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Review #1, by faithful reader unfathomed by your tardiness The Real Upper East Side

6th August 2017:
This is the best fanfic ive read. Ive read this story for the first time i think maybe even 10 years ago. It still lingers in my mind. From time to time i revisit these characters as i feel they have a lot more to say - this story is beautiful and left a lot of your readers intrigued and needing more. Please dont let this be unfinished. Or at least do a Q&A where you'd explain what were your intentions with the story? What happened between the trio? etc

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for leaving me a note :) You don't know how much it means to me that you did this so many years after I left it all hanging.

You are right. These characters had a lot to say. This is exactly why some days I feel like it's too big and I will never be able to finish it. And some days, I remember how crazy happy I was writing, and hearing from readers like you. I will admit, I'm starting to accept it won't be finished. I am twelve years older than when I first started. I read my own writing sometimes and I want to throw up haha! The dramatics are also equally cringe-worthy at times. I would do things differently now. I always write "emotionally", so going from a doe-eyed 16 year old, to a 28 year old career woman will definitely change things. What if you won't like it? I remember back when I was 18, I had the whole plot in my head, chapter-by-chapter, now I try very hard to remember what I had planned out. Still, I am a bit intrigued by how people might react if they see a new chapter. I won't say it will happen because I really don't want to keep you hoping again. But this is by far, the best thing I've ever done. And it's also the biggest shame it's incomplete. So I will say that your words had me one step closer to sitting down with my laptop again. I will think over it today :) And to anyone else reading this; I do come around here often to see what you said. I've read every review. Trust me; you've done more for me than I've ever done for you. Thank you.

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Review #2, by Dramionelover1106 The Real Upper East Side

16th May 2016:
I have been rereading this story for years now. I hope you end up finishing this story, even if it is twenty years from now, because this is one story that i keep coming back to at least once a year.

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Review #3, by Veronica The Real Upper East Side

8th August 2013:
I don't know if you will read this or if you will care but here is what I wanted to say: I came back to your story after a good four years away from fanfics - because life can be a bitch, what can you say - and suffice it to say that I'm still enamored with it. I hope you find it in you to someday continue this as it is one of the few unfinished works I (and many others, I'm sure) check.

I can understand though that you probably have other obligations and it would definitely be difficult to come back to a story after being away for so long but in my opinion, it IS a story worth telling, always has been. Whenever you find the motivation, time or the zone and feel comfortable enough to continue this story, rest assured that someone will be looking forward to reading the next part. It is too damn good not to.


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Review #4, by pinaygrl3123 The Real Upper East Side

18th March 2013:
I happened to re-find this fic. I didn't realize I had never read this eighth chapter. And I remember this being one of the best fics I had ever read, and I've read quite a bit of fanfiction. Haha. I just love what you've written and how you've incorporated so many of your own ideas to fit in with these characters we already know and love and brought in some new ones. The love between Hermione and Draco is just so evident and endearing - you can't help but root for them to keep going as they have. Same with Harry and Ginny. And while we do see these happy sides to all of them - we see the cracks that were formed from the situation years ago. It definitely shows in their children, who are so much like and unlike their parents. And while this story will probably remain unfinished, I still think this is one of my favorite stories I have ever read on HPFF.

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Review #5, by Number 1 FAN The Real Upper East Side

18th November 2012:
I still wait for updates! Don't quit! You can't write something like this and then leave us hanging! This is the best hpff I've read ever! STOP BEING LAZY AND UPDATE! MORE REGULARLY! How is that for some tough love. I'm not going to stop harassing you until this story is finished~!

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Review #6, by Fathima The Real Upper East Side

15th January 2012:
it's been more thn 2 n half years since u last updated.. plz tell me u havent abandoned it..

this is a great story.. n even though its been sooo long i still have hope tht u will update it..

n u also stopped in the most interesting part the anniversary :(...

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Review #7, by Kelly12294 The Real Upper East Side

4th August 2011:
Hey I really don't know if you will read this since the story hasn't been updated in a while but if you do I'd like to tell you that the story is really great!!! Would you please consider continuing it??:D

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Review #8, by The-Boy-Who-Read-Like-A-Million-Times-This-Freakin-Awesome-S The Real Upper East Side

29th July 2011:
I read the first chapter I think about 5 yrs ago - could it really be that long? I've read like a zillion fanfics and yours is by far THE BEST!!! From time to time(like every week) I check out this site to see if you updated. I stopped reading fanfics, because every one is the same. You stand out from all the other writers. You have such a talent and the story just keeps you wanting for more. I really have no idea what is going to happen next! I like every character, I love their faults and their virtues. I'm really just stunned by your work and I hope that you will continue writing this story. I was afraid that something horrible would happen to the site and that every fic here would be erased(I had a dream about i-actually a nightmare) or that you will like die and won't be able to finish the story o.O so I copied & pasted your chapters into word - and the day you finish the story I will have the whole story printed out and binded with some pretty artwork with your name. You have to continue and finish this story. PLEASE THIS IS ALL I HAVE IN LIFE!!!

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Review #9, by RonnilWazlib The Real Upper East Side

23rd July 2011:
I'm astounded by this story, I can tell you that this is the only one (of the fanfics that I have read) that feels real and I don't know.. is very well written.
I just wanted you to do me a favor, I know (or think) that you will not finish this story, because it's a lot of work, I understand that ! I mean every chapter is huge (I'm quite greatful for that) and you wouldn't be giving the story or the characters justice if you finished it on a hurry, but the thing I wanted to ask you is if you could at least tell me what where your plans for this story? what was going to happen to the golden trio (hermione harry and ron)? would they had reunited? what was going to happen to Eva? and Dominic (even though I don't like him nearly as much as Eva I'm still curious) ?
I know that is a lot to ask but I need to know! please think about it.

PS your story really helped me deal with my Post harry potter depression hahahahaha lol !!!
And as some of the other reviewers told you, you really have talent for this kind of stuff ! keep it up, don't ever stop writing (you never know where it will take you)

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Review #10, by wolverine83 The Real Upper East Side

8th April 2011:
Is there a chance you might continue with this story at some point? I would love to see how it ends, this story is one of my all time favorite next generation stories on here

Author's Response: Hi :) Thank you so much. I hope to get writing in the next few weeks as I've just completed my undergraduate studies. To deliver quality I need to get back into that head space and into the story that inspired me so much. I have to recollect and redesign as well, so don't hold me to it but I'm hoping for end of May. Thank you for the patience :)

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Review #11, by miss_aurora The Real Upper East Side

10th October 2010:
Oh my. This is definitely something. I have just spent hours reading this and I crave for more. Alas, there are only 8 chapters here so I should be satisfied with that only.

Anyway, I love this story. I love how you created Dominic and Evangeline, Laura, Jill, Ryan and others. To know that Evangeline's hair is actually bushy, like Hermione's, is really entertaining. So thank you for writing this and I would say that please update soon but since I think you're dealing with a problem on your own, I'll just patiently wait for the next update :)

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Review #12, by Whisperer The Real Upper East Side

1st July 2010:
Wow. I mean, wow. I am blown away. 8 dedicated chapters with more than 10,000 words each? Detailing not only the lives of the "main" characters, for there are none, but for all the characters, fleshing them out, one by one, both in the past and the present, developing their relationships, making them unique and hateable from just 'one' perspective, but understandable from all the perspectives combined. I think the point where I fell in love with your story was in chapter one when harry, ron, and hermione had their split. it was so tragic, yet real. it is THAT easy for people to split apart, that easy to severe any connection. and i know it. it has happened to me, and you portrayed it wonderfully. that is when i knew your story would keep me going.

last night (or should i say today) i stayed up till 3 o'clock in the morning...thinking about how when i woke up today, i HAD to, at all cost, finish this, yet dreading finishing it because i knew there wasn't going to be more once i got to the end. THAT is the power your story has, because it is truly dramatic in the best sense of the word, because it is real.

please don't feel discouraged about your writing, or about this story, please! you know this will drive me crazy, because i will keep checking everyday. i don't want to put pressure on you, because that's bad for a writer. i just want to lift your spirits up, and tell you how great your story is. 10/10!


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Review #13, by RonnilWazlib The Real Upper East Side

21st June 2010:
C'mon dude are you gonna finish it or what ? it has been ages since you last updated !
Don't leave me hanging

Author's Response: Hey man, I'm sorry, I'm going to have to let you down again...for a while. I can't write right now for some unforeseen reasons. I'm so distracted when I do sit down to write that the words simple arent right or working to that effect. I'm sorry. I know i lost a lot of readers and anyone reading this too, but I will not be able to sit with it until at least the end of August. I'm truly sorry...

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Review #14, by Dracy-Girl The Real Upper East Side

18th May 2010:
Thank God you answered I thought you had abandoned this story ! I am a huge fan of your work, really ! and Iím sure a lot of people still check every now and then, I know itís a bit disappointing that nobody writes their reviews anymore ! But please have faith in this story !!
I will wait for the next chapter I know itís going to be awesome !
( I hope is Blaise and Bianca's anniversary ball )
oh and kudos !! eva is my favorite character ! I love her to death !!
keep up the good work and once again Thank you. You donít know what it means that you answered my review !

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Review #15, by Dracy-girl The Real Upper East Side

3rd May 2010:
Look, I don't mean to be rude or something but I would really like if you could put abandoned or something cause I literally check every week to see if you posed a new chapter or even answer to the reviews ... I know you have your own life and everything but plz finish it plz .. This is the only fan fiction story that I have really loved ! Please don't give up, I know you are dissmotivated since all the reviews where erased but please I could prove to you that there are a lot of people who still check every now and then to see if you have posted something. Please finish it or just one hater I only need another chapter ( ginny harry & hermione in the same place ! Yay ) and if you don't want to write Another chapter at least abandon it (take off the work in progress thing) you owe us that much. Please answer and if you decide not to keep up with this story just keep writing cause you have a talent.
thank you for such an amazing story
-just a huge fan of you

Author's Response: Wow, I definitely needed that :s. I'm probably sounding like a broken record but I dont have enough apologies for readers like you. I'm at a loss for words really, cause I have no idea how it got so bad. But believe me when I say I think about this story every single day and the unfair treatment it is recieving. If I'm not dealing with my life, I cannot find the words to give it justice when I've tried sitting with it. And still thats not good enough. I dont want to think about the last time I wrote a chapter because the date will be terribly dissapointing. I dont think you'll believe me but I have sort of been working on it within the last week. I also need to get a chapter picture for the last one so I'm working on that too. So if it does update, don't jump and dont hate, it will be sent in again for the new chapter.

I want to thank you. By this time i was sure no one really cared about the story and it was all my fault. But i feel terrible knowing you do care lol, that you've been checking for it. My apologies to you and any one still interested. I'm getting to work right now.

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Review #16, by devoted The Real Upper East Side

16th January 2010:
I am very excited about your story ^^ I keep checking for the updates and I am a little frustrated when there are Please continue writing because it is really really really good xD

btw, I can't wait for Eva to fall in love (is it for the Potter? haha)

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Review #17, by Kimmie_89 The Real Upper East Side

6th January 2010:
Wow, wow, wow, wow. This story takes my breath away. Before I give this story the praise it deserves I feel like I owe you an apology. This has always been my favourite story on HPFF and I havent reviewed in so so long. Please believe me though, its not because I didnt like any of the newer chapters, it really isnt. Unfortunately my life went a bit screwy and, up until a few months ago, I just didn't look at the site. It took two years, but Im back, although under a new name (my old one was Facetious Phoenix- for some reason I canít log into it any more). Sorry, enough apologetic rambling, just feel like I've let you down as fan. I know how important reviews are motivation-wise.
Anyway, back to the praise. This story really is astounding. The time, patience and hard work that must have gone into this really is apparent. Everything is so heartfelt; it makes the story come alive. The thing that strikes me the most though is the amount of depth and description in every chapter. It really is amazing and something a lot of professional authors struggle to achieve. I really do love everything about this. I love how you portray the characters with all their flaws and idiosyncrasies, and I love how the story lines all seem to tie in together. The flashbacks fit in so well too!
I read this story through from start to finish (once Id found it again) and wasnít sure whether to review at the end of each chapter. I had every intention of doing so, but I just couldn't stop reading! I still canít get over the fight between Evangeline and Dominic, that was just plain scary. God, when Dom cursed her with that electric shock I got so angry. I sort of felt like he deserved getting strangled. I know theyíre as bad as each other, but he did set himself up for that one. The amount of hate between them is incredibly palpable to the point where things are out of control. When I first started reading this story a couple of years ago I was sure that they'd get together in the end, but now Im starting to wonder if they can actually get over their differences, because they both seem too stubborn to ever relent. Oh, and the last chapter? Blimey. I was not expecting that between Draco and Hermione. How could he? Poor Hermione. After everything she gave up to be with him and hes letting another girl put her head in his lap. Pfft. I just hope theres a perfectly reasonable explanation :p

There really are so many questions I want to ask you, but I dont want to ramble on forever. Just know that you do have supporters who would love you to carry on writing this. It doesn't matter if it takes you months to crack out another chapter theyre always worth the wait. Thanks for the brilliant read, Ive really enjoyed it :D By the way, did you get a beta? If you didnt Id be happy to take on the job.

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Review #18, by amy The Real Upper East Side

20th December 2009:
good fic,
i looved the huge fight between eva and dom after the prefeccts meeting, there was some great 1 liners!

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Review #19, by xXxMissGinnyPotterxXx The Real Upper East Side

28th October 2009:
at first i wasn't sure about wether to read the story but then i read the first chapter and i was curious so i read the next chapter and it ended up that i fell totally in love with your story. I haven't read a story like yours and i find it inspiring and totally original. You've got so many possibilities in the story that it's impossible to see which road you're going to take and i love that aura of mystery. I especially like how you've got Eva and Nic's anomosity and how it doesn't have any bounds. Can't wait to see what happens there :) update soon :)
[=Miss Ginny Potter=]

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Review #20, by Jadedgurl The Real Upper East Side

13th October 2009:
shocker!!! didnt see that coming. you know how to keep us readers on the edge of our seats and know how to knock us of our butts. anyway keep writing. your story is one i cant get enough of please update soon.

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Review #21, by MaskWithATruth Malfoy Manor

8th October 2009:
Aw...I am crying here at this chapter. So bittersweet...Well done

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Review #22, by Dracos Angel The Real Upper East Side

7th September 2009:
I could've swore I had left a review for this chapter. So much has been going on I completely forgot to. Anyway, I'm glad that Draco and Hermione are back... I always look forward to reading you're work. It takes me away and sometimes I get confused as to what really went on in the book and your story. Blaise and Bianca's anniversary ball is next right? Take your time with the next chapter... I won't rush you. I know that when you're satisfied with it and when you have time you'll update. 10/10

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Review #23, by Dracy-Girl The Real Upper East Side

30th August 2009:
I was sooo happy when I saw that you had uppdated ! :D !
I liked this chapter, but I think it was a bit slow.
You are an amaizing writer, and encourage you to keep this story because it's truly a piece of art !
I hope that next chapter, will take place in Bianca's party !
Thank you so much for this awwsooome chapter and please update soon !! PLZ PLZ PLZ !
And once again amaizing !
Oh and i really liked the flashback, I want to know what happened with bianca/draco/hermione/blaze

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Review #24, by Radha The Real Upper East Side

22nd August 2009:
Hey im a fan of your writing and especially of Dominic Potter! But sometimes i wonder why the golden trio broke apart so badly..? as in, wasnt Harry fine with the Draco-Hermione thing? He seemed to understand Hermione, in a way he even agreed with her. And Ron too had accepted the breakup, not very gracefully, but not very badly either. Then why did things go SO wrong after Voldemort died? Why wasnt HERMIONE allowed into Hogwarts?!?!? How could McGonagaal n all forget Hermione's contributions? n How cud Harry Potter forget them? Srry if its too many questions :P

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Review #25, by Rezofsunshine The Real Upper East Side

11th August 2009:
ummm lol sorry but im kinda confused on what ust happened! lol i enjoyed it, a lot! as i do all the other chapters but i just didnt really get most of what happened. but yeah. I LOVE this story the characters are so intracet its astounding and just the voice in the writting. Love it! I cant wait for the next chapter and am axiously waiting to see what happens at the ball. Is that going to be in next chapter? or is it all going to be about Draco and Bianca and all them?

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