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Review #1, by RoN WeAsLeY Is HoT Death at Sea?

7th August 2007:
oh my god!! so draco doesnt love her, i dont beileive him! only one thing, draco actually has silver eyes not brown.

Author's Response: thanks,

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Review #2, by dgirl555 Death at Sea?

8th July 2007:
The begining sounds so... titanicy.

Is that even a word?


Author's Response: dunno maybe

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Review #3, by Sexy Polish Witch Death at Sea?

15th April 2007:
This is a very well written story, though kind of a stupid ending - no offense, but would Hermione actually just go home after what happened? Nu-uh. She would go report it, and even if she did go see Draco, would she really forgive him? Kind of OOC.

Author's Response: well, its my story

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Review #4, by lillytiger Death at Sea?

14th April 2007:
She forgave him? How do you forgive someone for pushing you overboard? Even if he was drunk at the time. Not to say that this story isn't well written, its just that I hate the way it ends. I could never forgive someone for pushing me overboard.

Author's Response: sorry, but i picture hermione as being a forgiving character

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Review #5, by Shadow Danzer Death at Sea?

22nd March 2007:
wow one of a kinda rather odd and clify hmm rather odd

Author's Response: well, i wanted to do a one shot

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Review #6, by sweetie_face 14 Death at Sea?

15th January 2007:
wow. very very nice. quite sweet.

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #7, by kissedbyavampire Death at Sea?

26th December 2006:
ouch, that was painful!


hermione's an idiot. she should've used magic to get her and her daughter out of that stupid mess!

Author's Response: yeah maybe

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Review #8, by FireLady Death at Sea?

26th December 2006:
ummm... lol. that's nice.

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #9, by keira2007 Death at Sea?

24th November 2006:
~*~*~ *gasp*! I wouldn't have forgiven him that easily, if at all. ~*~*~


Author's Response: well i wanted to keep them together

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