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Review #1, by bhssingergal Finding Mummy and Daddy

5th August 2007:
wow. thats so sweet. it made me teary.

Author's Response: Really? YEAH! I mean, I'm sorry.

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Review #2, by HermyJane Finding Mummy and Daddy

24th June 2007:
That was so sad and heartbreaking. Poor Neville's story is so saddening, and his innocence in this fic just makes me feel worse about it (but in a good way, it means you have a great story here). Just like Neville, I wish "bad things" wouldn't happen to people! :'(

Author's Response: Aww, Poor NEVVVVY! Me too.

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Review #3, by sophie_is_a_cutie Finding Mummy and Daddy

14th March 2007:
oh, that was very sad. sooo sad. i never realy thought about how neville would react to his parents "illness".

it was very well writen and, well, sad. but realistic. except for the car, i don't think they woould use a car

Author's Response: Oh yeah... no cars... whoops =]

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Review #4, by LadyJane Finding Mummy and Daddy

20th January 2007:
Fabulous! Total tear-jerker. Great writing.

Author's Response: Thanks so much

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Review #5, by Kayte Finding Mummy and Daddy

18th January 2007:
That was so sad, but i really loved it! I think the young Neville was perfect! You captured emotions meaningfully yet simply. Neville is my favorite character, but I can never find any good stories about him that don't end up with a weird pairing. Thank you for this story! It was a highlight of my day!

Author's Response: Same here. Well, Neville ranks number 2, right besides Ron. Anyways, that's why I wrote this about him!

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Review #6, by RonaldBilius Finding Mummy and Daddy

7th January 2007:
It was very good, but so sad! It almost made me cry! Great story!

Author's Response: It did? Yeah! I mean, I'm sorry! Right?

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Review #7, by I_Shant_EatFlamingoTongues Finding Mummy and Daddy

3rd January 2007:
Aww! Sorry, couldn't help myself. Anyways, I love the characterization. The innocence, the inquisitiveness, the incomprehension...anyways, yeah. I wish there was a bit more depth as Neville tries to understand what happened. I really liked the closing lines (from "Throw that away, Neville..."). A nice piece. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Author's Response: I aww at lots of stuff. I sometimes feel it's nessacary.

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Review #8, by ginnyp Finding Mummy and Daddy

1st January 2007:
This was really sweet- but sad. It seemed a little off-canon to me, but that's okay. Nothing wrong with stretching a few things for a good story. You did an excellent job of portraying a young boy, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories.

Author's Response: Thanks a ton!

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Review #9, by Hermione Fan Finding Mummy and Daddy

29th December 2006:
Oh that was brilliant. Sad, and brilliant. Totally going on my faves.

Author's Response: REALLY? TRULY? Yeah, I'm sp happy. I love going to favs. Haha, it makes me feel so happy. I could sing and dance right now.

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Review #10, by hpginny Finding Mummy and Daddy

29th December 2006:
Oh, it was really good! Itt almost made me cry. I ♥ how it's written exactly like a child would write it and how its so realistic.

Author's Response: I'm glad you saw that. It took me a while just to write simple and child-like. It was hard! Thanks so much!

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Review #11, by pigwidgeon385 Finding Mummy and Daddy

27th December 2006:
Oh wow- that was very good. You captured how the mind of a little kid would work- great job! Very bittwersweet. 8/10.

Author's Response: Thanks a ton!

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Review #12, by Meggie Finding Mummy and Daddy

18th December 2006:
aww..I liked it. Poor Neville

Author's Response: I love Neville...=[

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Review #13, by HarryandGinny Fan Finding Mummy and Daddy

18th November 2006:
Thats so sad... i imagine that's how Neville acted when he founf out about his parents. And Neville was very smart when he was little, even tough he thought he wasn't. 10/10!!!

Author's Response: Yeah. I wouldn't be able to cope if my parents were like Neville's! Thanks so much for your review.

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Review #14, by ChildOfDarkness1988 Finding Mummy and Daddy

10th November 2006:
Interesting! Are you planning to continue this at all? I think it'd be interesting to see how Neville grew up from his POV...

Author's Response: Er- no.. I don't think so. I have a pile of stories waiting to be typed and posted. Maybe after a while =)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by Heiress_of_Slytherin Finding Mummy and Daddy

24th October 2006:
Aww, this is such a sweet, yet sad story! Neville is SO adorable. 10/10!

Author's Response: Hmmm yes, he is. Neville is my all time favorite character, but sometimes, he can be hard to write. Thanks for your review!

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Review #16, by blumoonygirl412 Finding Mummy and Daddy

8th October 2006:
Awwww, poor dear.
Neville needs more fics written about him. I really do love him as a character...
Anyway, you captured him well, and I almost cried with your last line.
This was written beautifully, and I could really see Neville thinking like this.
Really, amazing, fab job.

Author's Response: Oh really? I always feel really good when someone is going to cry. Its hard to do and I'm glad I "almost" made you cry! Haha In a good way, of course!

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Review #17, by tjwhermione Finding Mummy and Daddy

8th October 2006:
Oh...that's so sad, but very good. 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #18, by juls Finding Mummy and Daddy

7th October 2006:
Sweet... feel bad for poor neville.

Author's Response: I know. Poor innocent Neville.

Thanks for your review

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Review #19, by HogwartsMafia Finding Mummy and Daddy

5th October 2006:
Woah, really dramatic. I feel horrible for Neville I mean it seems at first he was quite confident in himself, which is usually not him. I really loved the ending why he kept the wrapper. It was a wonderful sweet one-shot.

Author's Response: Thanks a billion. I love Neville and I also feel horible for him. Yes, Harry's parents are dead, but Neville's are alive, yet can't do anything. I would rather not see my parents in the state his parents are.

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Review #20, by Pheobs61 Finding Mummy and Daddy

1st October 2006:
My heart is breaking...
That was a wonderful story!! Great Job!

Author's Response: Thank you sooo soo much!

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Review #21, by ThestralRider92 Finding Mummy and Daddy

1st October 2006:
aw, thats, neville is so radical yet hes got such a sad life...but this ones sorta happy-sadish, you know what i mean? i like it.....

Author's Response: Yeah I know what you mean. I tried to make it sad, yet happy. Er. I'll stop now.

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Review #22, by MissLilyEvans Finding Mummy and Daddy

1st October 2006:
This story is sooo good. Oh my gosh..I felt so bad for Neville. I love Neville. Poor baby. I loved this. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I love Neville too. Ahh he's so adorable!

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Review #23, by holly bergman Finding Mummy and Daddy

27th September 2006:
*sobs uncontrolably over keyboard then gets grip on self* that was very good. neville's character was well writen and it was very emotional hence the sobbing

Author's Response: Oh really? Thanks so much! I didn't relieze it was such a tear jerker!

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Review #24, by draco_4_lisa Finding Mummy and Daddy

27th September 2006:
oh that is sooo sad poor neville *cries*


Author's Response: It's going to be alright! Well, maybe not. I mean... his parents never get better, but let's concentrate on happy thought, aye?

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Review #25, by FireandIce92 Finding Mummy and Daddy

26th September 2006:
Awwwwwww ♥ i adored it. it sad but cute at the same time, i thought an awwwwwww was in order.

Author's Response: Thanks sooo much!!!!

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