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Review #1, by Fire Maiden ~*~You're Beautiful~*~

6th March 2007:
how sweet.

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #2, by ere ~*~Start of Something New~*~

18th February 2007:
why do you insist on having so many typos?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Author's Response: It was done on purpose.

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Review #3, by ere ~*~You Don't Know Me~*~

18th February 2007:
you had a lot a typos!i think its cool how you put in justin a lot

Author's Response: Thanks :) The typos are supposed to be there because it's supposed to be the Worst Fic Ever. I like using odd characters.

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Review #4, by ere ~*~November Rain~*~

18th February 2007:
how do you pronounce Arlie's real name

Author's Response: Thanks for reading :) I pronounce it are-ee-AN-ah-lie But seeing how it's not a real name, there's no set way, I guess.

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Review #5, by middle_earth_or_middlesex ~*~Start of Something New~*~

12th December 2006:
wwel...quite good. If you used spellcheck a little more and perhaps fixed up a bit of the grammar, I could stop myself from mst-ing it. But it does need work.

The story (plot) on the other hand is fabulous. I loved the ending: v. realistic. On the other hand, characters like Ron, Harry, Draco and especially Ginny need to be developed. I wanted to know why Ginny went goth!!! I was cheated! lol.

All these comments are probably a bit harsh, but I am a bit of a perfectionist :).

Good try ma'am (or sir)

Author's Response: That'd be a ma'am ;) lol

omg.. You have no idea how happy this review makes me! I'm laughing so hard right now!! Okay, first off, it's meant to be bad. I really don't write that way. Or at least I hope I don't. That'd be really sad. I wrote it horrible on purpose :) for the Worst Fic Challenge. Bad spelling, grammar mistakes, and lack of character development are all done on purpose.

Second, YOU GOT THAT I DIDN'T DEVELOPE GINNY'S GOTH-NESS!! Finally!! LOL Somebody finally said something about Ginny! Funny, nobody's seemed to have noticed the Ginny/Draco ship label on the summary either. That's listed on purpose as part of the "bad fic" thing ;)

Believe it or not, that was an entire subplot that ended up not making it into the final cut...on purpose because that would make the fic even worse. It turns out that Ginny had a crush on Draco and she went Goth over the summer to get his attention...which she got right up until Arlie came and Draco immediately shifted sights (which is why Ginny hates her). Ginny and Draco ended up going to the ball together. Hope that helps to alleviate any discomfort caused by said cheating. lol

Thank you SO much for the harshness. Feel free to review any of my other fics with the same eye for detail! Goodness knows they need it. And thanks so much for this review! It really brightened my day :D

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Review #6, by allthegoodonesweretaken ~*~November Rain~*~

11th December 2006:
Brilliant! Intrigue, drama and teenagers who think no-one understands them! It's a relief to read something like this that was meant to be bad. You're spot on! I've probably flipped through 20-odd stories just like this on this site -without reading more than the first paragraph I might add.

Author's Response: lol! Thanks very much! So glad you gave it a chance beyond the second and third paragraphs :D

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Review #7, by sugarquillgirl90 ~*~You're Beautiful~*~

5th December 2006:
For being a "Worst Fic Ever", this isn't too terrible. It's kind of...cheesy, though. Great job...I think.
~Sugarquill Girl =]

Author's Response: I was going for the "cheesier than a bowl of Velvetta Shells & Cheese" effect. Thanks very much!!

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Review #8, by Becky Fish ~*~Start of Something New~*~

10th November 2006:
very cute and nice!

Author's Response: Thanks very much!

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Review #9, by juliethemuggle ~*~Start of Something New~*~

6th November 2006:
Yay! It's so cute! I liked the way you resolved it, not just having Arlie say "okay, i forgive" Right away. Not doing that made it a LOT better. Nice ending, I very much enjoyed the story! Excellently done! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much!! Yeah, I like it that way too. It feels so much more believable. You, my dear, are my new favourite reviewer! Thank you so much for all your reviews! They really did mean the world to me :D

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Review #10, by juliethemuggle ~*~You Don't Know Me~*~

6th November 2006:
Cool twist, i like it. You have a few typos here though, such as
-1nc should be once
-tord should probably be toward

Anyways little things like that. I am reallying enjoying the story though so far, can't wait to read the next chapter! ~

Author's Response: Ah, sweetie, there's more than just that!! lol!! But hey, you understood what "tord" was meant to be! Very good! One of my pet peeves is writing the number instead of writing out the full word of the number. Big peeve. So I did it! It was torture!! lol Glad you're enjoying this!!

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Review #11, by juliethemuggle ~*~November Rain~*~

6th November 2006:
Awww, cute chapter. I like it, it painted a nice image in my mind. You're very good at describing things. Excellent work!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'd gone simple with most of the descriptions in this story but certain things, like this chapter needed correct description for it to work or it would have been a jumbled mess. Very glad you liked it!

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Review #12, by juliethemuggle ~*~Whenever You Come Around~*~

6th November 2006:
Oh i like it! Longer too XD Nice twist at the end, and very good writing. Ya see, writing has to be pretty exciting for me to read, and this is just it. =D I also like how you spotlight a character not really mentioned in the books too much. Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks very much!! I actually like my story and I really tried to make it enjoyable. The typos and bad wording are painful to see, but if I'd done right by this story it could have had potential to be very good. And I like writing about characters that nobody seems to care about. Justin, happens to be my most hated character in all of Harry Potter (Hagrid is second) and I saw this as a wonderful opportunity to torture him. Unfortunately, I fell in love with my fanon-Justin and ended up trying to do right by him. I recently re-watched the CoS movie and remembered exactly why I hate canon-Justin...

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Review #13, by juliethemuggle ~*~You're Beautiful~*~

6th November 2006:
Good first chapter, you have a couple typos though.
-It was then that he a girl he had never noticed before sitting 2 rows straight to his left. noticed her, sitting two rows straight to his left. I think this a bit of a typo...and
-right. He woud never

Author's Response: First, I should tell you straight off that anything you see wrong on this fic was probably done on purpose...except that one... lol... I am laughing so hard right now that somebody actually pointed that out! Thanks so much!! That's a real typo that I didn't catch until it was posted...and it being the worst fic ever, I'm certainly not going to change it! Oh man, I'm dying right now... Thanks so much, juliethemuggle!

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Review #14, by Aly Delacour ~*~Start of Something New~*~

19th October 2006:
You rock! Excellent ending! (I only wish I could find a good way to end mine!) 10,000 out of 10 *wink*

Author's Response: I do rock, don't I? LOL ;)

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Review #15, by H_Hshipper ~*~Start of Something New~*~

19th October 2006:
YAY!!! Oh and I love High School Musical...he kissed her, he KISSED her....WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks H_Hshipper!!!!!!!! Yeah, ain't it great?!! lol ;)

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Review #16, by Aly Delacours Evil Twin ~*~You Don't Know Me~*~

13th September 2006:
Oh, Nevillefan, i luv dis. i only wish i cud write haff as well myself! Your 1 talented writer ;););)

Author's Response: Gee thankies muches Evil Twin!!!!

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Review #17, by nikisasilverrain ~*~You Don't Know Me~*~

12th September 2006:
i KNEW Draco was up to no good. I mean, I love Draco, don't get me wrong... but not in this story. He's such a dweeb! haha, add again, soon.

Author's Response: I luv writing Mischief Draco.. he's so much fun!!! Thanks!!

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Review #18, by Aly Delacour ~*~You're Beautiful~*~

2nd September 2006:
You must update soooooooooon! I loves it! *wink*

Author's Response: I wiiiiiilllllll ;) Thanks!!!!

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Review #19, by H_Hshipper ~*~November Rain~*~

31st August 2006:
Well he DID ask her! Lobe it!

Author's Response: Yeah! I was totally debating...but yeah, he's got the guts after all!! Thanks!!!!!

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Review #20, by Michaela Dragonsworth ~*~November Rain~*~

31st August 2006:
ooooooo~~~~ Me like (^_^)
You tend to write their names a lot, though, which can annoy some people and it makes it harder to read. You also tend to sometimes use numbers instead of letters... please stop? (^_^;) Other than that I can't come up with anything bad to say =O Keep up the good work~~ *adds to favs*

Author's Response: whooHoo! Thanks for reading!! And thanks for caring enough to give me some tips! You have no idea how much that is appreciated :) Thanks!!!!

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Review #21, by Precious Rin ~*~Whenever You Come Around~*~

28th August 2006:
Oooh! Intrigue!!! Can't wait to see what Justin does!

Author's Response: Heehee...poor Justin *evil grin*!

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Review #22, by msg ~*~Whenever You Come Around~*~

27th August 2006:
some of the grammar is off, but on the whole it's a pretty interesting story. keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks very much!!

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Review #23, by nikisasilverrain ~*~Whenever You Come Around~*~

25th August 2006:
this is very predictable, but i know why you're writing it....

because you want to give the extremes of the characters... am i right or am i right?
keep the story flowing, you're bound to get lots of reviews

Author's Response: Yes! That's it! You are so right! lol. Thanks.

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Review #24, by pigwidgeon385 ~*~Whenever You Come Around~*~

24th August 2006:

Author's Response: Thanks!! Cuz, I really liek this story even though i wrote it! ;)

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Review #25, by H_Hshipper ~*~Whenever You Come Around~*~

23rd August 2006:
He can ask her himself I tell you! LOL. Loved it.

Author's Response: You'd think he should be able to, but this is Justin we're talking about ;) lol! Thanks!

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