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Reading Reviews for The Night the Potters Fell
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Review #1, by thepottergirl The Night the Potters Fell

6th October 2011:
Great and mindblowing evidence. You could have wrote more details when snape was talking to voldemort. I was expecting more.

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Review #2, by Jennifer The Night the Potters Fell

20th April 2010:
Oh wow. I never even noticed that in the movie!! I did see some of the other hints, just never made the connection. This is quite interesting. I rewatched that section of the movie a few times just now. Wow. How'd I miss that!! I've seen it about twenty times and never saw that!

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Review #3, by laughhard91 The Night the Potters Fell

6th June 2007:

Although the one with Lupin could just be because Lupin misses his friends, kind of in mourning and also because Harry never met his parents.

But why would Snape hate Harry? He tried to save him.

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Review #4, by greenday_lover The Night the Potters Fell

5th February 2006:
this is good, it's amazing how u figured that stuff out from the film also the us version of the book must be different to uk version

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Review #5, by GoldenGirl The Night the Potters Fell

23rd December 2005:
I agree with Gracie. Yes, I HAVE read the 6th book but I still believe in Snape.... there is no evidence that suggests that it was Snape there that night, who knows...it could have been Pettigrew! Or, it just could have been a crew member who was accidentally there at the momment and messed up the scene.

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Review #6, by Gracie Kuntz The Night the Potters Fell

27th October 2005:

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Review #7, by GoldenGirl The Night the Potters Fell

2nd January 2005:
pretty good, but if Snape said he would hold voldie off, why did he just let him kill him?!??!! for his own sake?!

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Review #8, by Harry_Snape_Ron_Hermione The Night the Potters Fell

28th October 2004:
That was a great story! I loved it. Yeah, I believe that Snape was there when Lily and James got killed. Keep up the good work.

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Review #9, by Liz The Night the Potters Fell

14th April 2004:
Only one thing I have to go against inyour story. James was killed by voldemort bacause his essence comes out of the wand in book 4. In the graveyard. As for the rest of your theory... I don't know

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Review #10, by toomanycurls The Night the Potters Fell

9th November 2003:
Interesting. I don't think Dumbledore would hesitate to save the potters though.

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Review #11, by Scully The Night the Potters Fell

20th October 2003:
well, duh

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Review #12, by HPFreak The Night the Potters Fell

24th September 2003:
THat is a very good theory and I almost bought it but for one thing. If that was true, Snape's debt to James, the one because James saved his life from Lupin (in werewolf form) would have already paid so Snape wouldn't have refed for the Hufflepuff vs. Gryfinddor quiditch match in the first year (and lose his popularity even more) or do all the other things he did but simply "hate Jame's memory in peace." as Dumbledore put it when he told Harry. However, I must say again, well thought out theory.

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Review #13, by Darkwriter The Night the Potters Fell

25th August 2003:
Okay...just to enlighten some people....the death scene of the potter\'s in the movie was written by JKR....she wrote that in people...so I would pay close attention to that....if you read my Harry Potter and the Wizards Debt...I haven\'t gotten to this part of my fic yet....but I agree Snape was there that night, but I see it in a little bit different way...I have a pretty good clue why Snape hates harry so much Part of it is from his father...the other part of it has to do with Harry himself. I\'m just not saying or I\'ll blow my fic out of the water...I\'m not doing that....

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Review #14, by Darwriter The Night the Potters Fell

25th August 2003:
Oh one more thing...Voldermort is a liar people...why believe him....you can\'t believe a liar...they twist the truth....go back read what I put that Draco said when he met Pallador.... the art to a lie is to have a piece of the truth in it....so why wouldn\'t Harry believe Voldermort...he would because only a part of the piece of the truth is in it....he just doesn\'t have all the clues yet...

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Review #15, by OrangeSodaSpill The Night the Potters Fell

24th August 2003:
Great evidence!!! It could have happened! I tottaly belive you that it could have been snape there.

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Review #16, by Melanie The Night the Potters Fell

19th August 2003:
HEY! first of all-GREAT STORY! Snape was a little too lovey dovey than I imagined him but I loved the plot! About Snape being there....1) The scene you described was from the movie...not the book so J.K Rowling may not have wanted it to appear that way. 2) Good point there...don\'t really have anything to back that up cuz she really could have tried to make it appear as something other than what it was. 3) The dementor\'s make Harry relive his worst memories and to me I think that it meant when James and Lily Potter died. I have no proof so yet again I can\'t back myself up but if it was indeed Snape\'s voive, wouln\'t Harry have recognized it, even if only recognizing it faintly? 4) Remus Lupin was most likely emotional when his dead best friend\'s son started talking about hearing his dead best friend\'s voice. He felt weak with emotion and it made his voice sound strange and probably strained. Plus, if James and Sirius thought that Remus was the spy, he wouldn\'t have known that James had died earlier than he did. Also if Snape had been there and was in fact trying to protect James and Lily he would have surely tried to take Harry to Dumbledore instead of leaving him there to be found by Hagrid. Well, that\'s my view on that. Loved you story! Keep it up! I wanna know what happens if and when he comes back! Thanks, Bye!

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Review #17, by gina The Night the Potters Fell

16th August 2003:
hmmm... i dont no what to think. i never actually thought about it, imo not sure that its true, but u never no. good story and i love how u gave the clues to it... gina

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Review #18, by Ieania The Night the Potters Fell

12th August 2003:
you have a very good point and i think that it could be ture.

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Review #19, by TheCountess The Night the Potters Fell

12th August 2003:
PERFECT! Absolutely perfect theory that I have always hoped for and believed in. I am so glad you put the clues down for why you think this, because now I\'m going to go look over everything. I\'m glad I have harry potter on dvd so I can freeze it at that part. Brilliantly laid out! And I\'m so glad I found someone else who believes this theory as well!

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Review #20, by hermy The Night the Potters Fell

10th August 2003:
wow thats wierd i never thought about it that way byt you know you might be right we might never know or we might just have to wait to find out ~**~hermy~**~

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Review #21, by LindaSnape The Night the Potters Fell

6th August 2003:
I think you have very good theories. *nods* I agree totally.

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Review #22, by alOhaPinKy The Night the Potters Fell

30th July 2003:
That really makes sense. I never thought of it that way... hmm... very interesting.

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Review #23, by HarrysMuggleSis The Night the Potters Fell

22nd July 2003:
I never thought that the voice Harry heard could be anyone besides James. It is entirely possible that is was Severus. This is an interesting point of view.

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Review #24, by MioneWeasley The Night the Potters Fell

19th July 2003:
WOW, I loved this story. It\'s amazing what clues you found to support ur theory. I think it may be possible. You wrote it soooo well!!!! I was really impressed by ur clues at the end :) MioneWeasley Wonderful fic!!!

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Review #25, by Tigerlily The Night the Potters Fell

12th July 2003:
Wow, amazing idea! Never thought of that. ^-^

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