiction most of the time, nut I am enthralled in this story and find it to be grammatically correct and very entertaining. I found it three days ago and spent a lot of time reading it and it is GOOD!

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Review #9, by jessie In Good Time

22nd December 2009:
ok. y is her nickname kitten?

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Review #10, by Ardeel Answers

5th August 2009:
Isn't Hermione a naughty little minx! =] haha.

Poor bunnies lol. You should have made them a more detestable animal like rats or something! lol. Good chapter by the way!

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Review #11, by daisy What the Future Holds

7th July 2009:
when are you going to update???can't wait any more!

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Review #12, by ILoveYohBaybee What the Future Holds

24th May 2009:
I am going to be honest, i loved this story. It made me want to read it again and again. Also i have seen all of your story banners and they are absoloutely amazing!
I was wondering if you could make one for me.?
If you could i would be so happy!
please replyy.

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Review #13, by ElissandrAnne What the Future Holds

30th May 2008:

Okay, I'm unforgivable, because I've read this chapter so many times and I'm just reviewing it now. :-(

First off, Caleb. You know that I like him - well, you know that I like well rounded original characters. And he sure is. By the way, how can you keep up with so many, original and canon? But back to the chapter itself. I like the scene with Caleb and Blaise. There are depths there. And some more background informations about their families. Nicely done. ;-)

Once again, I'm glad that Harry and Draco are more mature. They will never be best friends, but they can understand each other and work together. To me, it's a sign that they have grown up a lot. And it will make Hermione's life so much easier. :-) Hermione and Draco's relationship feels so 'comfortable' now - I'm not saying it's not romantic anymore, just that it feels like there is a connection between them.

Good job!



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Review #14, by pure_muggle What the Future Holds

5th May 2008:
I love this story! It's perfect.

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Review #15, by phoenix_flame What the Future Holds

29th April 2008:
Can't wait for you to update!

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Review #16, by pure_muggle Christmas Day

28th April 2008:
That is so sweet! I loved this whole chapter.

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Review #17, by pure_muggle A Proposal

25th April 2008:
I love the way you imagined Remus proposing to Tonks. It was so sweet! You also did Mrs. Weasley's character very well.

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Review #18, by phoenix_flame What the Future Holds

23rd April 2008: sweet (the end part that is)! I'm so glad you updated and cannot wait for more! Happy writing!

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Review #19, by pure_muggle Expect The Unexpected

21st April 2008:
What is going on with Draco?

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Review #20, by brooklynsam3_ What the Future Holds

21st April 2008:
awww! i love it! :) this chapter gives me a picture of what's going on in hogwarts and in grimauld place. :) aww! draco wants to be a daddy how sweet, i know he will be a wonderful father. :) i can't wait til the next chapter. :) keep up the great work.

PS 10/10

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Review #21, by rosie2424 What the Future Holds

21st April 2008:
Awww. that was really sweet.

I would write a better review but I have just read all 34 chapters and I think my eyes are going to fall out, lol.

Can't wait for the rest!

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Review #22, by slytherinchica08 What the Future Holds

21st April 2008:
ooo this is really cute. if you email your readers when you update your story plz add me to your list my email is keep up the good work!~


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Review #23, by pure_muggle Questions

20th April 2008:
That's really good! But so sad. I liked it though.

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Review #24, by BlackDemonAngel What the Future Holds

20th April 2008:
thats sweet I like Draco vision of the future. UPdate soon!

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Review #25, by gitgit What the Future Holds

20th April 2008:
that was really sweet ... the ending
and i liked how we got ot see blaise point of view that was really good to read and see a little history :D
nice work i enjoyed reading the chapter ... and im glad Harry approved even though he doesnt like Draco as much
i cant wait to read about the fight at MAlfoy Manor :)

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