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Review #1, by ty The One Where Violet Leaves Home and Joins the Order

23rd June 2007:

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #2, by MoonlitTwilight The One Where Violet Leaves Home and Joins the Order

27th April 2007:
NO! You suck! *frowns* YOU NEED TO UPDATE ASAP! *adds to favorites*

Author's Response: well let me just say
that made my day haha

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Review #3, by danasea boschek The One Where Violet Leaves Home and Joins the Order

17th April 2007:
I really like it, please continue!!!

Author's Response: i will
i promise :]

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Review #4, by Lupinslover The One Where Violet Leaves Home and Joins the Order

30th December 2006:
I agree with thesugarquill's review, I was just breezing through when I saw this, and I just want to tell you I really believe in this, and I hope you haven't abandoned it, because it has such possibility, if you work on what needs to be done and if you get a beta reader. Not many stories focus on Charlie- most ignore the older Weasley- and I think this was fresh and invigorating. Good job!

Author's Response: nope not abandonded just kinda on hiatus until i see the REAL Violet hehe i have to collab with her ill find out ALL i can so i wont need another! i SWEAR lol!

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Review #5, by Andrina The One Where Violet Leaves Home and Joins the Order

4th December 2006:
I like your story! Actually I have quite the same opinions as the earlier review. I guess we get deeper into the story in the next chapter... I hope you will come with a second chapter soon! And finally, I'm happy to see a romance with Charlie!

Author's Response: wow thanks!
i am waiting to talk to my insperation before i continue on haha
it should be at least written this winter break cause i see the REAL Violet ....Wensday so yeah lol. Thanks for the review

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Review #6, by thesugarquill The One Where Violet Leaves Home and Joins the Order

6th September 2006:
Hello! I would just like to begin by saying that I truely believe in this fic. I really feel that it has the potential to be something great.

As for what you should work on, and I do hope you don't take any of this the wrong way, there are just a couple of things. Most important is the length. Everything that happens seems to happen rather suddenly. As I read I often felt rushed through the storyline. Take the time to describe the setting. What time of day is it? What type of house? Is it warm or cold? What type of furniture is there? Pictures? Paint? You get the point. And also, I never really got a firm understanding of who your OC is? What does Violet look like? How does she sound? She was abused, but how exactly does she feel about that? The reader is very disconnected from her and that is sudden death for a fic. Allow the reader more of an oppurtunity to relate to Violet and her past so that, when the time comes, when the climax hits, they'll be right there with her, feeling her emotions and breathing through her pain.

While not particularly descriptive, your writing remains grammatically sound and loyal to it's plot. Now, that may not seem like much of a compliment, but you must believe me when I say that even the most experienced of writers cannot say as much for their own fics. It is a quality we all are seeking.

Please keep me in the know. I am very honestly interested in keeping up with this piece.


Author's Response: hey OMG thank you SOOO much. In the next chapter we get to hear about Violet's past we should get a better view of the house and who SHE IS as a person alot of the things you said about disconnection to the OC will be fixed in that chapter so thank you SO MUCH for the review!!!!!

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