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Review #1, by cookiemonster One Last Touch

19th October 2007:
So sad! Loved it

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Review #2, by potter girljess One Last Touch

8th October 2007:
i am doing an essay of harry potter because he is an hero

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Review #3, by KeevinLover_9216 One Last Touch

2nd August 2007:
hello, i reviewed on your other story, and had a question to ask of you. Your other story about Teddy Lupin reminded me of a story that i wrote, and i was wondering if you wanted to make me a banner for it. Just e-mail me at and tell me what you need if you'd like to do it...thank you very much

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Review #4, by BabyG One Last Touch

31st July 2007:
Wow that's kind of sad but cool...

Good work you are my favourite author

Please read some of my stuff, I would appreciate it but of course you don't have to :)

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Review #5, by EmberIce One Last Touch

30th July 2007:
SO FREAKIN SAD! Yet very good... But, I love angust stories, and thats what my next one is, but I havent posted it yet.

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Review #6, by xxxMagicx13 One Last Touch

30th July 2007:
That was so depressing! But you wrote it very well. I loved it.

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Review #7, by Celaziaga One Last Touch

5th July 2007:
really good. sad though. 9.5/10

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Review #8, by RA Black One Last Touch

4th July 2007:
WHAT A DEPRESSING STORY! WHY DID SHE MARRY RON IF SHE LOVED RON, AND WHY DID RON BREAK IT OFF WITH HERMIONE IF BOTH OF THEM STILL LOVED EACH OTHER. AND... WHY COULDN'T THEY JUST APPARATE EVERYONCE AND A WHILE TO VISIT! It was nicely written, but perhaps you could write another chapter with a more resolved ending... why why why? is the question im asking!

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Review #9, by Isabella Black One Last Touch

28th June 2007:
That was lovely! Absolutely brilliant. 10/10

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Review #10, by cassie meadows One Last Touch

19th June 2007:
i normally hate ron/hermione, but this one is great! a little depressing, but still spectacular (that's my new word=]) anyway, this is one of the best characterizations i have seen in a while. Harry was a little off, but Harry is always a little off... it's not your fault. i just needed to tell you that for once, i actually liked ron/hermione. and let me tell you, making me like it is a ginormous accomplishment. Spectacular!

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Review #11, by pisceandreams One Last Touch

13th June 2007:
OMG!! That was freaking amazing...even though I HATE Ron/Hermione, that was breathtaking. You're freaking brilliant!!

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Review #12, by SaHuHe One Last Touch

10th June 2007:
Naww, it was sad. Good... but sad.
Keep writing and such, well done.

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Review #13, by thesugarquill One Last Touch

19th March 2007:
This fic has some very beautiful phrasing and I hope you realize that you're brilliant with descriptive words. The only thing I want to caution you on is your use of commas and periods and such. Your punctuation, at times, seems to take away from the fluidity of your work. Go back and revise a little bit. Maybe offer this up to a beta in the forums just to work out the kinks.

Lovley, really. I truely enjoyed reading this.

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks so much for the constructive criticism. You're absolutely dead-on haha, I'm so ignorant sometimes -smacks head- I'll definitely consider a beta though they'll probably hate me cause I take forever to update hehe. Thank you very much for your positive comments as well, they made me very very happy :P haha. Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #14, by TheMagicWithin One Last Touch

16th January 2007:
That was very well written, a lovely story of love and betrayal and also a reminder that not everything ends the way you think or hope it will. I'm afraid my fanfics are a little more indulgent in fantasy but thats just me! R&R some of mine if you can at all would be great!

Author's Response: Ooh I'll definitely check the time when schoolwork enables me too. I like fantasy :) hehe so your stories and I will get along just fine. Thanks so much for taking the time out to review my story!

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Review #15, by andharrywokeup One Last Touch

13th January 2007:
Beautiful. Heartwrenching. Truly a 10/10 - despite the typos. Excellent Job. x

Author's Response: Oooh thank you soo soo much!

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Review #16, by Lady Serendipity One Last Touch

14th December 2006:

Lovely story. So sad though but it made me just want to push Krum out of the picture :) I love how you used the quote at the beginning and end. I was going to go into this challenge but my story didnt turn out too well. Good job!

Author's Response: Hey there, oh thank you so much! heehee yeah, if only they would've worked out. Aww, that's a bummer, its ok, there's always next time :) thanks so much for the kind review!

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Review #17, by Noblevyne One Last Touch

15th November 2006:
This is beautiful, gorgeous descriptions and I hate this song, but it works so well for your story. I am suh a sucker for complications and tragedies and destroying the innocence and closeness of their friendship, paralleling it against their current situation made it so heartbreaking to read. Believeable and sad, though I still hold out hope that Hermione will listen to her heart and not what she thinsks she has to do.

Author's Response: Oh goodness, I almost fainted when I saw this review hehe, I admire your writing so much, this is such a HUGE compliment, you have NO idea! -hyperventilates- hehe. Thank you soooo much for this review, it means sooo much to me!

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Review #18, by Christy One Last Touch

28th October 2006:
Awesome! I'm glad she ended up with Viktor! :)

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much for the review! Heehee

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Review #19, by harrylilyjames One Last Touch

8th October 2006:
I'm dont know what to say, I'm speechless.
It was fab!!
Keep the good work up!!


Author's Response: Oh thank you SO much! This review made me so giddy & happy hehe, thanks again!

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Review #20, by juls One Last Touch

6th October 2006:
Lovely story. Made me feel sad for Ron and Hermione. It fit perfect with the challenge. Good job =)

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much, I'm so glad that you think so hehe! Thanks for the kind words

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Review #21, by Flourish and Blotts One Last Touch

12th September 2006:
Nice job! It's very emotional and Ron's acceptance is implied rather than stated, leaving the door open for H/R shippers :) Who made your banner (or even better did you make it yourself)? Beautiful-I'm already off to read Out of the Abyss-lovely banner there too!

Author's Response: Oh thank you sooo much! I loff you lol this review made me sooo happy! Yep, I made both banners myself heehee thanks so much for the sweet words!

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Review #22, by Pipperstorms One Last Touch

7th September 2006:
Wow. That was good, short but to the point. I don't normally read R/H but I loved this challenge. You did a very nice job

Author's Response: Thank you sooo much! I'm so glad that you liked it, I was getting a little iffy about the story! hehe thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #23, by Unicorn Girl One Last Touch

3rd September 2006:
Really, really sad and a bit confusing, but u're promising.

Author's Response: *phew* I'm glad you thought it was sad, I was trying hard to make it all heartfelt and sad but didn't really know if I achieved it or not hehe, yeah I've heard that it was a tad confusing, I'll make a note of it next time, thank you sooo much for the compliment and for reviewing!

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Review #24, by fitzy17 One Last Touch

26th August 2006:
i was confused. why at the end its about hermione standing up all of a sudden? and why half way thru.. after explaining she has a cuppa tea with viktor.. does she smash a mug of rons?? im so confsued.

Author's Response: She's having flashbacks and memories about what happened and when she drops Ron's mug, she's back to reality. About Hermione standing up, she's leaving because it's uncomfortable enough, Ron can't even talk to her or look at her anymore. I hope that cleared some things up.

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Review #25, by bearcollector07 One Last Touch

26th August 2006:
So sad. I love it, but so sad. Another note: Ron and Hermione will end up together, all the facts say so. Just a little note.

Author's Response: teehee, yes thank you! Oh I know, I like R/Hr it's just that in this story, I wanted to along with the lyrics...I didn't stick to the canon pairing hehe, glad you liked it though.

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