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Review #1, by vguanne_ice_princess No Matter What

26th June 2007:
OMG so emotional. still cant believe u killed off ron but i guess it is ur story so yeah


Author's Response: hahahahaha yes I no!!!! Well lol its my story so yeah I can kill who I want!!

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Review #2, by lions_heart Not wanting to believe

28th March 2007:
r.r..r...r.ron.ron's dead! (sorry, tried to make that kinda dramatic) What!!! Ronald Weasley!!! He's dead! But. but.. how can Harry and Hermione cope with that? How can their lives go back to normal? Grr must read on to find out!
Tootles, lions_heart

Author's Response: thanks I guess, that was my point to write a story with a storyline taht people wanted to read on to

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Review #3, by maxtheyorkie Not wanting to believe

1st January 2007:
wow wat a story!

Author's Response: thanks max!!!! lol I can't wait to finish it!

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Review #4, by Cherry Blossom Not wanting to believe

1st January 2007:
Hey cool I like the story even though I really dunno anything about Harry Potter! Lol. =)

Author's Response: thanks for the review there is more to come

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Review #5, by fireyredbabe Letters to the outside

19th December 2006:
update update update!!!please

Author's Response: I will there's one chapter to go!! I have already written it!! It will be up after new year so stayed tuned!! I'm glad you liked it!!

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Review #6, by Got_Mistaken_Identity in a moment everything can change

7th September 2006:
lol hey sam i just realised... ur chapter name is a line from Hillary Duff's Song "Fly" lol... hehe u told me to review so here i am... lol anyways gotta bounce i needa do stupid cransky's hw... grrr!!! anyways gudluck with it (and also review mines!!!)

Author's Response: Yes I know I took the name of the title from a song lol! The whole story is named after a line in a song lol! review my later chapters there are all these song lyrics that have been worked into a letter lol! I listen to music as I write so yeah musics my inspiration!

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Review #7, by draco_obsessed in a moment everything can change

31st August 2006:
1/10.... so boring.... its too short and too much speech

Author's Response: Thanks for giving it a readyanyway, The whole Idea is for there to not be so much speech, The story does take a turn in the next chapters, thanks for giving it a go, Its really hard to write something that pleases everybody, the next chapter is in the process of getting validated

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Review #8, by Sarah Not wanting to believe

29th August 2006:
sorry... killing ron off was a little mistake from me.... im not liking it so far

Author's Response: Well Sorry. But It's always hard to decide who to kill and after comtemplating my choice Ron seemed like a better option than the other characters, I hope you might try and read the next chapters, It's really not that bad.

thanks for giving it a ready anyway!

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Review #9, by LaurenT Not wanting to believe

21st August 2006:
its good but you should put more into each chapter. Yey i'm your first reviewer.

Author's Response: Yes Lauren I know I should lol! There has been a grand total of four reads four!!! I think I need to change the story teaser thing more!! the next chapter is coming!!

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