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Review #1, by Blinking_Emeralds WDYMYV?! YNV! AD

16th October 2005:

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Review #2, by liliana1122 WDYMYV?! YNV! AD

30th May 2005:
hey, this is getting really interesting so can you plz plz plz continue and post more real soon!!!

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18th February 2005:

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Review #4, by WDYMYV?! YNV! AD

8th August 2004:
Hey! This story is really good i think but it hasnt been updated n a LOONNG time. Are you planning to update or did u give up on it?

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Review #5, by princessavg WDYMYV?! YNV! AD

3rd May 2004:
That was pretty good please hurry up and post soon!

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Review #6, by Moony15 WDYMYV?! YNV! AD

17th November 2003:
I like your story alot! But how come u copied the same ch. for 2 and 3? They are the exact same. BUT VERY GOOD STORY!!!!!!!!

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Review #7, by liz A Summers Month

31st July 2003:
love the story um why are chapters 2and3 the sme chapter

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Review #8, by liz A Summers Month

28th July 2003:
I wanna know what happens next

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Review #9, by MaidenMoonlight A Summers Month

24th July 2003:
Hey this is really good! It\'s so cute! James and Lily make the cutest couple, don\'t you agree? You better update soon becuase it wouldn\'t be cool if you didn\'t! Oh and did you know that chapter 2 and 3 are the exact same thing? Just to let you know! Remember: UPDATE!

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Review #10, by LilyFlower A Summers Month

13th July 2003:
The idea for the story is cute..I love Lily and James fics just as much as Harry and Hermione. The only thing I sugguest is work on the spacing a bit to make for easier reading but other then that everything is fine. Nothing major wrong with your story I like it so far and you should continue with it. If you would like to you can read my story and the other one is for any questions you may have with pressure just a suggestion lol. Anyway keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing what you come up with in future updates.

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Review #11, by sarahriverhill A Summers Month

9th July 2003:
Good so far... You might want to try spacing ot your paragraphs a little though, it makes it easier to read. Continue! sr

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Review #12, by glamour gurl A Summers Month

9th July 2003:
this is really great! cant wait to read what hapens nxt!

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Review #13, by LilyFlower A Summers Month

9th July 2003:
I really like the way the story is going so far...the only thing I would suggest is fix the spacing to make for easier reading which isn\'t a major issue other then that I can\'t find anything wrong with it. I find Lily and James fics cute and adorable and I\'m also fond of the pairing of Harry and\'d see that from my own story I wrote with Sirius included. Not saying you have to read can if you want to lol. Other then that I hope you continue with your story is good so far and you should keep up with the good work...good luck!

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