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Review #1, by femeref My Innocence

18th May 2007:
i liked it... i always felt like they'd be an explosive match. well done!

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Review #2, by ValhallaAdonisSnape My Innocence

6th December 2006:
Good one-shot. My only suggestion is better spacing for the lyrics, maybe if you centered them then they would not get as jumbled up with the actual story itself; it can be distracting for a reader. -Valhalla Adonis-Snape(Skyris)

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Review #3, by Heather Riddle My Innocence

26th November 2006:
I loved it! It's was very good and touching. 10/10

Author's Response: thanks alot!

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Review #4, by Elivania My Innocence

12th November 2006:
Whoa. Um...okay. You did really well up until Draco arrived. (Though there is a HUGE question as to whether or not Molly would ever let Ginny go off by herself when there is a war going on. personally, I would say no, that would never happen.) First Ginny is upset, depressed, and angry about Harry leaving her behind. She even burns his letters. And then, straight out of left field, she has no objections to Draco kissing her? OoC for the both of them. You descriptions were well done. The technical aspects of your fic are good. It's what happens that doesn't make any sense.

And wouldn't Draco waltzing through Diagon Alley be noticed by someone? Everyone knows he killed (helped to kill) Dumbledore. He wouldn't last a minute out in the open. And the end.did they both go back to Hogwarts? Draco would never be allowed back.

Like I said before, the technical aspects of your one-shot are fine, and the story was really good, until Draco showed up. Then it spun out of control and into OoCness and unbelievablity.

I'm sorry if this is harsh, but you asked for an honest opinion. *Eli*

Author's Response: I did ask for an honest opinion & thank you for that! Honest reviews arent always sweet & cute but they get straight to the point & tell you what to critique so thanks alot!

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Review #5, by lolhee My Innocence

11th November 2006:
This was very good, and you are very talented at writing, and you should keep going.

I will be looking out for your stories

Keep writing


Author's Response: Thankyou! that was a very kind review :]

much love!

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Review #6, by Silence D. My Innocence

31st October 2006:
New perspective... well handled, i believe you have done your reserch. Please continue to write, it would be a wise... im sure much imagination brews where this story was born...

Author's Response: thankyou so much! that meant so much :]

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Review #7, by strange_magick My Innocence

9th September 2006:
This was a great story-- very well written!!

Author's Response: thanks so much! that means alot & u rock for reviewing!!

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Review #8, by lollipopmonkee My Innocence

3rd September 2006:
This is really good! You have the characters great and she falls for him perfectly.Awesome job!

Author's Response: thanks for the great review!

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Review #9, by BlackPheonix138 My Innocence

2nd September 2006:
It was good. I havn't read many songfics but it's overall songfic-ness was good. It was a little cliche though the whole plot of it with a lot of fluff.It isn't quite my type of story but Over all it was a good songfic.
Sorry I'm not logged in!

Author's Response: Hmm I never looked at it as fluff before. And I really didn't want to make it cliche.......
But oh well thanks so much for telling me!!

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Review #10, by Shyanna My Innocence

1st September 2006:
Superb story! It's well written and it flows nicely. The characters are as canon as possible with the situation, and Ginny's thinking is well thought out appropriate rather then childish. Good job, keep up the excellent writing!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! Your the best =) haha

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Review #11, by my_voice_rising My Innocence

1st September 2006:
i liked this. i'm really not a draco/ginny fan, so i like how you didn't keep them together. and i had no idea that lindsay lohan was singing now, haha. out of the loop. @_@ any way, i liked this, despite my distaste for the ship. good job. :)

Author's Response: haha i know right that girl does everything.....
I'm glad you liked it even though you dont usualy like that pairing, it means alot!! Thanks so much for reviewing!!

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Review #12, by ms_weasly101 My Innocence

31st August 2006:
awww i LOVED it! it was so sweet, although a tad bit sad! but i still loved it! i love it when authors end with a statement that just like seeps into your brain LOL and i loved how you said " a part of me will always love draco malfoy" that was my favorite part:) and the song you chose was PERFECT for this! GREAT JOB!

Author's Response: thanks!! i know i love it when fics end like that too. im so happy you liked it & thanks for reviewing you rock!! =]

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Review #13, by tiffers My Innocence

30th August 2006:
I really enjoyed this story, I love that you made Ginny angry with Harry because of what he did, it seems more real that way. I also like that Draco and Ginny didn't end up in a long-term relationship, it seems more lifelike that they used each other to heal. All in all, wonderful work!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the great review and I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #14, by Tinfoil Star My Innocence

30th August 2006:
I hope you don't hate me after you're done reading this, but I found a couple of holes in this when it comes to the cannon traits of the characters. One, very hard for me to see Draco at school, mere months after he was supposed to and witnessed the death of the headmaster. Two, Molly Weasley has an insane hawk's watch over her children. I just have big doubts that she would let her only daughter away from home alone. But this is all just my opinion. I know with my own writing I try to write everything as cannon as I can with the plot I've chosen. The one thing that I would get you to change is when Ginny says how he was always "dissing" her family, I would change it to insulting. Dissing is more just American slang.

Hopefully you're still with me because I saved the good stuff for last after I shoved my blunt opinions on you. I really liked your choice of lyrics, they worked really well with the story line you chose. This fic was short and sweet and very easy to follow, which I also liked very much. Ginny's point of view was also refreshing, though I expected her thoughts to be more impulsive and fiery. I also enjoyed the part where she talks about Harry. Personally, I think it was a foolish move on his part but I get his reasoning.

But the part that really stuck out to me was her eating the apple. Now clue if the imagery was intended but apple, forbidden fruit, Draco, forbidden romance? Well that's what I got out of it and I really liked it. Also I'm happy that they don't end up a couple in the end.

All an all a good read.
I commend you for trying a Draco/Ginny fic and pulling it off.
I know I never could.

Author's Response: Well i could do nothing but love you after a review like that because I love long, honest reviews! All the little "holes" you found while reading it occured to me when I was writing it, but if I changed those parts the whole story would change, and I really wanted to get it out even if there were a few flaws. Thanks alot for telling me though! And I agree, I think Harry's move was foolish too. I hope he lets her come with him in the seventh book! THANKS SOO MUCH FOR THE REVIEW! NICE, LONG, HONEST REVIEWS MAKE MEHAPPY =D

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Review #15, by pens82 My Innocence

29th August 2006:
good job

Author's Response: why thankyou :) & thanks a bunch for reviewing!!

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Review #16, by xLostxFaithx My Innocence

28th August 2006:
Hello! Here I am to review your story. I have several things to say.

1. Draco/Ginny is a verry unusual pairing and i love it. It's the forbidden fruit like with Draco/Hermione, except maybe even more so, since Ginny used to date Harry. I applaud your choice there.

2. I very much liked your writing style and the whole story flowed very well. I also enjoyed the song you picked for this. You have a lot of talent and i would enjoy reading more your fics in the future.

3. I absolutely loved the beginning where Ginny talks about how she hates Malfoy, and with her and Harry breaking up, and Malfoy killing Voldemort. That whole part was the best written (although as i've said before it was all well written). But the feeling of depression, frustration, and hatred was so strong in that part. I almost had goosebumps!

4.The Kiss. I liked this part, but i must say I was a little confused and caught off guard. It was pretty random. Just because everytime anything else happened in the story there was a lot of emotion leading up to it. I would have thought they were gonna fight more and then all of a sudden kiss. But, then again, maybe that's what you were going for. Other than that, the kissing scene was good.

5. I really, really loved the ending too. It was so emotional, without being too emotional... that didn't really make sense. I mean, you could tell she loved him and that he loved her, but they both kept their cool and didn't let anyone else see it. THE BEAUTY OF FORBIDDEN ROMANCES AAHH!!! that just amkes me happy.

6. I know this is a one-shot, but if you ever continued it. I would definately read and review it. I over all really loved this =]

Hope you enjoy my comment !

Author's Response: THAT WAS THE BEST REVIEW EVER!!!! Okay I seriously(should i siriusly in honor of the well missed black ;) love you!! That review made me so happy & it was really inspiring so thanks x 2473201786560973!!

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Review #17, by GinnyRox My Innocence

27th August 2006:
Why didn't Draco and Ginny stay together is what I'm wondering now. The story was really well written,except the part where Draco shows up unexpectedly, which I think could be explained a little better. Other than that this story was pretty good!

Author's Response: They didnt stay together cuz they knew that with all the hatred & competition between the houses and the way their friends feel about eachother that their relationship would never last. Thanks for the advice!

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Review #18, by Snake My Innocence

19th August 2006:
awwwwww thsi is so sweet so good to!

Author's Response: thanks! wahoo your my first review!! =] thanks for reviewing & glad you like it!!

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