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Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Karaoke-Style) Fic

18th June 2012:
What if they sang multiple songs? I remember having a short story where Sirius Black sang four lines of song from three different songs in a chapter. I don't have it up anymore, but it was validated. I don't know if these rules in particular had been changed since then.

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Review #2, by nitenel SongFic Tutorial: Acceptable SongFic

9th July 2011:
The man in black!

That made me laugh.

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Review #3, by LoonyMalfoy SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Paraphrased) Song Fic

26th November 2010:
The paraphrased one was just awful... and the karaoke one made no sense whatsoever. I like SongFics, but I just wouldn't be able to find any good songs for me to use (heh). So I will stick to normal fics c: (once I start writing, at least)

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Review #4, by BKL8008 SongFic Tutorial: Acceptable SongFic

4th December 2009:
For a tutorial, this a GREAT read.
It sums up Snape so well, and there couldn't have been a better song "written about him". Very, very well done!

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Review #5, by thepinkplague SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Karaoke-Style) Fic

16th November 2009:
Alas, if only this was allowed! It's hilarious, I must confess.

But thanks, I now know how to write songfic!

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Review #6, by Caesar Mariana Magna SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Paraphrased) Song Fic

24th September 2009:
That's a very good example of an unacceptable paraphrased song fiction. It's very boring. I spotted no mistakes this time. Excellent.

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Review #7, by Caesar Mariana Magna SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Karaoke-Style) Fic

24th September 2009:
If I had a sense of humour, I would be laughing out loud. This is so corny! I noticed a mistake in the last sentence. You missed out an apostrophe in Dumbledore, but overall, very good.

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Review #8, by Caesar Mariana Magna SongFic Tutorial: Acceptable SongFic

24th September 2009:
That story is very spooky. I saw two mistakes though - possible is possibly, and you missed a full stop at the end of the third sentence in that paragraph. But overall, really good.

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Review #9, by SlytherinDream SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Karaoke-Style) Fic

27th June 2009:


Oh how my vision of Dumbledore has fallen XD

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Review #10, by WriterPlatinum SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Paraphrased) Song Fic

14th June 2009:
No wonder that would get rejected. It's so boring, and there's no actual plotline.

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Review #11, by WriterPlatinum SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Karaoke-Style) Fic

14th June 2009:
That was so funny! I mean, for a chapter that doesn't have an actual plotline.

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Review #12, by WriterPlatinum SongFic Tutorial: Acceptable SongFic

14th June 2009:
That's the best song fan fiction I have ever read! Man in Black is the best song for Snape, truly.

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Review #13, by InvisibleWitch19 SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Karaoke-Style) Fic

10th June 2009:
LOL That was waayy too funny to be an example of a karaoke fic!! Way too funny! I liked the part when Dumbledore said, "KARAOKE PARTY!!" and when Snape started singing!! xD =))

Anyway, great example. Now I know what NOT to put in a song fic. :)

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Review #14, by InvisibleWitch19 SongFic Tutorial: Acceptable SongFic

10th June 2009:
I would like to say two things about this.
One, that was an awesome song fic! Snape is one of my favorites!
Two, great example for an acceptable song fic. Now I know what to do. :)

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Review #15, by marshmallowpants SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Karaoke-Style) Fic

28th October 2008:
I'm going to go out on a limb here, but what if the story is a musical (using songs from real musicals and altering the words). There is a story line and the music advances the plot-but the characters, naturally, would have to sing.

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Review #16, by TheMimic SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Karaoke-Style) Fic

18th February 2008:
'Happy to oblige, Snape jumped on top of the table and began singing at the top of his lungs, stomping his black cowboy boots in rhythm with the song'

Absolutely Ridiculous! The story went from silly to down right ludicrous! I loved it!

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Review #17, by marauders_xx SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Karaoke-Style) Fic

10th February 2008:
Hi. I was wondering, at some point in my story my main character is going to slow dance with Sirius Black. Am I allowed to include lyrics then or not?

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Review #18, by stepnhunguyen SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Paraphrased) Song Fic

23rd January 2008:
I I I will have to d d d delete m my s s story (Cry).

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Review #19, by strangegirl6125 SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Karaoke-Style) Fic

9th December 2007:
Haha, I love how Dumbledore comes running out and screams "KARAOKE PARTY!"

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Review #20, by ilovseshy SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Paraphrased) Song Fic

1st October 2007:
I dont understand why my song fic got rejected?

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Review #21, by redflameeyes SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Karaoke-Style) Fic

3rd September 2007:
why aren't karaoke stories allowed? it seems pretty harmless... i guess u have ur reasons tho. are you allowed to use made up songs, is that a violation? is it just actual songs that aren't allowed, or any kind? because i want to write a story where my character sings, just once...

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Review #22, by ere SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Karaoke-Style) Fic

17th August 2007:
disgusting!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

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Review #23, by Football_girl SongFic Tutorial: Acceptable SongFic

7th January 2007:
This review it probably going to be deleted, since the point of this is not to give us a song-fic, but to teach us to write one, but I would still like to say I love it!

Snape is one of my favorites, and the song is strikingly matching. It also pulls on the heart-stings. I almost cried, and that's rare. It's a brilliant interpretation of Snape!

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Review #24, by Hermione33 SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Paraphrased) Song Fic

31st December 2006:
Strange, I saw a songfic before just like that example. It was to the lyrics "Over" by Lindsay Lohan. Ah well, this helped a lot!

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Review #25, by Nymphie Lupin SongFic Tutorial: Unacceptable (Paraphrased) Song Fic

22nd August 2006:
This was great. It was also needed. Thanks For The Information!!! But I have one question, how do you get the lyrics in italics and leave the rest of the story in a normal font that isn't italiced? I was just wondering. Thanks again!
-Nymphie Lupin

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