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Review #1, by Karkaroff Does It Really Matter?

16th October 2008:
Cool and I enjoyed reading the confrontation between Snape and Harry. Thanks for writing.

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Review #2, by mlui Does It Really Matter?

14th August 2007:
This is very well written, almost like DH... =) 10/10

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Review #3, by BatSEnecal Does It Really Matter?

5th July 2007:
This was neat. Nobody writes this encounter like this. It's completely original. Nice job. 10/10

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Review #4, by Diandra Does It Really Matter?

15th May 2007:
Wow...that was fabulous! I loved it...really good idea and completely convincing plot! I definitely enjoyed reading it! Thanks for sharing it.keep up the good work!


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Review #5, by ElissandrAnne Does It Really Matter?

22nd January 2007:
Wow, that was good, juls. You really channel Sevy, you know that? LOL. I really don't know how you do this, but you make him darker and more likeable at the same time. You really have the knack for that...

They were all in character, even Dumbledore. I would never have thought of making Snape an assassin. And a tortured soul. But that would explain a lot. All the emotions you portrayed rang true. I loved it!


Author's Response: My channeling has gotten better I fear as my obsession for our Potions master grows. Thanks dearest Anne -- Hugzz ~~juls

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Review #6, by shadowquill Does It Really Matter?

6th December 2006:
That was beautiful. What a fitting ending. As horrifying as it is, having Lucius execute Narcissa as punishment for Draco's failings sounds exactly like the sort of thing Voldemort would do. I really love how you preserved Snape's reputation just as it ever had been before he killed Dumbledore: one of respect which is to be pitied, but dislikeable nonetheless. I've always felt so sorry for Snape and figured there was far more to the story than Harry realized concerning the Unbreakable Vow and Dumbledore's end. Wow, I really enjoyed this. :)

Author's Response: thanks =) You totally made my day R&Ring this story. Hugzz juls

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Review #7, by The Last Gentleman Does It Really Matter?

21st November 2006:
Honestly, this sounds like a chapter out of Book 7. You KNOW these books, and everything here seems plausible and likely. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what REALLY ends up happening.

Author's Response: Thanks Anth. huggles big time ~~juls

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Review #8, by Scriblerian Does It Really Matter?

29th October 2006:
Wow. What a powerful piece. Again. The emotions in this were perfectly portrayed. Severus' inner torture and conflict was just right. And I think it was right of you to make Harry still untrusting towards Snape and Draco. It's realistic. If Harry would have forgiven them right away I would have been disappointed. But again, you convey everything amazingly :). And you have a talent for endings, I must say. They are always so beautiful and touching and this one isnt any different. Wonderful job, juls. :)

Author's Response: I am hoping Harry wakes up. (Maybe he will in Circle-- who knows.) I think he had his eyes opened at least. Thanks so much for the review.. huggles juls

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Review #9, by magic29 Does It Really Matter?

26th October 2006:
Harry is really acting like a spoiled brat in this one, Oh well. I didn't really think that he would take information like that with grace and dignity but the hostility was a bit much.

I liked the way that Snape had sort of been dubbed Draco's honorary father as Remus had been dubbed Harry's and I think you're right, if Harry and Draco ever loose their mistrust of each other they will be a formidable force.

I can't find any grammatical or spelling mistakes and I can't complain about this story's length so you get an Outstanding on this one

Author's Response: As much as I love Harry, I have trouble writing him. Thanks for the "O" it pleased me huggles ~`juls

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Review #10, by ValhallaAdonisSnape(Skyris-too tired to sign in) Does It Really Matter?

2nd October 2006:
I don't know why but I feel as though I have read this one before, I might have... don't know, anyways. Overall it was very nicely written with the aspect of Snape being good and yey! Draco and Harry finally made up, though unlikely in canon, still a nice though. Well done. -Valhalla Adonis-Snape

Author's Response: Glad you like this... and I'm sure somewhere I'm gonna pull off another duel. This time all magic. That'll fix em.. hehe anyhow thanks for your review. BIG hug juls

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Review #11, by isteppedonsnape001 Does It Really Matter?

30th September 2006:

Another great fic. :) It's well-written and though the you placed the most well-known theories about Dumbledore's death and such, it was still nice to read about it. And, I dont know why I'm saying this, but there seemed to be not much of Harry in the fic. Yes, he says lots of lines, but those are just lines -- they dont really give the feel of Harry. You dont have his thoughts and feelings too; they're just in the dialgoue, which I dont think makes the fic as bright and colorful. Also, I found it weird how Snape always said "Mr. Potter." though Snape didnt seem that OOC. :) The fight scene between Harry and Draco is commendable, and I also like how Snape felt that Lily's eyes haunt him the most; I like Lily. Lol. The lemon drop thing is cute too.

To sum it all up, bravo! ^-^

Author's Response: Thank you oh fair and wise Snapestomper =). The "Mr" potters have been edited out, and with your review I'll take a fresh look and flesh out Harry. And thank my beta jackie for the fight scene, shw helped there =). Thanks again for review and enjoying my story. huggles ~~juls

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Review #12, by Carrot Stix Does It Really Matter?

26th September 2006:
I really like the way you did the language. Most other story's make up a whole new persona to a charector. I think you stuck with the given ones pritty well though there were some parts where you went off. I like the plot aswell. But for some reason id rather read soemthing else. Maybe thats just me?

Carrot Stix

Author's Response: Thanks for your review.

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Review #13, by JolieFille252 Does It Really Matter?

25th September 2006:
hmm...I think it's interesting that you have Snape addressing Harry as "Mr. Potter." I would have thought he would've continued to call him "Potter" even at this point...

aww I liked the was quite bittersweet. On the whole this story was pretty good; I liked that you doubled back to various parts of HBP and examined them from a different perspective. good job!

Author's Response: Thanks again jolie... edited out the "Mr's" =) Glad you enjoyed it. ~~juls

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Review #14, by almost_witch Does It Really Matter?

25th September 2006:
Ohhh I loved this, and before I move on I want to praise you on this line - . “And when I die, my spot in hell is quite warm and waiting for me. You can rejoice in that thought.” --- It spent Snape-like shivers down my spine, it was well written and a line that would have reminded me of something JK herself would have written.

You have written several good theroys into this, each one you explained well and with well chosen words.

You have kept each character in character, especially Harry, I loved how he acted like the usual angry and unforgiving person. I personally find that Harry is hard to write at times like that but you wrote it very well and showed how angry he can get and with the whole 'he's a death eater!' thing like he was to Hermione and Ron in the 6th book.

This was good to read, your grammer was fine as usual though it was very long I understand that this story needs to be because of how much information it has in it.

This is my favourite story from you so well done, and writting about dark things is diffinately your style. Flaunt it!


Author's Response: Thank you my dear. So glad the length didn't send into shock and you enjoyed it. I will be honest, alot of credit for Harry in this story goes to my beta, jackie. She challenged and helped me write him. I'm glad you enjoyed that line, it popped onto my screen as if Snape wrote it himself.
Again... thank you for taking the time to read and review this story. Your words bring pleasure to my writer's heart, as always. huggles ~~juls

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Review #15, by Arithmancy_Wiz Does It Really Matter?

24th September 2006:
Me again! Back with another review...

Okay, wow...there was a lot going on in this piece. While the whole scene unfolds over a relatively short period of time, there is a great deal of information to digest. We discover Snape’s true loyalties, as well as Draco’s, what happened to the pair after they fled, we learn of Narcissa’s murder and Voldemort’s imminent attack....*Phew* And that’s not even the whole of it.

In addition to that, you wove in some very interesting emotional elements. I loved the concept of Snape being physically and mentally spent at this point. It is ironic how the final battle, if you will, is still to come, and yet he already feels a sense of closure. I also enjoyed this line and what it implied: After his tenure as a spy amongst the werewolves, Remus could now sympathize with the demons of Snape's mind. I never thought about that before but now I find the idea really interesting. It would have been great to see you expand on these...perhaps touching on the contrast between Snape’s relief and the others’ anxiety about the imminent battle. And personal, I think the whole Snape/Remus thing reads like a one-shot waiting to happen.

Following along on this train ‘o’ logic, my main criticism here it that the story felt a bit unfocused. As a reader, I found it hard to find my footing. I could never quite put my finger on what really linked all the pieces overarching theme or mood or lesson. I’m thinking back to the last story of yours I reviewed, and how everything was held together by this idea of couples in love despite the war around them. It would have been nice to see that here as well. A common thread among the ideas is, in my opinion, what can really make a one-shot shine.

On a completely unrelated note, I really liked your characterization of Snape here. I think it may have been your best to date! I thought you captured him really well. Harry might have been a bit more aggressive than I would have imagined and I’m not convinced that even after all he’d seen he would be ready to extend his hand to Snape, but other than that, well done with the characters.

Alright, another one for the books. You keep writing and I’ll keep reviewing. And I’m serious about that Snape/Remus one-shot ;)

Author's Response: Thanks A_Wiz, the challenge is now on!! A) to find the connecting theme and bring it out for you and B) A remus/snape one shot.
I am beginning to think that this one shot should have stretched to a 2 shot with the info I crammed into it.
I love your reviews keep them coming my dear. HUGGLES ~~juls

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Review #16, by holly bergman Does It Really Matter?

20th September 2006:
I loved it! The ending was really great.

Author's Response: Thanks!! juls

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Review #17, by Pheobs61 Does It Really Matter?

20th September 2006:

That was very good!! That is very much like I imagine it turning out. I don't belive Snape could truely be a death eater is just doesn't make sense! I love the touch at the end with dumbledores portrait very like him not to say a thing the entire time...Lemon Drop??

Will there be another chapter??

Author's Response: Thanks for thinking like me. =) not sure if I will add on to this or not. But a few of my other stories go with this one if you look. huggles juls

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Review #18, by Say_Goodbye_My_Lover Does It Really Matter?

20th September 2006:
Wowee I loved it, will there be more? I do hope so it was good and you made the memories fit perfectly.

Author's Response: Thanks for being this stories first reviewer. I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you look through my other stories you will find bits and pieces to go with this. huggles juls

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