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Review #1, by LilyShadowHaze Extremely Depressing Fiction

19th March 2012:
I would say I enjoyed that... But considering how depressive this one-shot is, I think I won't actually say it... That be rather sadistic.

But it's really good! My eyes watered when I read it. You portrayed his emotions really well.

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Review #2, by chimpo Extremely Depressing Fiction

27th August 2006:
yay for being mentally unstable, so much fun! not yay for being short. but anyways very nice little ficcy you've got here, wasnt sad enough to make me cry but im a crying person, so yeah. great fic thhough. :D

Author's Response: Yup being mentally unstable is very fun at times lol. Well I don't really know what's that depressing coz I never stop laughing so in my case I found it depressing...Well thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Misty Extremely Depressing Fiction

25th August 2006:
=O...That was the saddest thing I've read so far! I was in a really angry mood just there...put now I have goosebumps, really deep and written well...I think that even if I was on the verdge of tears...I loved it oddly enough. 10/10. I really do need that tissue you offered at the start lol.

Author's Response: Well anyone can take the tissue(s) I offered at the start, because well it's sad...Thank you for the complements, and that it was good enough to actually make 2 people on the verge/ cry so Woo.Glad you loved it. Thank you for your review.

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Review #4, by ferrari_chick2005 Extremely Depressing Fiction

24th August 2006:
Hiya, WOOOO GREAT FIC. Very sad. But then again, you are a sad person. Yes , I cried at this. Update Witches Ritual PLEASE!!!

Author's Response: Yup sad, in most people's view...I'm not that sad Im just mentally unstable =D. WOOO! I made my best friend cry - I feel so big, which is a difference as im not even 5ft yet. I'm updating as fast as I can so :P!

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