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Review #1, by Kay One Last Wish

23rd July 2009:
My first Remus/Tonks, and it was great. Thank you.

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Review #2, by Jazz One Last Wish

17th July 2009:
Beautiful story. I absolutely loved it :) I almost had tears in my eyes, and that's saying much for me.

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Review #3, by Skizzy One Last Wish

20th June 2009:
Great again. You rock!!

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Review #4, by Keri-Snape's Angel One Last Wish

29th April 2008:

So Beautiful i love it


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Review #5, by Lyn Midnight One Last Wish

21st March 2008:
You write best the mature parts. I envy you. :P

Again, a lot of emotion, you had me rushing through the lines, impatient to get to the end.

But, I have a question. If this is after Harry defeated Voldemort, and they are alive, then is it an AU? Or did I miss something?

Another thing, I have read numerous times that moment when Remus asks her to show her real self (if it's been in the previous version of this chapter, I do apologize for bringing it up), so although it's beautifully written, it's something everybody writes about, which is not your fault, of course...

Otherwise, I think that you convey emotion, namely lust and love, extremely well. I am glad you've started writing more such stories, they suit your style. Keep it up, hon!!! :)

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Review #6, by celestlyn One Last Wish

4th November 2007:
I absolutely love it!! I haven't read a lot of Remus/Tonks, but I always like it when I do. There is something so honest and sincere about them. I love the way you write. I prefer to be a bit less plot driven and more character driven, too. I adore a good passionate story or one exploring the emotional climate of a certain circumstance. I think that is why I enjoy the one-shots or missing moment stuff so much. It's also a pleasure to read someone who can spell and really put together a well crafted piece. Kudos!! I will read more of your stories for sure. Adding to my favorites. Celeste

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Review #7, by Paloma Patil One Last Wish

28th August 2007:
That's pretty hot, and also sweet when he appreciates her in her natural form.

Well done - pretty banner, too.


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Review #8, by spamao One Last Wish

23rd August 2007:
I loved how passionate this was, and how you didn't say what ended up happening to Remus, because it wasn't important.

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Review #9, by FireworkEyes (Not logged in) One Last Wish

22nd August 2007:
I liked it. I'm glad you didn't spoil the moment by adding anything from the next day and the battle. Good job!

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Review #10, by Clowee_tee One Last Wish

19th August 2007:
Wow, the language used in this was very impressive. give yourself a pat on the back.

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Review #11, by fireceltiephoenix One Last Wish

16th August 2007:
Jessi, that was very moving and touching. It was nice that Tonks let Remus see the REAL her at the end. There were imperfections and Remus saw through it all. He still saw the beauty of the one he loved. Excellent one-shot, Jessi. Great job!

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Review #12, by lovegoesfar One Last Wish

16th August 2007:
you should deffenitly continue this story. or make a sequal or something. PLEASE???

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Review #13, by shootafallingstar One Last Wish

16th July 2007:
Oh how kinky ;D
This was adorable. Well, adorable is not a word I would use, but you get my meaning right?

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Review #14, by Just_what_the_healer_ordered One Last Wish

15th July 2007:
Very good, very good indeed. Spelling and grammer are good, as is construction, but to be honest, I felt this was a little too... dramatic for my taste, but that is but pure personal opinion.

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Review #15, by tonksloveswerewolves One Last Wish

12th July 2007:
aww! that is so sad and cute! I would have liked it better if they ran off and eloped, but I'm a 14 yr old hopeless romantic, so yeah. very good, 10/10!

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Review #16, by Carrot Stix (Not Logged In) One Last Wish

1st July 2007:
Awww *tears in my eyes* thats so adorable =o) omg.. im gunna cry... calm down harri! CALMMM.. Ok. im good. reaaalyyy good story. wonderfully written =o)

Carrot Stix

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Review #17, by Lady Serendipity One Last Wish

1st July 2007:
It was amazing. Truly amazing. It was just so beautiful. It should be one of your fav pieces, you wrote it so well. I could see this happening, its a realistic situation and you can sense the passion and love they have. I felt sorry that he always had to leave her but it was a truly beautiful piece. One of the best Remus/Tonks I have read. good job.

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Review #18, by kissedbyavampire One Last Wish

26th March 2007:
love it much

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Review #19, by Emma One Last Wish

20th March 2007:

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Review #20, by roberts_dread_piratess One Last Wish

21st February 2007:
Interesting idea about Tonks' true self. Very nice little one-shot!

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Review #21, by pink101 One Last Wish

15th February 2007:
awww really cute!

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Review #22, by GinnyWeasleyPotter One Last Wish

23rd January 2007: sweet. I loved the way you described everything, the emotions so real. Everything flowed really smoothly and made sense, it was beautifully written. Very, very good fic, and though I don't love reading Remus/Tonks, I definitely enjoyed this. 10/10, for sure!
GWP a.ka. GRAWP =]

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Review #23, by Saphyre One Last Wish

23rd January 2007:
Awesome!! Loved the "physical" changes :)

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Review #24, by Ydnas Odell One Last Wish

18th January 2007:
It really is your best piece, but love scenes can be fun to write. There are a few more typos then usual, but than it is a bit harded to get the mature fics beta'd isn't it?

Otherwise, this is your best of those I've read so far. a 10!

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Review #25, by flutterby271 One Last Wish

13th January 2007:
Oh, it's definitely going into my favourites! I like Remus/Tonks, and this portrayed them perfectly. I like how Remus proposed to her, actually - I think I might find it even more romantic than proposing in front of a thousand people! And his one wish was heart-warming...

Did Remus succeed in killing Fenrir? I really hope he came back to Tonks all right. :) But the open end you left actually made this story more powerful than a "and they lived happily ever after" ever could have.

Great piece of work!

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