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Review #1, by LELAH Never Counted to Three

17th March 2007:

love the story, the whole ginny bit dragged out, sorry, but like totally obvious in like chapter 2

i still LOVE it though

excelent work

please feel free to continue

xx Lelah

Author's Response: oh just wait there's a twist

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Review #2, by Buttercup243 Telling Us About The Children

11th November 2006:
Here it goes, remember, you asked for it!

You need to make sure you spell names of cannon characters correctly. Luscious Malfoy is spelled Lucius Malfoy. Also, why didn't the Weasley's know about Ginny going into hiding or anything to that effect? It stands to reason that the Weasley's would know something about her disappearance. Also, make sure you proof read your stories. There are a bunch of simple mistakes that are easily fixed with one quick proof before posing. Spell check doesn't do the job because if a word is spelled correctly it will skip it. For example, you have hear instead of heart, and I instead of an if; simple things like that. It distracts from your story. One last thing, it is better to be logical and make sense, than to be illogical when trying to incorporate surprise and be "fantastical" - whatever that means!

But, don't get discouraged. Your story is fun and interesting - there are just areas for improvement! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for you review i know i asked for it and it helps. the spelling check stuff, it's hard for me im dyslexic (sp?) i cant spell, it's really bad too, what may take you five seconds to write (a review for ex.) takes me ten minutes at least. alot of times you see the spelling mistake and i don't, then when the names are spelled different i dont know that, i dont own anything harry potter (my mother is catholic and thinks they are the 'prpoganda sent by the anti-christ' Harry's world is not allowed in my home, i have to do all of this when she's not arround). as for my story HUGE on makeing sure everything is logical and fits if it doesnt make sence now just wait it should be explained in the next chapter.

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Review #3, by Lucariopup(Witch Drew) Ultimatum

5th November 2006:
holy sh-...magicarp... what the heck is a ultimatum!? and when she said the golden trio, what the crap happened?

Author's Response: an ultimatum is when someone really only gives you one choice, example: DO MY HOME WORK OR ELSE!!!! see if you don't to my homework i'll hurt you, im giving you a choice but it's not a very fair choice. i hope that explains it for you.

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Review #4, by Lucariopup(Witch Drew) "Who is 'ME'?"

5th November 2006:
im only posting 'cause there haven't been any posts on this chappie.*dies* ... u should either take out "return to sender" or "Who is "ME"?"

Author's Response: yeah i don't like those chapters very much but they come into play later. if i chop them out im afraid that what happens later wont make sence.

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Review #5, by Lucariopup Portkeys and Living Heros

5th November 2006:
*stares at chapter and dies* . I wish there were higher numbers on the rating thing-a-ma-bob.

Author's Response: so do i

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Review #6, by Lucariopup(Witch Drew) Inside the Trunk

5th November 2006:
hm... cool. so... if they are 10 or 11, maybe they have magic and they will get their letters maybe.

p.s. I am now Lucariopup. I was Witch Drew, but ... I'm a pokemon nut. go look up Lucario or Rukario on google or something, kk? oh, and please tell ppl that I've temporaily changed my name, kk? keep up the good work!]


Author's Response: i thouhgt about that, but i figured that since they were in the U.S Hogwarts wouldn't send them a letter, just as i don't think Hogwarts sends one to children in France

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Review #7, by alisonlynn Inside the Trunk

17th October 2006:
this sounds really good, but, do they live in a different time, like the future? how can they not know harry and ginny, they are related to them, right? interesting plot though

Author's Response: you could say that they live in the future...also their american, and muggel, the whole idea of magic to them is left to the toothfairy and santa.

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Review #8, by LexiGirl Nothing Escapes This One

7th October 2006:
:D You're toatlay welcome for the advice. I remember when I was computer illiterate... I didn't know anything! Anyways, Another amazing chapter! I LOVE your characters. Especially Tori, he seems...nice lol. I'm guessing Lilly fancies hime already? It's a good thing Melody wasn't one of those girls who freaks out if her boyfriend was talking to another girl. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter... actually I'm greatly anticipating it!!! 10/10

Author's Response: i believe she's going to, after all who wouldn't?

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Review #9, by LexiGirl Unspoken Spells

4th October 2006:
:) Another amazing chapter! I love your writting technique and your whole plot line. I greatly look forward to the next chapter. 10/10

Author's Response: thanks for reading!

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Review #10, by LexiGirl Getting There Was Just Half the Fun.

4th October 2006:
Is Ginny their Mum!?! I Love this story! Your an amazing writer! Sorry...I'd leave a longer review but I want to read the next chapter really badly! Oh...10/10!

Author's Response: it is a little obvious isn't it?

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Review #11, by Lexigirl Portkeys and Living Heros

4th October 2006:
Wow! I had no idea that There father was actually...well, their father! Good chapter! It did go by kind of fast but it's perfectly undersatndable how you didn't want to spend to long on this part and you got your point across really well. Again, I give you a 10/10 because I LOVE your story!!!

Author's Response: thanks for reading and reviewing, im glad you understand the rason i made it so short

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Review #12, by LexiGirl Inside the Trunk

4th October 2006:
Awesome story so far! I'm guessing Lil and J.R. are Harry and Ginny's kids...but who are the two living with? Are they going to go to Hogwarts? Are they even magic? You have the two's characters developed almost perfectly and I can imagine the settings. This story has serious potential and I'm excited to see what happens. Keep writting... 10/10

ps - to do italics put < i > and < / i > around the text that you want italicised.

Author's Response: thanks, for both the review and the help with the italics. i always have difficultly with those

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Review #13, by anonymous Unspoken Spells

2nd October 2006:
this was great. update soon!

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #14, by anonymous Inside the Trunk

2nd October 2006:
I like it, but if thier father is 25 and they are older than 12, wouldn't that make thier father younger than 13 when he had them? I still like it though.

Author's Response: Uh......right it's a typo thanks for catching it! it's been all fixed up so go ahead and reread!

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Review #15, by Charmed_Im_Sure Getting There Was Just Half the Fun.

16th September 2006:
coolnext chapter? 10/10

Author's Response: thanks for the reply, im trying to post the next chapter but im i don't know how to do italics. i just need parts not the whole page. can you help?

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Review #16, by HiJane_2 Inside the Trunk

31st August 2006:
This is an interesting first chapter! Please update soon. I want to know what happens next!

Author's Response: thanks for reading! your probably the only one and im glad you like it!

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