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Review #1, by Neha First Lesson

8th November 2013:
finish the story its great

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Review #2, by AmJ First Lesson

8th October 2012:
Really wish you would continue this story. Really liked reading what you have done so far

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Review #3, by AmJ First Lesson

12th September 2012:
Please can you finish this stoy?! It's really good and I want to read more. Pretty please!!

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Review #4, by Emily First Lesson

28th June 2011:
I really like your story, I absolutely can not wait for the next chapter, please come out with it soon.

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Review #5, by Hunky Dory Let the games begin...

6th June 2008:
I LOVE this story. I think it's a great idea and that you should keep it up!

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Review #6, by Lindsey Intruduction.

12th May 2008:
Love the interesting angle of the story! Please review, i don't like many hermione timeturner fics but this one is the exception!

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Review #7, by Bookwyrm Intruduction.

11th February 2008:
It's very good! Keep up the good work!

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Review #8, by Hunky Dory Intruduction.

11th February 2008:
very good, I love it.

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Review #9, by SiriBlack Intruduction.

8th February 2008:
it's good!
Don't you dare to stop!

Hug SiriBlack

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Review #10, by dancer Intruduction.

27th January 2008:
ok I read your nioe, went to the site which says it's closed. does that mean yoiu'll finish the story here? i really want to read the rest of it because it is very good, especially descriptions of new things and clothes etc which most authors don't give enough of assuming that since we are dealing with HP universe everyone already knows everything which isn't true.

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Review #11, by mrslilypotter109 Intruduction.

4th October 2007:
you did an EXCELLENT job so far, I really like it. I'm obsessed w/ the whole marauers & L/J thing, you definatley did it justice. I have always wondered what would happen if one of the H R or Hr went back 2 maraude era,and you have fulflled my every fantasy

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Review #12, by Tori Intruduction.

2nd August 2007:
I just read your story and i LOVE it.Plzzz Plzz PLZZ !!! Update soon!

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Review #13, by Maraudette Intruduction.

21st June 2007:
This is a really good story! I really like how you portray Hermione in this.

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Review #14, by fortune_cookie15 Intruduction.

16th June 2007:
I absolutlely love your story, and the way you write. You give a lot of detail, but not to the point that it's boring. Please update soon (I don't think I can wait!).

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Review #15, by Blackandwhite Intruduction.

14th May 2007:
I love it! Please update! ^_^

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Review #16, by MoonyLover321 Intruduction.

21st April 2007:
Like it! Don't really know what's going to happen yet(hehe), but it's cool so far!

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Review #17, by Ballet Dancer Intruduction.

28th January 2007:
i love it!
great chapter!

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Review #18, by Infractusangelus Intruduction.

25th January 2007:
ah just lovely i love the way this is going! keep going and i can't wait for the next chapter ^_^ yay wonderful..just wonderful

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Review #19, by wwwLosercom Intruduction.

20th January 2007:
That, has got-to-be, the best, most amazing, most fantasmill, most extrodinary story I have read...E-V-E-R!

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Review #20, by Jonathanbabe Intruduction.

18th January 2007:
OMG U HAVE ME HOOKED! please continue.

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Review #21, by bandgirl72 The Bet

7th January 2007:
if you still need a beta, i'd like to help. i'm not offical or anything but i'm pretty good at finding mistakes and such. my e-mail is

Author's Response: Thank you:-) for now I don't But I will keep your offer in mind. The first two chapters will be revised by my beta shortly ....

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Review #22, by Ballet Dancer Let the games begin...

18th December 2006:
I love the story..
PLEASE update
the action is starting to happen now

Author's Response: I've just submitted the next chapter, more than 3 thousand should like it:-)Thank you!

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Review #23, by ForgetfulLove Let the games begin...

30th November 2006:
Wow That was very good! I so can't wait for more. Please update soon. Oh and don't forget to update this story at IATQO I'm under the pen name NeverMore there. 10/10

Author's Response: Hey,Thank you so much for a review!:-)

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Review #24, by Infractusangelus Let the games begin...

30th November 2006:
SQUI!! an update...i'm so happy..i loved it..okay on with more! dont' keep me awaitin'! lol - great chapter can't wait for more ^_^

Author's Response: Next chapter must be up soon,I've just submitted it today:-)

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Review #25, by Ryaine Let the games begin...

29th November 2006:
YAY can't wait for Hermione's mission to finally begin... well the interactions with the marauders and snape and petigrew! Update sooN!

Author's Response: well,in the next chapter(which is already submitted) interaction will be minimal..but in the seventh whic i'm awaiting now from the beta....waaay more;-)

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