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Review #1, by Saelius Oliver's Luck

17th October 2008:
This is great. Me love long time this story. WRITE MORE, dammit!!! I will suffer withdrawal symptoms within the first 2 mins!!

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Review #2, by Horseay Oliver's Luck

4th June 2008:
Madam, thou art very evil :P :P
I love, love your fic and I am absolutely starved!! Good job and waiting for the next update

I love Camilla as well

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Review #3, by crazygingercatlady "You Look So Hot..."

15th May 2008:
great chapter loved the daydreaming in charms.
this had me cracking up for ages- "Old Filius has apparently not lost his charm" priceless

and didnt want to say before cause thought was just being Jane Austen obsessive but after the mention of p+p- is brandon by any chance named after conel brandon for sense and senseability?

again great chapter, loved the daydreams and want to kidnap brandon so he can give me lots of hugs (he reminds me of the kind of guy who would be a good hugger.)

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Review #4, by crazygingercatlady The Amazing Quidditch Socks

15th May 2008:
hehe loved 5 year old percy-priceless!

and ha in your face mary he was talking about Jill's hair- HA!

hehe sorry, great chapter!

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Review #5, by crazygingercatlady Lalalalala; the Crazy Hufflepuffs

15th May 2008:
the craziness was excellant- i love the hufflepuffs!! not that i'd actually want to be one but you can imagine them sacrificing someone to some giant badger god. any how- again great chapter! loving jill's daydreams, they're really well written and fit nicely into to the whole story

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Review #6, by crazygingercatlady "Want to Be My Precious Girlfriend?"

14th May 2008:
lol priceless chapter - loved the insults 'chicken horse' my favourite by far!
i absolutely adore Jill!

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Review #7, by crazygingercatlady Mary Sue and the Chocolate Moons

14th May 2008:
i love Jill- shes not mean shes just not one of those bloody airhead fools!! and i love the whole taking the piss out of oliver- some people just dont understand sarcasm and its their loss!!!

rite off to read next chapter

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Review #8, by crazygingercatlady Mrs Something and the Itfriend

14th May 2008:
Love your story-still laughing about her day dreams. a cup filled with slytherins...hehe

and i've lost count how many times i've done the whole are u thinking about mr x as mr x walks by to my friends and my friends to me!!!

really well written!

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Review #9, by RebeccaBlack Oliver's Luck

17th December 2007:
Gimme more!!! Brilliant fic, you're a funny thing you are!

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Review #10, by RebeccaBlack Mrs Something and the Itfriend

17th December 2007:
Heehee, she's funny. I do that too, zooming out when i'm with my friends and making up stories in my head and laugh out loud and get puzzled looks from strangers on bus stops.

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Review #11, by elliemalfoy74 Oliver's Luck

2nd September 2007:
omg this is really good

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Review #12, by hullo Oliver's Luck

6th July 2007:
Plz update quickly! And check out my fics!

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Review #13, by SaveGinny Oliver's Luck

30th May 2007:
yay, love your writing, and this story.

update soon!


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Review #14, by nat Hurrying to Pureblood Meetings

14th May 2007:
You make me pee my pants!

.that's a compliment

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Review #15, by - Oliver's Luck

9th May 2007:
the story is really funny and wonderful. you have done a good job.please update it faster.

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Review #16, by sweetredrose Oliver's Luck

1st May 2007:
OHMYY. YAY@THEDEMENTORS. (: I loved that scene in the book. ;)

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Review #17, by bel_amour Oliver's Luck

20th April 2007:

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Review #18, by Lilyflower22 Oliver's Luck

15th April 2007:

Yay! Updates!

Seriously, John is a jerk. And that lovely bit of description was just gross.
Amazing chapter, by the way!


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Review #19, by quadgirl2288 Oliver's Luck

14th April 2007:
hmmm...okay.please update soon!!

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Review #20, by Simple Yet Confusing Oliver's Luck

14th April 2007:
I think I'm actually in love with this story. It's amazing!!

I love the way you've made it go along with the events in POA. And just shown it from another point of view, and only occassionally bringing Harry Potter into it. It's brilliant. Update soon.

Author's Response: Reviews like that make me feel so bad about not writing. Oh God, I'm sorry! :(

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Review #21, by Lupin Lover Oliver's Luck

14th April 2007:
I've just read through my old rewievs and, as you so kindly told me, I found mistakes... Indeed... Oh well, done is done!

Peace! (Dude...)

Author's Response: You're better now (not that you weren't before or anything).

Peace out!

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Review #22, by Redrose_vmp Mary Sue and the Chocolate Moons

14th April 2007:
Mary and Sue, or Mary Sue, made me want to vomit. Ugh, shudder.

I couldn't stay away, I kept reading, but now I'm really going to sleep. -and hopefully dream of Oliver with his perfect, eyelash riddled eyes, beautiful pillow lips, cute little nose, good hair, strong, muscular body...okay, perhaps I should stop now. Sorry, but it's your fault! lol!

Oh, my last comment was your 100th by the way, yeah me! I am so jealous, but you deserve it:)

Author's Response: 100! Oh God, I never thought I'd get there. Yay for me! :D

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Review #23, by Redrose_vmp Mrs Something and the Itfriend

14th April 2007:
My eyes are closing down, but I want to prop them open with toothpicks so I can go on reading your story, it's so funny! Your girl reminds me so much of me, just the way she's naturally a little crazy and sees nothing wrong with that at all, becuse you just can't help it. Also the whole daydreaming thing, all the time about weird and funny things, but a lot of the times, guys. I will comtinue tomorrow!

Author's Response: I think a lot of people can relate to Jill, actually. Let's face it; there are a lot of crazy girls out there who like to daydream. Thanks, Redrose!

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Review #24, by Lupin Lover Oliver's Luck

13th April 2007:
You go girl! This is the funniest chapter so far Dude!! (I can't believe I just called you dude...)

Author's Response: Are you kidding? :O The funniest chapter? Wow, I didn't expect that. And I really didn't expect you to call me dude. Makes me think of Finding Nemo, though.

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Review #25, by sweetredrose Hurrying to Pureblood Meetings

30th March 2007:
yay :D

Author's Response: :)

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