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Reading Reviews for A Very Harry Christmas
39 Reviews Found

Review #1, by noname ^_^ Weee!

28th November 2012:
You're a good writer!

People know I like funny stuff, and this was extremely funny. :) Had a great time reading it. I've attempted to write a couple Draco/Harry things, but failed miserably every single time. YOU are so much cooler than me and did TOTALLY AWESOMELY.

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Review #2, by Sophie ^_^ Weee!

16th January 2011:
'We both get hard when we look at each other' could he have put that any more bluntly

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Review #3, by hannah ^_^ Weee!

4th January 2009:
high5 because you are amazing & you should have your own television show :')

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Review #4, by dramionelover84 ^_^ Weee!

3rd October 2007:
That was funny and cute. LOL!

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Review #5, by Jamie ^_^ Weee!

19th August 2007:
omg this is freaking hilarious! Great job! I haven't laughed this hard in a while!

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Review #6, by elliemalfoy74 ^_^ Weee!

5th August 2007:
hahahaa this is so funny!!
i think it needs a sequel

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Review #7, by tycoon34 ^_^ Weee!

30th June 2007:
this had to be the weirdest, funniest fic Ive ever read. It was humorous and ironic, remined me of a play. Great job!

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Review #8, by DeatlyRanchHallows ^_^ Weee!

22nd June 2007:
This makes me crack up! Potter! Malfoy! Ribbit!SNAPE LOVES MALFOY! LOL!You must right more or maybe a sequel to this!

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Review #9, by JaredxLove ^_^ Weee!

24th April 2007:
Cute in a odd way! Very romanticly creepy but had a nice ending. I had fun reading it XD (don't take that the wrong way) but I liked how you wrote it and how it sounded.

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Review #10, by dont.bother.looking.here (on quizilla) ^_^ Weee!

1st April 2007:
lol, that is one of the funniest things i have read! Congrats! You deserve a cookie! *hands a cookie*

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Review #11, by lveiswierd123 ^_^ Weee!

15th January 2007:
wow! that was a real funny story i loved it ! hehe

{funkey monekeys...LMAO!!!}

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Review #12, by shihtzu71894 ^_^ Weee!

12th December 2006:
i like it! write more!

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Review #13, by Phoenix_Flight ^_^ Weee!

25th August 2006:
that was the funniest story i've real all week. well done.

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Review #14, by harrystrulove ^_^ Weee!

4th March 2006:
LOVED it--very funny AND sexy! Snape with Neville? *shudders* I love your outrageous sense of humor! I laughed my butt off when Harry opened his Xmas presents and received pictures of Tom Felton naked! I also liked that part towards the beginning, where Draco followed Harry into that room and they were like "Potter?" "Malfoy?" "Potter?" "Ribbit!" LOL! I also enjoyed the amusing dialogues between Fred, Ron and Snape before and after the story!

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Review #15, by arrow ^_^ Weee!

29th November 2005:
go alright!!

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Review #16, by Chloe ^_^ Weee!

2nd September 2005:
Snape Muse: WHY THE BLOODY HELL AM I GAY WITH LONGBOTTOM?! - I hope they go to Pizza-a-go-go Land for their honeymoon ;-)

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Review #17, by animefreak123 ^_^ Weee!

30th August 2005:
wow funny in the beginning, and then it just got plain Out Of Character and creepy o.O

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Review #18, by =) ^_^ Weee!

9th August 2005:
LMFAO! oh my god i was laughing hystericaly!! i just read a really depressing story before this and omg im completely cheered up!! his chamber of secrets and what the funky monkey!? HAHA OMG and Fred Muse: Nunga-nunga's? LMAOOOO oh my god that was great you have to write more

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Review #19, by ScienceGeek ^_^ Weee!

4th August 2005:
cant...stopp....LAUGHING! me lovesss it! but still.... EWWWW SNAPE AND NEVILLE!!!! EGAD!!

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Review #20, by grapefruitbaby ^_^ Weee!

18th June 2005:

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Review #21, by Danie ^_^ Weee!

23rd May 2005:
OMG!!! Love the fic!! I am in love with Harry/Draco stuff! Funny as fricken hell! But the Snape/Longbottom thing is just wrong, eh?

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Review #22, by malynnda_malfoy ^_^ Weee!

11th May 2005:
wicked funny i swear to gawd!! my mom is like "SHH!! THE BASEBALL GAME IS ON!!" lol... well keep writing!!

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Review #23, by zoe ^_^ Weee!

21st April 2005:
this is the weirdest frikin story i have ever read.......................

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Review #24, by kia ^_^ Weee!

18th April 2005:
i nearly laughed my pants off at this story. itsvery wierdly random and funny. i nearly had as heart attack picturing snape being gay with longbottom. i also see ur a georgia nicholson fan and see where you get ur totally random inspiration from. v.funny. ive been to kiwi-a-go-go, its cool, dont insult it.

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Review #25, by kia ^_^ Weee!

18th April 2005:
only read that intro but v. funny, im laughing already.; )

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