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Review #1, by LilyPotter 1/1

4th May 2008:
The snow of course, I dont' think Bill would give sloppy kisses on the cheek though that might be why he's not with anyone.

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Review #2, by Mistress 1/1

4th March 2008:
I thought this was very interesting. I'd be very interested in a longer story though. I realize that it was a short one shot where you wanted to get the words in, but there isn't much plot going on here. Even if you want a one shot, I think it's more important to have plot than to just have a scene. There were a lot of OOC moments, but I guess with fluff it does not matter all that much.

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Review #3, by pipins ancestor 1/1

13th December 2004:
SNOW! duh...i liked it! cleverly done...

Author's Response: thanks so much

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Review #4, by Cysso 1/1

4th June 2004:
You must write more! I love the Hermione/Bill combo! You make it just right!

Author's Response: Thank you for the support! I do have a few ideas for them in my head because they are fun to write. I just have to make myself do it!

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Review #5, by mollys cousin 1/1

27th March 2004:
Probably both were wet and sloppy! Great story!

Author's Response: Probably they were. Thank you for reading.

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Review #6, by elizabeth kelley 1/1

21st March 2004:
never would've imagined those pairs,but good!

Author's Response: Well, that's the fun of fan fic--getting to sue a wild imagination!

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Review #7, by chicablue18 1/1

18th December 2003:
that was good gut Ginny and Remus, I like it really good!!! R/G is odd but your story and there are a couple good ones out there, i myself like them even though they are odd, right now O've a Sb/Hg one! well please add soon please!! and possinly give my stories a read if u haven't !!!!!!!

Author's Response: Remus and Ginny are my OTP, so they do pop up in fics that aren't always centered on them. It might be odd, but it's what I like. Thank you so much for the review.

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Review #8, by patronus 1/1

13th December 2003:
i loved it!

Author's Response: thank you

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Review #9, by AmyPadfootLupin 1/1

13th December 2003:
Okay.... second. My mistake.

Author's Response: No matter. Any review is a good review in my book. I guess I'm one of those who likes attention.

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Review #10, by AmyPadfootLupin 1/1

13th December 2003:
Ooooh... I'm your first reviewer!!!! I like this. It's odd, but odd is awesome. I'm always reading odd things, unless it's SS/HG, or RL/SB. I actually did acctidentally read an RL/SB slash once, and it was horrible! Oops, I getting off task here... Anyway, I lurve your story! Could you read one of mine? Merci and au revoir! APL

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, and yes... liking the odd or unusual is okay. That's what I find more interesting most of the time.

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Review #11, by Slam 1/1

13th December 2003:

Author's Response: Thank you

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