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Review #1, by Vermouth Autumn frost

13th June 2010:
It is a real bumpy ride, your story, you didn't exactly go into detail about the war, leaving me feeling a little dizzy, which I believe is all to the good, because war stories always hve a chaotic quality to them (Saving Private Ryan amyone?).

Great story, I'm off to the sequel.

Author's Response: Dear Vermouth, thank you! Private Ryan - one of my favs, I guess it really describes (especially in the first 20 minutes) what war looks and feels like. It's chaotic and shocking to the very extreme. Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #2, by xxbrokendreamsxx Autumn frost

16th October 2008:
Totally excellent. I loved the last line that Snape said, it was totally perfect. Please keep up the wonderful work.

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you! I haven't received a review for that story for more than a year! Thank you so much! wings

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Review #3, by Akt312 Autumn frost

18th March 2008:
I loved this story. It was very very well written and intresting. You are a very very good writer. Keep writting, 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you Akt312! That's what every author wants to hear! Thank you so much, dear! wings

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Review #4, by Snapegirl Autumn frost

14th December 2007:
Wow this was very intense. I loved it. You show the terrible outcome of a real war very well. I felt bad for everyone involved.

Author's Response: Thanks. :) wings

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Review #5, by miss_remus Autumn frost

29th November 2007:
Wow, this was AMAZING!! I can never get enough of the descriptions you use, they're so fantastic!

The way you described the scenery and emotions the characters felt were so real, that I felt as if I was in their head. It's nice to read a story where Hermione had some depth to her as more than just a brainy school girl.

All in all, this was brilliant and I can't wait to read more from you... then again, I migh just do that :) 10/10

Author's Response: Hello Miss Remus,

it's nice to "see" you again.
Yes, I was also fed up with the little-bookworm-Hermiones, I believe she deserves more. I think she's a very strong person besides being incredibly clever and I thinkthat she's also a very original character (think of the SPEW, and DADA), yet sometimes I feel that even JKR disregarded her depth and ability to chage.

I could talk about this for hours, but I'll have to stop now. Thank you very much for your support!

Through this story I've met wonderful people and excellent writers, I haven't even thought it will mean so much!
Thanks! wings

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Review #6, by Cfm887 Autumn frost

27th October 2007:
I did like the story. Very interesting. Just wondering is this post Deathly Hallows and if so, how long after?

Author's Response: Hi! It's an alternative universe app. 6 year post HBP. The Dark Lord was still strong and Harry lead the Order, at least what reamined of them.
So Hermione was about 22 years old.
Thanks for your questions. :) wings

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Review #7, by ShantiSnape Autumn frost

12th October 2007:
I didn't know there was a prequel to "Free Love." I'm glad I read it though. Are you going to do a sequel to Free Love? ~10/10

Author's Response: Well, maybe. I'm getting used to the idea. Well, I'll work a bit on the plot and see if I can make something worthy of reading. Thanks for encouraging ShantiSnape! You're so sweet! wings

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Review #8, by Goldenlilies Autumn frost

23rd August 2007:
cool, will you continue it?

Author's Response: Well, I don't know. I don't know whether there is a point in continuing it. What would these two people do? Well, nothing like marrying and having children. Their story will never be a happy one. Well, in a word, I don't know. :D thanks for your interest Goldenlilies, wings

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Review #9, by Regina Noctis Autumn frost

10th August 2007:
Wow. Wow, wow, WOW. I am awestruck. You really know how to work the imagery, the pathos, the angst of the story. I am AMAZED by the story. . . and besides, I'm a bit of a softie for Snape anyways. . . ^.^

Congratulations on writing such an excellent story!

Cheers, Regina

Author's Response: Dear Regina! Thanks a lot, you can't imagine how much your encouraging words mean to me. As you will see, all my stories include Snape, somehow, so I can admit I'm softie for him, too. :D
You, dear reviewers, you help me soo much! Thank you.

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Review #10, by ilovemafoy1235 Autumn frost

10th August 2007:
you are an awsome witer so please please please keep writing dont gie up like those ther writers do because you have real potential


Author's Response: Dear Layla-ann! Thank you, all your reviews gave me more courage and faith to continue than I received for the last two years. So I WILL continue. :D Thanks, wings

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Review #11, by goddessofsnark Autumn frost

2nd August 2007:
You have a way with descriptions, you know that? The descriptions are amazing, you use uncommon metaphors that make it seem so fascinating.The giant octopus of a cloak in the one that springs to mind the most.

I love the way you've turned Hermione jaded and slightly cynical, while at the same time preserving a bit of the naivety that is...her. She's at once innocent and tarnished, and it's amazing.

This is just a phenominal piece, and there's not many other ways to describe it than amazing. I truly enjoyed this.

Author's Response: Dear Goddessofsnark!

Wow, it's amazing reading a review written by the author of one of my favourite stories, "The Vicious Cabaret"! Thanks a lot!

I'm glad you liked the story, your opinion means a lot to me!

You know, it's a very interesting writing a story with Snape and a second person. In my opinion Rowling has given Snape such a multidimensional character that only some of her other characters (like Dumbledore) can match him. Just think of the HPDH. She found her other characters in a peculiar situation (but then again, it's just my theory :), don't take it seriously); they seem a little weightless in comparison with Snape. So this was my dilemma, I had to make Hermione equal (as much as my skills allowed it) to Snape. And for that she had to become more mature, she had to become just as many layered as people who have lived through tragic times.
That was, in my opinion, the only way to build up the awkward, yet important realtionship between Snape and Hermione.

So, thank you very much for your review! It meant a lot! wings

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Review #12, by Evangeline Skyy Autumn frost

18th May 2007:
My my. Quite a handful of talent and imagination you there.

Good job.


Author's Response: Thanks Eve! Your words really mean a lot to me. :) wings

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Review #13, by Strawcherry Autumn frost

12th March 2007:
I bow to you -this was wonderful. You have a great way with words. The way you describe things is so good. Sometimes though, you cross that little line, and I can't help but feeling then, you lose yourself in too much detail and too many metaphors and adjectives, which takes the attention off of what you're really trying to say, and that's a pity, because the story is so wonderful! I have to say I was really impressed. I'm a big fan of Snape and I don't believe he is a bad guy. This portrayal of him was very believable, though, and I especially liked the ending. I like how their souls get intertwined because they just don't have a choice, and how she ends up keeping him alive even though she was really set out to kill him.
I'm so surprised this hasn't got more attention or reviews, it is so worth it!

Author's Response: Dear Strawcherry! Thank you very much for your review. I appreciate it very much for this was one of those very few remarks, which included some very valuable criticism. Thanks once more. I'll work on not crossing that line you mentioned. :D I'm glad you liked the story, it was a very intense feeling writing it. I like traditional Hermione, but I believe there is much more depth in her character than it is usually shown. I found the idea of Hermione go through the human tragedies and change (because everyone changes in a war) very inspiring. This way she could finally match Snape as an equal. Thanks once more for your helpful criticism. wings

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Review #14, by Thejoin3 Autumn frost

29th September 2006:
Wow.... That... was amazingly powerful.

Author's Response: Glad that you liked it. I still have some mistakes in it, but had no time to correct them. But I will I promise. I too, find this story quite powerful. Thanks!

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Review #15, by Pyro_Maniac Autumn frost

11th September 2006:
It made me cry, why do thesse things always make me cry?It was great O give you a rating of 222!


Author's Response: Thanks Serenity! Crying is good sometimes, isn't it? :) Thanks for your review and rating! It's my first 222 rating, I have to admit. :) wings

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Review #16, by Trina216 Autumn frost

11th September 2006:
i hardly ever see a story as well written as this! This is one of the greatest stories i've ever seen on this website. its really really really good. i give you a 10! do you have other stories because i would love to read them. also would you read my stories? There is The Face of Destruction and Trapped. i haven't started Trapped because i'm waiting for the chapters to get validated but i hope you could give me your opinion!

Author's Response: Dear Trina! Thanks a LOT for your review! This story was inspired by the early autumn and unusually "desperate" weather this year, evbeing neurotic?). I'll gladly read your stories. Wait for a review! bye, wings

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