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Review #1, by Nooneimportant To Dissapear

11th August 2011:
I loved the way you portrayed Lily here...the angst, the pain. It was really heart-breaking.

My only criticism..Sirius has black hair...and grey eyes..

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Review #2, by tashmash To Dissapear

22nd February 2009:
my...god that was beautiful. the end is amazing! i have saved it to favs! the way u wrote this is very deep. i could NEVER write like u have wrote this! gd luck this other fics & DONT U DARE GIVE IT UP!!!

Author's Response: thank you very much. you can still read my neweer fics on Lady Serendipity at fictioncentral

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Review #3, by Carrot Stix To Dissapear

30th July 2007:
Yep, your best work. I finally read it... It kinda makes Masquerade look crap :D No offence ment of course...

Author's Response: Yea it was very... Pro! If I do say so myself. Even though Masquerade isnt my fav/proest work I feel as if I had to write it cause the plot bunny. I will re-do it one day because it was just written for my fingers pleasure. Thanx for reviewing.

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Review #4, by Wonwons Girl To Dissapear

7th May 2007:
um, i tried going there, but there were too many things came up and it got confusing. i think that it might be a bit easyer over email. if that is ok, that is. if it is, email me at . if not, just give me a review.

Author's Response: I sent an email, hope you get it.

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Review #5, by Wonwons Girl To Dissapear

3rd May 2007:
this was really good! i don't care that it was Sirius/Lily. actaully i find that pretty interesting! ^_^ i could feel how Lily didn't want to but needed to end it and Sirius's hurt. very well done!

um, also i saw your banner and thought that it was really cool! maybe, do you think that you could do one for me?

Author's Response: Yea that story was to mean about feeling and Sirius's hurt. I am happy you saw that she didnt want to but had to. I will do a banner for you, just tell me what you need. thanx for reviewing.

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Review #6, by the_zerbiac To Dissapear

16th March 2007:
I LOVE IT! this was a really good story! I read a lot of stories like this and each one makes me smile. =] Wonderful job

Author's Response: haha its a bit of a sad story... but yes i am happy it made you smile! Thank you for reviewing !

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Review #7, by glacialangel To Dissapear

17th December 2006:
awww so sad! i luved it

Author's Response: Hey thanx for reviewing! I know it was sad. :(

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Review #8, by _alechia_ To Dissapear

10th December 2006:
cute. if you have a mo will you please read something of mine and tell me what you think? thanks so much, you're a brilliant author and your opinion would mean so much to me.

Author's Response: Hey,

such flattery, your making me blush :D. I will surely read your story! After I post the next chapter, thanx for reviewing alechia!

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Review #9, by Gilove2dance To Dissapear

18th September 2006:
Wow...not R/Hr...Grrrr!! Hehe just kidding...great job very angsty and sad and actually made me cheer for L/S until I remembered James and then I was like NO!! Don't convert very good job!!

Toodles, Hermione

Author's Response: Hey,

Lol ye, not Ron and Hermione. I had an itching to write Lily and Sirius and did! But do not worry I already have an idea for a new up-coming Ron Hermione fic! So dont fret! And by the way thanx for reviewing Hermione!

Lady Serendipity

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Review #10, by juls To Dissapear

16th September 2006:
Beautiful and very touching. thanks for sharing. huggles juls

Author's Response: Thanx for reviewing juls!

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Review #11, by dance10191 To Dissapear

15th September 2006:
aww.. i loved it so much it was so sweet and beautiful the way you described, the mood and tone. the thoughts it was really beautiful one of my favorite sirius lily fics when i log on im adding this to favorites. I loved it you did a fantastic job

Author's Response: Hey,

Thanx for reviewing on the actualy story this time. :) I am really happy you enjoyed it and I am extremely happy that you like it enough to put it on your favourites! ON ce again thanx for reviewing.

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Review #12, by You-Know-Who To Dissapear

13th September 2006:
Woot go Sharlinki. I likey... You spoccaroony! You call me one you looser! Anywhos i didnt know it was a challange.. Anywho...

Author's Response: Lol, Harrisum your da spoccaroony, what you call spoccaroony for me, I call talent xD

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Review #13, by Hufflebuffle To Dissapear

25th August 2006:
Talk about agsty! This is one of the best Sirius/Lily fics I have ever read! Also, I was wondering, since you make banners, could you please make one for this new story I'm writing (Bittersweet Betrayal)?

Author's Response: Oh thanx for reading my story! And sure i will make u the banner. Just pm me giving me details. Thanx for reviewing!

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Review #14, by MistyWindow To Dissapear

22nd August 2006:
Wow! I have to say you absolutly nailed the 1st person 1-shot. I could almost feel the tension, feel the love lost in the story! I thought your descriptins were very smooth and detailed, and you didnt rush with the plot, but stretched it out to its best.

I have never been a serius/lily shipper but the way you wrote it, it seems believable. I believe you could have developed the plot a bit, and maybe described more emotion from serius, but other than that it was beautiful. Good job!

Author's Response: Wow thanx for that detailed review! Yea if I had done is third person I would've described it more thats the beauty of first person I guess. Heh, yay my descriptions were smooth and detailed! Exactly what I wanted. I dont like (sorry to all those authors who do this) who make it so detailed you loose the plot! So Thanx for reviewing and I am happy you enjoyed it!

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Review #15, by almost_witch To Dissapear

20th August 2006:
This was really well written. Your really descriptive which is brilliant, because alot of people can't handle that. So well done with that talent.

I really loved the end, you didn't rush it, and the last paragraph was brilliant. I loved how she knew it was wrong, and to stop it for both of them. I liked how he knew what was coming when she's gone, "I love..." and how she took a while to say "James..." His own best friend! Jees the amount of pain he would go through! Poor darl. Although both of them knew that James was the reason they couldn't do that, and she stopped it.

You wrote it really well, it was a nice length, which is good because one-shots can be blown with the length (I find that when I first go into a fic I don't read it if it is too long. I loose intrest too easy!)

You grammer is good too and youu wrote those quotes into it really well. I wanted to do this challenge but those quotes were too hard for me to work into it. So well done for acheiving that.

I really enjoyed this and the writting on your banner was well picked.

Thank you,


Author's Response: Thanx alot for such a interesting review witch! Yea I wanted that "I love.." "James" part to be long, just so people could see what was running through their heads and as such. I really have became fond of Sirius/Lily, out of the nowhere and I wanted to see how I was going with it. :D Oh and what yous aid about how you loose interest with chapter fics! Oh I am the same unless its a good fic! Even writing long ones bore me unless I have a really good plot with lots of twists etc. Oh I would've loved to read your story if you did the challenge? Ah poo. (I made the banner *giggles)a

Lady Serendipity

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Review #16, by Unicorn Girl To Dissapear

15th August 2006:
This was so cool. I loved it.

Author's Response: Woohoo! I got a cool! Yes! Score!

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Review #17, by magicallyfatal To Dissapear

14th August 2006:
I really liked this.

Author's Response: Woo! Cool! I am happy that you did like it fatal!

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Review #18, by Wrongfully Accused (LadyOfShadows On Fourms) To Dissapear

13th August 2006:
Wow, amazing job with this. I loved it and it was writen so well. Thanks for taking up the challenge and you did a lovely job at it.

Author's Response: Thanx! Yea it was fun writing it! And my first Sirius/Lily! Wooo! xD. And those quotes were awesome too. Thanx for reviewing.

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Review #19, by heir_of_slytherin To Dissapear

13th August 2006:
Check out Rebirth, a Literate/Advanced Future Hogwarts roleplaying site (forum).


love the story btw.

Author's Response: Errr... Thanx for reviewing I guess. I hope you read the story! :D

Lady Serendipity

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Review #20, by Radcliffe_PotterFan319 To Dissapear

12th August 2006:
THat was amazing.

Author's Response: :) Really! Thanx for reviewing

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