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Review #1, by looney_lupin 3/3

28th September 2007:
you should make a sequel or something

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Review #2, by alexanderthegreat 2/3

22nd March 2006:
I loved it. That said, I'll repeat, I loved it. It seems very natural, the way the words flow, the ideas on top of each-other, the development of the romance as well. Please read my story, as I will finish yours soon. Just search for my name.

Author's Response: Thanks for such a great review. I thought the story was natural, too. It was one of those that I just wrote, and the words didn't have trouble flowing. Because of that ease, this was the longest single story I had for a very long time. Thanks again! :D

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Review #3, by Paige Weasley 3/3

14th March 2006:

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! :D

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Review #4, by pigs_rok123 3/3

28th January 2006:
Another Story!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: I'll try! I actually do have an idea for them meeting in Spain, so we'll see if I can get that one written in this centure. Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by pipins ancestor 3/3

12th December 2004:
awwwww, i love that u added spanish! excellent story!

Author's Response: The Spanish was a nice touch. I've added other languages in my fics before with fun results. Thanks for reading this one, too!

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Review #6, by SophieWeasley 3/3

24th November 2004:
LOL! First of all, how lovely and fluffy! Parallel dimension that we can be lost in and that makes us smile. Second of all, the spanish was so corny! LOL I knew I'd heard those song lyrics somewhere. Pero bueno, te perdono porque me encanta tu cuento... OK?

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review, and I'm glad even with cheesy Spanish that it worked for you.

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Review #7, by Cysso 3/3

4th June 2004:
Are you gonna write a sequal???? please please please???!!! That was absolutely fantastic! You must write more!

Author's Response: I honestly DO have a sequel in mind. I just haven't written it yet because of other fics I have in the works. I haven't forgotten this one, though!

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Review #8, by MadameSnape 3/3

4th May 2004:
very sweet story.

Author's Response: thank you

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Review #9, by MadameSnape 1/3

4th May 2004:
love the bantering dialogue. cute idea of a story.

Author's Response: Thank you. Banter is one of my favorite things to write.

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Review #10, by mollys cousin 3/3

27th March 2004:
Aaaahhhhhh! A happy ending with great possibilities! You gotta love it! I know I did! Hope to read more about Bill and Hermione.

Author's Response: I have a few more to read now. I'm glad you liked this first try of mine.

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Review #11, by mollys cousin 2/3

27th March 2004:
I LOVED it! The bit with him shaving with the straight razor like her grandpa, and then the Indiana Jones action in the tomb- what a hearthrob! Liked the take on whom the twins ended up with and the bit with the Ouzo was great! " Tastes like Cat piss"- How funny! Having drank the foul but tempting liquid, I would be forced to agree. Going on to read more!

Author's Response: Yeah, Bill's studly. I want him for myself, but JKR just won't give him to me. Glad you liked the chapter!

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Review #12, by mollys cousin 1/3

27th March 2004:
Im guessing this would be the "prequel" to the vignette in the kitchen at the burrow at Christmas? Very good, as always. I like Hermione's friend, and the description of Bill's flat. On to read more.

Author's Response: That's right. They do go together because I got some of the lines for that one from this one. As for Bill's flat, I tried to describe it like one I had in Finland as far as being small but well organized so that the size didn't seem an issue.

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Review #13, by crookshanks 1/3

16th March 2004:
Hey this was a pretty good story! I don't know why no one has reviewed! The members of the Weasley family were in really weird relationships though. But at least Ginny wasn't with Lupin...but whatever you like. Anyways, good story!

Author's Response: She's not with Lupin in all my fics, and yes I do like that. But this story was Bill/Hermione. Thanks for the review.

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