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Review #1, by G All The Right Reasons

27th December 2013:
Amazing! This is the best story, fanfiction or otherwise, that I have read in AGES! I love it, the bcharacters were so real,band the chapters just flew by. I really really hope there's gonna be a sequel!

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Review #2, by AniaSelTay1DHP All The Right Reasons

16th October 2013:
I love this story so much!!!:) You're an amazing writer!

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Review #3, by Hedwig_Pie Initiation

19th August 2013:
hehe. i like it. tis very enjoyable.

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Review #4, by Loving_Sirius_4eva All The Right Reasons

11th August 2013:
AH! I actually can't believe that i have never reviewed this story! I read this amazing story a long, long time ago. I was missing a Sirius/OC story and decided to read this again.
Hats off to you. I absolutely loved it. Everything was perfect. The only thing i disliked was how Lore threatened the Marauders right at the beginning of the story. All is well though. It need to happen :) 100/10


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Review #5, by ginnys twin Rather Unfortunate Outbursts

27th April 2013:
I feel for Lore, but I have an unhealthy obsession over Sirius.

This Was Great! I love how you keep bringing Farrah back. Oh, also, you have some really neat names in here!


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Review #6, by ginnys twin Cover Your Ears

27th April 2013:
So let me get this straight: Lore is kinda sick of her sister yet she writes to her first when she has news? Well, i'm sure you have your reasons and i have mine!

Anyway, very touching, great bonding, just awesome!


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Review #7, by ginnys twin Two Lilies

27th April 2013:

This is cliche and not cliche at the same time.

How do you do it?

The one thing I would recommend is adding a character or two who ISN'T in Gryffondor.

Maybe a minor character like Farrah or someone Lore met once?

Kudos to you for adding that Slytherin.

Everyone forgets the other houses. L

Lots of inprovement from the last chapter!

Good bye for now


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Review #8, by ginnys twin Meet Lorelei

27th April 2013:
YAY!!! Sibling comparison is a conflict not explored as often as other problems. This was well planned out and overall, good job!

Well done!


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Review #9, by Ryebread All The Right Reasons

31st October 2012:
I love your story. It was very cute and well-written and I liked where you ended it. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing it with us. 10/10.

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Review #10, by Fan All The Right Reasons

15th July 2012:
AASDFHAKDJFHAKCNADJHDFKJQWHERIJLADHFASDFNASDFKJANDF. That was THE BEST story that I have ever read. I gave you a rating of 10/10, but it was only because it wouldn't go higher. :( If I could though I would give you a 10/10. Great, wonderful, phenomenal, all the positive words in the world story :D

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Review #11, by PhoenixTail All The Right Reasons

17th March 2012:
Pleasee start the nextt storyy!

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Review #12, by GryffindorFan19 Friends?

21st February 2012:
I liked James in the past few chapters, but this one he was sort of mean. I like the personalities, too. :D

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Review #13, by GryffindorFan19 Welcome to Hogwarts

21st February 2012:
The chapters are sort of short, but I enjoy them all the same. Each one is better than the next.

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Review #14, by GryffindorFan19 Two Lilies

21st February 2012:
Lorelei gets more attention. Bravo!!! I smiled throughout the entire chapter. And I like the last bit of conversation, too. Good job. :D

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Review #15, by GryffindorFan19 Meet Lorelei

21st February 2012:
I do feel bad for Lorelei. I love that name - and I love the fact that she's always compared to her sister. There is AMAZING dry humor in here as well as normal humor - keep up the good work!

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Review #16, by Mo__Vee All The Right Reasons

13th January 2012:
I quite like this story. =)

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Review #17, by SeriouslyMentalCraze All The Right Reasons

20th December 2011:
Absolutely Seriously Crazed my Mentality, the writing style in itself is great, no mistakes I noticed. And i absolutely love the way you portrayed the Marauders, they're just GREAT.

Keep on writing Marauder stories, because you sure rock their era.

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Review #18, by Amelia All The Right Reasons

30th October 2011:
LOVE IT!!! please write the sequel

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Review #19, by Jade All The Right Reasons

16th September 2011:
Loved the story and the ending was excellent to. IT HAD A HAPPY ENDING! i swear it never happens for the marauder genres so thank you! I loved it.
See ya lovelies,

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Review #20, by eurisy All The Right Reasons

25th August 2011:
Took them long enough to get together! Still loved the story though!

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Review #21, by lizziebobizzi168 All The Right Reasons

18th June 2011:
I loved reading this story so much. It was fantastic!
Keep writing!

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Review #22, by georgesbetch All The Right Reasons

6th March 2011:
awh! I loved the ending. It was adorable. Throughout the story i wanted to smack Sirius at times, but he always had good intention even though he was an asswhole sometimes. I really liked Lore's personality. I think you could have done a couple more characters POV at the end, but you wrote it really well. Fantastic!( :
10/10( :

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Review #23, by georgesbetch Better Than You Know Yourself

6th March 2011:
AH .

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Review #24, by fromBooks_toMusic All The Right Reasons

23rd January 2011:
I'm in love with your story!
It's fabulous, lovely, great, awesome...perfect! Really perfect! This story simply can't be faulted!
Awesome work!

Greetings :)

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Review #25, by TheSockpuppet All The Right Reasons

18th January 2011:
I LOVE this story! When's the sequel coming out? Please be soon!!

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