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Review #1, by Svenni Gone. Forever.

1st June 2007:
Great idea and nice writing,
but what happened which Voldemort?
maybe you are right, it is not thepoint in this story!
Good job!

Author's Response: Haha, I didn't want to state what had happened to him. Maybe I was running low on creative juices to spur something up in that aspect, all in all, thanks a lot Svenni!

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Review #2, by Healer_25 Gone. Forever.

16th January 2007:
hmm, interesting, and all I feel like saying is bloody cowards! They knew!

heh there I'm better now.

Author's Response: heh...Thank you!
I'm running out of things to say to you and your reviews! =)

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Review #3, by Phoenix_Flames Gone. Forever.

14th January 2007:
Ohh. This was so good, and I enjoyed it so much. Thanks for entering this in my challenge, I'm glad you did. Good job!
Sorry it took so long to read/review. I've been so caught up in my writing. Thanks again!!
Love from Drue

Author's Response: Your welcome Drue, and I'm pleased beyond reason that you enjoyed it, it certaintly was a hard task to do non-dialogue and I'm glad it fit for your challenge as well. Thanks for taking the time and energy to read it!


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Review #4, by almost_witch Gone. Forever.

4th January 2007:
Ohh yay, I like it. It was great. :)

Author's Response: Thanks almost_witch! I appreciate it!

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Review #5, by The5Potters Gone. Forever.

19th October 2006:
Ohhhhh this was amazing ginni so amazing..................speechless whta else can I say????????



Author's Response: Hey! Thanks heaps! I'm glad you liked it so much Becca!

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Review #6, by prongsie_potter_rulez Gone. Forever.

8th October 2006:




Stop wasting time on writing Harry Potter Fan Fiction (even though it is amazing)


i'd buy it in a heartbeat!!! A HEARTBEAT :D


P.S This was sooo amazin. 10000000/10 and Favs.

Author's Response: I seriously just fell off of my chair laughing. I'm so pleased you like it so much, mi amiga!

=D Believe it or not, I am working on an original story, however It's gonna take forever to get it finished and edited and the whole shee-bang. Thanks so much Prongsie! It made my day!!


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Review #7, by ValhallaAdonisSnape(Skyris-too tired to sign in) Gone. Forever.

23rd September 2006:
Yey I read another one for the No Dialogue challenge and I'm starting to get addicted to them slowly. I like how it was written from Ron's PoV, especially the ending with him holding the ashes, very touching. One thing I noticed was I think you meant heels and not heals. Great work otherwise. -Valhalla Adonis-Snape

Author's Response: Oooh, I like how readers can tell it was Ron even though I never said his, or anyone's name. =D Yes, that part was my favourite to write, the phoenix ashes. Oh, a typo! I shall go fix it! Thanks heaps!

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Review #8, by Tinfoil Star Gone. Forever.

1st September 2006:
Wow. I should really thank Starving Author personally for this challenge one of these days, because lately I've read a few that have been awesome, this one included.

There is such feeling and sorrow. Definitely through Ron's point of view and there really wasn't need for dialouge or thought. I love the description and really everything.

Great job. It's really something when you can exclude dialouge entirely from your writing... I would have had a horrible time attempting in myself. Thanks for asking my to read and review this.

Author's Response: Wow. I should really thank you, for reviewing!! It's really amazing? Thanks so much!!

Ron's POV worked best. Harry's was beginning to be overused in the view of the final battle, so I used Ron's. and I'm glad you figured that out without me typing "Ron" out.

Thanks so much! It really was a challenge to do so. Dialogue (no dialogue) was a sinch, but thoughts...oh boy was that hard. Thanks sooo much!

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Review #9, by Serenity0047 Gone. Forever.

31st August 2006:
wow, that was cool. i liked the pheonix thing at the end. and at the beginning i did think it was harry with whoever walking up to the house. but i'm sure you wanted that. great job! thanks for answering my challenge!

Author's Response: I did want that. I wanted for people to guess who was walking up to the house and what they were going to find inside. When I wrote it, it was kinda like an old silent movie. =D I'm glad you liked it!! *squee!*

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Review #10, by Unicorn Girl Gone. Forever.

30th August 2006:
It was well written. You did a good job

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm super glad you like it!

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