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Review #1, by Nymphie Lupin Quidditch and a most hated Dad

24th March 2008:
wow, that was really good! I enjoyed reading this a lot! 9/10!

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Review #2, by JeanSyrots Quidditch and a most hated Dad

24th August 2007:
I'm intreaged.who is she? Is 'Roger' Roger Davies? write more write more...JeanSyrots

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Review #3, by insideout orange Quidditch and a most hated Dad

5th April 2007:
Hm, her dad doesn't seem very nice. I love her mom though, so that makes up for it. I like the story so far, I hope you haven't abandoned it!

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Review #4, by poisoned_thoughts Quidditch and a most hated Dad

16th December 2006:
It sounds great so far

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Review #5, by Leah Kesri Quidditch and a most hated Dad

12th December 2006:
That's about the only thing I can say here, really .

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Review #6, by Dont Have One Quidditch and a most hated Dad

23rd November 2006:
Good start, can't wait to see where its going. Update Soon!

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Review #7, by meggie Quidditch and a most hated Dad

7th November 2006:
it's nice. Update soon

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Review #8, by _Lexi_ Quidditch and a most hated Dad

1st October 2006:
sounds good!!
update soon!!

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Review #9, by luckistars Quidditch and a most hated Dad

21st September 2006:
I really like this story! I can't believe it only had one review before! I think I read this before, I'm not sure, but it seems familiar. Anyways, update soon.

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Review #10, by Miranda Quidditch and a most hated Dad

31st August 2006:
haha love it! update soon!! 10/10


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