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Review #1, by bookworm Jealous Hearts

16th August 2009:
I love the story so far please please continue

Author's Response: I really need to get back into writing... I've left these stories open for FAR too long! Now that I've recovered my account information and can actually log in.. The possibilities are endless :)

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Review #2, by Honeydukes Luver 4ever Jealous Hearts

5th October 2008:
please update the suspense is to much lol

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Review #3, by elli0812 Falling for You

6th November 2007:
its been like a year i would like to know if you are going to finish this story cuz i am in love with it so far and i would love to read more

Author's Response: I know... wow.. it has been longer than a year, actually.. I'm in college now! It's like my whole HP life was put on hold (blasphemy, I know).. I definitely need to continue.. I'm out for Winter hols tho-- maybe now is the time!

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Review #4, by elli0812 Jealous Hearts

8th October 2007:
hurry up and write another chapter or whatever i want to read this story i am so into it!!

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Review #5, by icyfire Jealous Hearts

20th July 2007:
AH this is so good!!! Keep up the good work!

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Review #6, by Hermytwin027 Jealous Hearts

9th June 2007:
I absolutely love Ron, but at this moment in time I really don't think she should have anything more to do with guy should be able to cheat & get away with it! As for Oliver...(woo for Sean Biggerstaff!) I can imagine him and Hermione together, but she really shouldn't rush into another serious relationship quite yet...Aww I feel quite sorry for the unsuspecting Oliver...undoubtedly gonna get hurt getting involved with these two!!! :D

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Review #7, by hermioneneha Jealous Hearts

20th May 2007:
Please continue the story! I really like it so far and I want to read more!

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Review #8, by katie Jealous Hearts

6th April 2007:
i love your story! please update soon

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Review #9, by katiee Jealous Hearts

28th January 2007:
hey i love your story! cant wait till the next one. please update soon!

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Review #10, by effie13 Jealous Hearts

23rd November 2006:
i love it !! keep writing

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Review #11, by pottercrazed Jealous Hearts

22nd November 2006:
I just had to review this...I'm loving the story, and I can't wait for the next chapter! And what a cliffie, too! Great chapter!

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Review #12, by canadian_dreamer Jealous Hearts

28th October 2006:
hey it's me dreamer, if you wanna read my stories just go to my page coz im an author now :D

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Review #13, by dance10191 - not logged in sry- Jealous Hearts

7th October 2006:
omg omg wood is hurt? I love this fic. Wood/hermione are my favorite couple. You need to update asap you hear me. UPDATE

Author's Response: lol... 5903245890/10? You must have been on a sugar high when u rated me :-p (No problem there!) I will try to update soon! AhhhH! I wish I could do it right now but I'm actually supposed to be working on a term paper... *gag*

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Review #14, by I love Mr Darcy Jealous Hearts

7th October 2006:
This is so frickin' awesome! I absolutly love it! Please update soon!

Author's Response: I love Mr Darcy too! lol. I will try to update soon... no promises tho... I'm swamped with work since school has started... holidays approaching and all tho... so I hope to start writing again!!

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Review #15, by dreamer Jealous Hearts

4th October 2006:
hey secondincharge, im just reviewing to tell u that i wrote a story :D but im not aloud to register on this sight :( so i was wondering if perhaps u would like to read it...if u do just give me ur e-mail and i'll send it to u :D

Author's Response: Oh cool! Sure thing! My addy is: ..... I love getting emails! Yay! lol. Anyone can email me anytime at that address, or IM me on MSN, OR add me on myspace lol... I have one of those now! :-)

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Review #16, by may wishes come true Jealous Hearts

27th September 2006:
ooo update quickly please! you've got me hooked! great story line

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope I don't disappoint... its been so long since I started this story I hardly remember where I was going with the plot lol... whoopsie.... *shifts eyes*

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Review #17, by dreamer Jealous Hearts

25th September 2006:
I LOVED IT!! hehe for a minute there i thjought wood would charge up and punch ron out for being rough with hermione....
lol and dont worry i wont give u trouble about the OOC ron cuase i know there is a reason for it :)
hehe keep up the good work and update!!

Author's Response: In my original write-up of this chapter, Wood DID actually fly down and punch Ron out... but I thought it would have been harder for Hermione (being as its her nature as a Healer to help people) to leave a bloody and broken Ronald lying out by the wood's edge and pretend it never happened... it was a different story to just have her tell him off and then run off to help Oliver instead :-)

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Review #18, by Miranda Jealous Hearts

22nd September 2006:
YAY! CHAPTER 2!! But Ron's a butt. I dislike him VERY VERY VERY VERY much right now! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Oliver though. He's such a sweetheart. Ron has a BIG temper! And then you had to make Oliver get hurt. darn you! Now you're gonna make Hermione heal him right? Please say right! lol But 10/10 and update as soon as you can!


Author's Response: Right *wink*

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Review #19, by Midnight Dreams Jealous Hearts

21st September 2006:
So, I've only recently started to read Oliver stories and I gotta say I loooove them to pieces!!! Usually it's Oliver/OC, but this one is really good! I never thought of Oliver and Hermione, but I'm hooked. AND sad because there isn't another chapter to read!!!! I can't wait for an update!!

But, I've got to say this. Ron is such a jerk. Oliver is such a sweetheart. And I love how you've got Hermione's character down. But, yeah, I'm dying to know what happened to Wood. Hopefully nothing too bad...

Author's Response: Hopefully... but we don't know, do we? Muahahaha... nah, jp. Thanks so much for this sweet review tho! I love it! hehe. Yeah, I got a craving for a Oliver story and just had to write one-- he's such a cutie!

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Review #20, by Moon_Wolf Jealous Hearts

21st September 2006:
What happened?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Please update soon!!!!
I am totally LOVING this story!!!


Author's Response: LoL.. thats what i love to hear, Moon_Wolf! Don't give up on me! Keep reading k? I wanna hear from u more in the future :-D

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Review #21, by HP_Fan Jealous Hearts

21st September 2006:
ASSAULT...ASSAULT. What the hell is Ron thinking grabing Hermione like that what a prick and all he was doing is trying to make what he did ok, Mot happening. OH MY GOD what happenned to wood. Maby he was lookin for Hermione and while not paying attention got hit by a bludger?
Stupid cliffies, thats why its 8/10 instead of ten. Whats with writters and cliffies. Can't wait for more.
Love from your biggest fan

Author's Response: LoL... ur psychic Jared! That's EXACTLY what happened... originally that was the end of the chpt you know-- the announcer shouts out that he was hit by a bludger and fell while he wasn't looking... but i took that out to make it the beginning of chapter 3 for-- whatever reason lol... good work deciphering tho! :-p

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Review #22, by Lolly Jealous Hearts

21st September 2006:
Enjoying your story - hope you can update soon. Good Work

Author's Response: Thanks Lolly! I'm working writing stuff for school and doing homework and studing and I hardly have time to sleep... I feel like I'm letting you guys down not updating regularly... but know I haven't forgotten you!

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Review #23, by Audes Jealous Hearts

21st September 2006:
Noo! not Wood!!!! lol Ron is such a pig sometimes... anyways glad to see another update and cant wait for more! Are we going to be seeing any of the rest of the Weasley family and Harry? I'd love for there to be some george and fred in the story!! Cant wait for the next update! take care and good luck with all that homework!

Author's Response: Awww... hey Audes! I know right? I just hope I get it all done. Idk about the rest of the Weasleys. Prolly wont make an appearance, I'm afraid. Ron himself was in there entirely too long. I want there to be more Oliver/Hermione in the future :-p

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Review #24, by jemma Jealous Hearts

21st September 2006:
hey please update really soon.

Jemma 0=)

Author's Response: I will try Jemma... I really will... I know yall are wondering how much longer I am going to keep saying that before I post but I honestly can never find any time to write these days... I hardly have time to sleep and eat for the homework I've got! I will try for you tho, k? Don't give up on me!!

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Review #25, by MixedTapeRomance Jealous Hearts

21st September 2006:
GAHHH! OH NO, IS OLIVER OK? :[ I hope so. I cannot believe that Ron actually expects Hermione to be civil to him! Pshh jerk. Anyways I just wanted to say that I FREAKING LOVE THIS STORY! :]

Author's Response: LoL... I was facinated with the idea of doing a Hermione/Oliver fic and I really wish I could find the time to update it... especially since that was a cruel cliffy and all :-p I LOVE THIS REVIEW!! ;-) Keep reading!!

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