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Review #1, by Liss I Loved Her First

8th June 2008:
I absolutely loved it!

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Review #2, by Marauderess I Loved Her First

19th March 2008:
I loved this fic it was darling! I too remember the days when boys where 'yucky' god how i miss them. Love the song too it has always been one of my favorites and this is a great fic. Keep up the fantastic work! ;P

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Review #3, by LynnBlack I Loved Her First

4th December 2007:
beautiful :) it was very nice, the lyrics fit perfectly! it was a great story!

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Review #4, by godricgryffindor1 I Loved Her First

10th October 2007:
that was so awesome. i love that song so it made it even better. keep up the good work.

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Review #5, by TT I Loved Her First

15th September 2007:
Great! I love the song and the fic just goes really well with it, 10/10!

Author's Response: Hehe, thanks! I love that song :) Its sad. But I like it.

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Review #6, by TrueLoveStoriesNeverEnd I Loved Her First

9th September 2007:
aww. such a cute story =]
love it.

Author's Response: :) Thanks so much

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Review #7, by norapotter I Loved Her First

1st September 2007:
This was...beautiful. It really was.
This was...perfectly...positivitily...definately...SPLENDID!!!

Author's Response: You nice. You really are :) Haha, thanks SO much :)

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Review #8, by SereneChaos I Loved Her First

27th July 2007:
That was sweet. I liked the fainting scene, it was funny. Great job!

Author's Response: :) Aw. Haha, thanks so much for the review. :)

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Review #9, by ladybobcat54 I Loved Her First

3rd July 2007:
I loved it!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks so much! :)

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Review #10, by RoseHermione I Loved Her First

8th June 2007:
sweet story. I remember first books she quite enoying.

Author's Response: Thanks. :)

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Review #11, by Raina Moon I Loved Her First

12th May 2007:
That was very sweet! I love H/G pairings. This one was very well written, and you conveyed the ideas perfectly. Great job! 10/10!

Author's Response: :D! THANKS so much! :D

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Review #12, by Hermione456 I Loved Her First

7th May 2007:
I love that! It was so sweet!

Author's Response: :D Thanks!

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Review #13, by exquisitexx I Loved Her First

19th April 2007:
OH MY GOSH. I know I reviewed your stories before, but THIS one made me cry. It's so touching. :]

I would rate 100, but ... it's only up to ten. :[

Author's Response: Oh wow, you cried? :) Haha, wow! I don't know whether to think that's cool or to feel bad about it :S Thanks for the hundred, though! haha.

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Review #14, by GinnyWeasleyFan I Loved Her First

3rd February 2007:
i love this song b/c it reminds me of me and my dad i love reading about aurther and ginny using this song and i'm glad YOu wrote about it.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks for the review! I like the relationship between father and daughter. :) My dad and I aren't really all that close so its nice to just write about things like this. Thanks again!

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Review #15, by Lily_James4ever I Loved Her First

26th January 2007:
I loved this song, and no wi love this story!!! great job...


P.S. the fainting thing was pretty funny :D

Author's Response: Haha, thanks so much! :D Yup, I was in a pretty funny mood when I wrote it. :)

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Review #16, by theoneheloved I Loved Her First

18th January 2007:
awww that was a really sweet story

Author's Response: Haha everyone seems to think that :D . Thanks for the review!!

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Review #17, by _Huggles_ I Loved Her First

13th January 2007:
awww, that was really cute! 10/10 i loved it!

Author's Response: Hehe, thanks! :D

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Review #18, by fizzywhizbee14 I Loved Her First

7th January 2007:
That story was so sweet it makes me think of my dad. He always tears up at that song and now i am.

Author's Response: Aww. :) The song made me think of my dad, too. Thanks a lot for the review!

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Review #19, by HarryPottersHot I Loved Her First

5th January 2007:
good story , i've never heard of the song tho so that didn't help but it was great i also liked the banner

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! The song is pretty good if you are into country music. :) Ooooh and I can't take credit for the fatabulous banner; that was done by the one and only niZ!!! She has amazing work. :)

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Review #20, by meridith I Loved Her First

2nd January 2007:
awww, it was cute :)

Author's Response: Hehe, thanks! :]

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Review #21, by AloneintheDark I Loved Her First

26th December 2006:
i was hoping someone would do thisstory. i have ben rying to write it on my own, but itnever really sounds riht. I liked the flashbacks you chose, those were good memories to show for Arthur. And YAY HARRY AND GINNY!

Author's Response: :D
Thanks so much!
Well, I really hope you write your version of this story. I look forward to reading other people's perspectives on songs.
Thanks again!

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Review #22, by Funleybubbles I Loved Her First

20th December 2006:
That was cute! I loved it! You know, it's so real. My dad always talks about how he dreads the day I get married, he always says, "You're my little girl." he is a little over protective but what dad isn't?
It was good and I hope to hear more from you.

Author's Response: Haha, thanks so much! My dad hasn't really talked much about when I get married, but I guess I'm not really all that old yet, haha. The song was the inspiration. :D Haha, thanks again, and yes, I have a story in mind that I will get up here pretty soon.

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Review #23, by Polly J Potion I Loved Her First

16th December 2006:
Hey! That was really good! I loved it. It was a really good idea. Keep up the good work 9/10

Author's Response: Hehe, thanks so much! :D But, of course, I can't take all the credit. The song was the base of the story, so props to the song! :D

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Review #24, by Anony_Mouse I Loved Her First

15th December 2006:
Awww, this was so great! You did a great job writing it. Very good! Me likes!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks so much!

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Review #25, by heyheyheychristmasday I Loved Her First

1st December 2006:

Author's Response: Thanks. :)

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