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Review #1, by panicqueen373737 The Secret Keeper

20th March 2008:
Are you ever going to update again?

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Review #2, by haley_baby_girl11 The Secret Keeper

17th January 2008:
Ohhh...what happens next? I cant wait for chp.6. =D

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Review #3, by Mintelle Fontaine The Secret Keeper

20th October 2007:
still a good story, but when i asked who was Katherine on the banner, i meant who is the person you used for the picture on the banner?

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Review #4, by ginny_weasley_54 The Secret Keeper

18th October 2007:
i really like this story. the chapters are a little short but still good. can't wait for the next chapter.

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Review #5, by N_HarryPotterfan The Secret Keeper

17th October 2007:
this is pretty depressing..but good write more

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Review #6, by hullo The Secret Keeper

17th October 2007:
a bit short, but update soon!

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Review #7, by severus478 Meeting Katherine

4th September 2007:
This was interesting.. a little mildly confusing, but I am looking forward to the next couple of chapters! :) You wrote it well.

- Kaelyn

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Review #8, by hullo The Malfoy Manor

28th August 2007:
love it! update!

Author's Response: I'm trying to. I have most of the 5th chapter written.

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Review #9, by sapphirejem The Malfoy Manor

4th August 2007:
Just discovered this little gem of a story. Keep up the good work. Yes, chicken bones can be bad for animals because they splinter easily, but I'm sure that your dog is fine.

Author's Response: He is fine XD
Thanks for calling my story a "gem." It sorta made my day.

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Review #10, by mrsmolly The Malfoy Manor

9th July 2007:
well i dont know what to think of it, i was so exicted that harry had a thing for katherine, but now i sorta think harry needs a good kick in the pants- maybe he even deserves to die. but i also dont want to belive that it was an act, how could he be that cruel? to toy with her emotions?! harry just made voldemort look like a gentleman,HOW COULD HE! if a guy ever toyed with my emotions he would regret it. also i thought percy didnt like harry? so why does he care? well enyway whats going to happen to her now?

Author's Response: You're having the same feelings as Katherine =]

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Review #11, by Accio Brain Meeting Katherine

13th May 2007:

Voldemortia xx

Author's Response: right back at cha

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Review #12, by SabinaBoo The Malfoy Manor

16th April 2007:
I don't think I'll check up on this again. It was a nice idea but I don't like how it's went. Sorry to be harsh.

Author's Response: Don't worry about it. It's words will lure you in soon enough..

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Review #13, by SabinaBoo A Great Plan.. ruined.

16th April 2007:
Uhm, once again. Kinda weird.

Author's Response: Weird's my middle name.

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Review #14, by SabinaBoo Her First Kiss

16th April 2007:
Um, weird? She's 13 and he is 17? Sorry to be blunt but they are so developementally apart it dosen't make sense.

Author's Response: I've seen a 13 year old kiss a 17 year old. She had a little crush on him and he kissed her. It's not like he ACTUALLY likes her.

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Review #15, by SabinaBoo Meeting Katherine

16th April 2007:
Erm, interesting idea. But it's a bit harsh or maybe abrupt is the word? I am having a hard time with the Weasley's being portrayed as so narrow-minded.

Author's Response: That's okay. Thanks for reading and reveiwing!

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Review #16, by I_am_ever_so_Sirius The Malfoy Manor

2nd February 2007:
It's cool. Update soon...but it's a bit...MORBID, you know what I mean??

Author's Response: haha, yeah. I'll try to update ASAP, but for now I'm working hard on a story with someone else.

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Review #17, by I_am_ever_so_Sirius A Great Plan.. ruined.

2nd February 2007:
Oh. My. God.

How do you mange to write sooo well??? |?_?|

Author's Response: Wow, such a strong statement that turly made my day!

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Review #18, by I_am_ever_so_Sirius Her First Kiss

2nd February 2007:

I can't think of anything else to say.

Author's Response: That's good right? Thanks!

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Review #19, by I_am_ever_so_Sirius Meeting Katherine

2nd February 2007:
Wow. I was going to leave it, thinking it's BOOORING.'!


Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you didn't leave too!

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Review #20, by gategirl324 The Malfoy Manor

12th January 2007:
freakishly awsome! kinda confuzzleing but still frickin awsome!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks alot!

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Review #21, by Orchideous The Malfoy Manor

3rd January 2007:
I sooo glad you updated! Please write more soon!

Author's Response: I'll try =]

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Review #22, by Mintelle Fontaine The Malfoy Manor

1st January 2007:
kewl story! whose Katherine on the banner?

Author's Response: The girl with the straight hair and oval face =]

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Review #23, by Anony_Mouse The Malfoy Manor

31st December 2006:
I like where this is going. I hope you update soon.

Author's Response: I will =]

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Review #24, by qwertyelf The Malfoy Manor

30th December 2006:
hmmm..was it really just a trick?> did harry relaly like her?? wow.,this story is cool

Author's Response: No Harry didn't really like her. I mean not like that.. He thought she was nice and all, but really... if you met someone that held their life in your hands and you knew they would betray you and your friends you wouldn't be to sure of them either.. right?

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Review #25, by qwertyelf A Great Plan.. ruined.

30th December 2006:
ahh~~~ shes all eveil now!! go kat!

Author's Response: Haha, she's not that evil, just a bit confused.

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