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Review #1, by hogwartsgoddess Poison

24th February 2010:
That was nice, Draco seems too nice tho, I mean< I beleive Draco is nice at heart, but wouldnt he still make a comment about her and Viktor

Author's Response: Thanx. I'm glad you liked it and I appreciate your comments. However I wrote it as if they were just two people in love and lust. They only people that mattered were the two of them. I do like some refreshing feedback on my fics.

Thanx for your inciteful review.


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Review #2, by Jordan Poison

31st January 2010:
My first Dramione fic! It was wonderful. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank-you very much. This was my first song-fic so it really means a lot that you enjoyed it.

Thanx for your wonderful review.


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Review #3, by Amortentia_Veritaserum Poison

30th January 2010:
I love it. I hope you write more like this. this rocks

Author's Response: Thank-you so much. This was my first song-fic so I am very glad that you enjoyed it. I do plan on writing some more, hopefully in the the near future. I just need to come up with a song and a plot to fit it.

Thank-you again for your review and kind words


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Review #4, by blind-Shi Poison

27th July 2009:
i love it you need to make more. I HAVE UR MOMMY!

Author's Response: Thanx, (I think). I have written another song-fic and have a few ideas for more later on. I am really glad that you enjoyed it. Thanx for the review.


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Review #5, by Lassie1423 Poison

19th June 2009:
good job. the story was good for the lyrics.

Author's Response: Thanx for your lovely words, they are a real confidence booster. Thanx again.


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Review #6, by Charlies_Gal Poison

23rd April 2009:
Not bad but it could do with some fleshing out.

Author's Response: I know, I am going do completely re-edit this chapter and add some more detail. Thanx for the review.

And for all my other readers, Yes I am responding to my own review. There are two reasons for this. 1) I always respond to all my reviews. 2) I am insane.


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Review #7, by heidi_gurrl Poison

31st March 2009:
if this love is wrong then I never want to be right again. so true. reminds me of myself really. everyone tells my i'm 'weird' and 'crazy' but, I find that being this way makes life fun, spontaneous and exciting and if having an exciting life means being 'crazy' or 'weird' then so bloody be it! lol.

People these days are just too shallow, selfish and materialistic for their own good!

Love you, Heidi. xoxo

Author's Response: Thanx 4 ur lovely review. I am really glad that u enjoyed my first song fic and im happy that u could relate to it.

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Review #8, by secret_witch Poison

25th April 2008:
That was great...and I like how you left it...very open so that my mind can wander. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanx for the brill review. This was the first songfic that I've ever written.

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Review #9, by AzkabansMostWanted Poison

21st December 2006:
No suggestions! It was perfect! I loved it! No, I adored it. It all fit together, the song, the story, everything. Awh! Nice work! 10/10 for you. But I also have to ask where you've been lately? Not that it's a big deal or anything, but you haven't reviewed my last two chapter to Poisoned I was wondering if you were still around...Are you? lol. I miss your reviews. But if you're spending your time with stories like these, then that's perfectly ok! Good job with this! ♥AMW

Author's Response: I've actually been a bit busy lately, you see I just found out that I'm pregnant and obviously that takes priority over my stories, which I will be getting back very soon I promise. Thanx so much for you wonderful review and kind words. I will be back more often soon I promise.

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Review #10, by bubbles Poison

6th November 2006:
this story is awesome so far, i love it! everyone likes it when someone kisses in a story, right? i'm looking forward to your next chapter!

Author's Response: I am really glad that you enjoyed it. I wasn't actually planning on writing any more as this is a songfic but if you really think that I should continue with it then let me know at Thanx for your review.

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Review #11, by GinnyRox(not logged in) Poison

5th November 2006:
This was okay. But I definately found some parts that could be improved. For instance, to make it more realistic you have to remeber that Draco and Hermione are enemies and even if they did have crushes on each other they would probably still pretendto hate each other. They're were also some spelling errors like at one part you said "Malloy" instead of malfoy. I'd give this a six out of ten.

Author's Response: I wasn't trying to make this realistic as the characters are fictional as is my songfic. The reason for the grammatical errors was because I posted this before sending it to my editor. Speaking of which you have some errors of your own in this review.

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