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Review #1, by Atreyu Abraxas Black 1/1

21st September 2007:

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Review #2, by HauntedLyra22 1/1

30th July 2007:
aww i LOVE Bill he's my fav. hogwart's era charater! i cant wait to read more of your work!

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Review #3, by SadForSirius 1/1

10th August 2006:
Ha! So cute and very funny. : )

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Review #4, by Seductive_Swan 1/1

27th November 2005:
That is so cute! I absolutely love it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I enjoyed writing it, too, so that means a lot when someone else likes it as much as I do.

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Review #5, by allicia 1/1

13th February 2005:

Author's Response: I will! Thank you! :)

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Review #6, by shewhomustnotbenamed 1/1

4th January 2005:
he he he......... only misletoe, mum and dad..

Author's Response: Right! They have to play it innocent. At least for a little while. :)

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Review #7, by pipins ancestor 1/1

12th December 2004:
heeheehee aw bless! such sweet fluff!

Author's Response: Fluff is fun! I should write some more and do it more often.

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Review #8, by Tanya 1/1

21st September 2004:
That was awesome! Bill and Hermione, very clever little story

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #9, by mollys cousin 1/1

27th March 2004:
What a wonderful glance into what appears to be a steamy romance! Loved the interaction between The Weasleys and the "couple"-

Author's Response: It was fun to write, and I think they make a great couple. too bad I still haven't thought of a Valentine's Day sequel yet.

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Review #10, by crookshanks 1/1

15th March 2004:
Oh I really liked that! Bill and Hermione...never thought about them being a couple before. But when they're older, I think that that would work well. Cool!

Author's Response: Definitely! We have to give Hermione time to become of age first.

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Review #11, by Mistress Of James 1/1

8th February 2004:
Oops, my mistake - Bill was born in 1972, not 1966. So you want to know how I know this, and how I know how old Bill is (or what age he's around)? Well, prepare yourself for a LOOOOOOONG explanation. It goes Bill, then Charlie, then Percy, then Fred and George, then Ron, then Ginny, right? Well, Ginny is a year younger than Harry and Ron and Hermione (actually, Hermione's younger than Harry and Ron, so she might be just a matter of months older than Ginny), right? Well, that would mean Ginny was born in the year 1981. Ron was born in 1980, same year as Harry. When Ron and Harry were in their first year, Fred and George were in their third, so we can assume Fred and George are two years older than Ron, making them having been born in 1978. Percy is two years older than the twins, so he was born in 1976, because in the third book, he's in his seventh year, the second, he's in his sixth, and in the first, he's in his fifth. Charlie, we can assume, is two years older than Percy, making him been born in 1974. And Bill is, presumably, two years older than Charlie, so, therefore, he was born circa 1972. How old is he? Doing the math, I'd say that, in the fifth book, he's around twenty-three years old - still very young.

Author's Response: We now know according to JKR herself that Bill's birthday is November 29, 1970.

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Review #12, by Mistress Of James 1/1

22nd January 2004:
Bill/Hermione? EWWWWWW!!!!!!! Bill was born in 1966, and Hermione (CURSE HER!) was born in either late 1980 or early 1981. There's at least fourteen years between them!

Author's Response: I am curious how you got Bill's year of birth as 1966. No one else in the fandom seems to know for sure when he was born, except for JKR herself who isn't telling. I really would like to know how old he is (for the record), so maybe you can share how you got that year sometime.

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Review #13, by Hannah 1/1

6th January 2004:
God, how do you think of these funny stories????? Keep Writin!!!!!

Author's Response: Good imagination, I guess. And thanks!

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Review #14, by chipdip 1/1

14th December 2003:
that was really good if thats all ur writing i think u should really write more because thats really cool pairing and ithink it would make a really good story sry about the run on sentence i didn't feel like using puntuation how ever u spell it

Author's Response: Teh challenge for this was only to write a cookie, and it does go in the same "universe" as a longer Bill/Hermione story I've written called Hieroglyphic Hearts. If you have time or interest, I hope you can read that, too.

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