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Reading Reviews for Sacred Bonds
14 Reviews Found

Review #1, by maxride Dreamwalking

12th February 2007:
Update soon please! This is great;very suspensful!

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Review #2, by MrsHermioneWeasely Dreamwalking

30th January 2007:
this story is great and very creative... you really know how to write very well and can make it so everything fits... i love how you came up with the idea of dreamwalking...you really have a creative mind... i love this story please write some more... you are very talented

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Review #3, by coolness Dreamwalking

10th January 2007:
i love this story its so dark and i don't know cool i love the whole dreamwalking thing you are a really creative person to be able to come up with all that

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Review #4, by fleurdelacour__26 Dreamwalking

25th November 2006:
woah.that was an intense chapter...i liked it! cliffhanger and a half tho...update soon! please!

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Review #5, by Leia Arletta Dreamwalking

24th November 2006:
So awesomely amazing. Update soon!

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Review #6, by Leia Arletta Stalemate

12th November 2006:
Best chapter yet and I need more! You write sophisticatedly, which in fanfic is a blessing. So, thank you. And write more. Preferably soon.

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Review #7, by fleurdelacour__26 Stalemate

11th November 2006:
woah.kind of weird, but i like it. i just read your story today, and its really...interesting. :) update again soon

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Review #8, by ILoveLost1888 Stalemate

11th November 2006:

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Review #9, by Piper_Bridget Bittersweet Thoughts

3rd November 2006:
That was EXCELLENT! Very well written, and descriptive too! I love it! I will SOOO add this story to my favorites! 10/10! I cant wait to see what happened to Harry, though

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Review #10, by ILoveLost1888 Thinking About Harry

29th October 2006:
This is your frist one of harrypotterfanfiction. It is good!!!!!Can u tell me what it is this story??? I was getting so lost?????? Have a super week!!!! ^_^ ^^ !!!!

Author's Response: What are you lost about?

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Review #11, by I_Love_Daniel Torture

22nd October 2006:
What does POW mean?

Author's Response: POW means "Prisoner of War"

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Review #12, by Check-a-roo Bittersweet Thoughts

7th October 2006:
A few things to fix:
She checked her watch. 9:24. Three hours ago, it had been 9:22
(( That doesn't work))
But Hermione had her eyes locked with hers
(( with HIS, rahter than hers))

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Review #13, by ILoveLost1888 Echoes

6th October 2006:
Hi again! Do u know I'm back by Hermi if u do tell her or him to upest date. I went to know what happing. I have same storys of u. On I'm back Harry think that his ture and olny love dead in the war when he meet a girl name Emmy Weasley daugther of Ron and Hermioen Weasley she tell Harry that Ginny is not dead and he and her have a daugther together name Lily. The 2 one it is Road to Happnies I froget how is the aurth Harry has a daugther but Ginny is not the mother the mother dead and Liy that is Harry and Melissa is Harry ex girlfriend Lily is dating Jack Weasley Ron and Hermione Weasley Ginny and Harry they are married know and Lily and Jack are going to get married but u need to read the frist one of the story so u can read it. Have a super weekend!!! ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks for the info. Hope you're enjoying it!

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Review #14, by ILoveLost1888 Bittersweet Thoughts

6th October 2006:
Is Ron & Hermione married? What is it a girl or a boy? ^_^

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