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Review #1, by didi4299 One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

24th October 2010:
aw i loved it!!! it was soo cute!! i can totally imagine the picture in my head!!... actually thats a lie. i really can't...but i still loved it!!

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Review #2, by Nitenel One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

27th May 2010:
Wonderful just wonderful...

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Review #3, by Llama lady Lily One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

29th September 2007:
All I will say is awww.
Cute. Totally cute.

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Review #4, by Princess_MJ One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

19th August 2007:
Cute, funny, what more could you want than this story? Fabulous!

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Review #5, by ravenclawstar One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

13th August 2007:
this is AWESOME! notice the capital letters:-). you are in favorite authors and please update Just the Girl. 10/10

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Review #6, by AshHa One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

18th June 2007:
Yes, what ever possessed Lily to marry James? I really like this one-shot. 10/10!!

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Review #7, by IS bookworm One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

15th April 2007:
I really liked this and thought it might be fun if you wrote chapter before this one. Just an idea. GREAT STORY! :7)

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Review #8, by Iamsam523 One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

24th February 2007:
aww, that was cute! I really liked it! All of the other stories that have someone asking someone else to marry them are all fancy and sad and happy, but this one fits Lily and James better. It was really good!

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Review #9, by zephyr_138 One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

25th January 2007:
That was good.
I loved the part about the drawing!

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Review #10, by NoveltyQuest One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

10th December 2006:
Prepare for a barrage of random comments!

I love your opener! The back-and-forth dialogue is really fun, and you sneak the setting/background info in very well.

When James grabs the book - 'perspect' s/be 'perspective'.

I don't see why you put the line in to separate the passage of ten minutes. Your tense in the transition slips from past into semi-present, which seems out of place. If you deleted the line, and just said 'Ten minutes later,' I think it would flow a lot better.

'To James. To the parchment.' Fun!

'Is it suppose to be. . .?' I think it's 'supposed'.

I love the picture! *grin*

Overall, this is a very fun moment. You pull off their banter very well, as well as the omniscent PoV. Good job, and thanks for the read!

Author's Response: Eh, I suppose there's a reason I'll never be an english teacher when I grow up. LoL. : ) I really liked writing this story, and loved the picture as well. Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by GinnyWeasleyPotter One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

5th November 2006:
This is one of the greatest stories! I love it so much, you had me laughing the whole time, and I've just been reading it over and over and it's STILL making me laugh, lol! Well, awesome job, this is definitely going into my favs!

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Review #12, by Loly One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

9th October 2006:
I cracked up while reading this, it's really good!

Author's Response: LoL!

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Review #13, by Natalia_ One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

15th September 2006:
=D Very nice one-shot.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #14, by i dont have one but.... One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

25th August 2006:
cute. fluffy. nuff said

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #15, by wickedwon09 One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

18th August 2006:
haha that was great-loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #16, by pearluna One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

11th August 2006:
i absolutely LOVED it. Literally. I swear I laughed after the first two lines... and didn't stop. my sister's friend was staring at me like I was a maniac :) Which I am, sometimes.... I think. Anyhow, that was a GREAT story!

Author's Response: LoL.

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Review #17, by padfoot_girl_91 One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

9th August 2006:
Aww...that's cute! Very nice. James is so hilarious..if he asked me to marry him I'D say yes...but then what would I say to Sirius?? lol

Author's Response: LoL, what WOULD you do? ; )

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Review #18, by RockerLogic One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

9th August 2006:
haha I was laughing like the whole time I was reading this, and my friend was looking at me like I was crazy....I reallyyyy liked it. Good job!

Author's Response: LoL.

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Review #19, by MischieFxxManaged2345 One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

6th August 2006:
aww thats cute!!! you write really well and i really liked it!!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you!

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Review #20, by dumbledore_is_sexy One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

6th August 2006:
Wow! That story was brilliant! and hilarious!!! i was laughing my ass off! :P your a great writer!!!!!! :D

Author's Response: LoL, funny was it? Good. I love writing humor (even though it would be nice to write a serious story someday. . .). Thanks for reviewing and love your name; )

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Review #21, by kreativekatie One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

6th August 2006:
I absolutly loved it!

Author's Response: I'm glad!

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Review #22, by private_ryan One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

6th August 2006:
LOL, i love it! i love it!i love it! ilove it! it's so funny."It looks like I have antlers coming out of my thighs."

Author's Response: LoL, everyone seems to love the antler thing (I personally burst out laughing while writing that part, LoL).

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Review #23, by sammy lupin One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

5th August 2006:
i like this, alot. the whole 'antlers sticking out of my wedding dress' thing is hilarious. great story! 10/10

Author's Response: 10/10? Yay! LoL, I burst out laughing while writing about the antler thing.

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Review #24, by sweetredrose One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

5th August 2006:
[: I loved it. xD

Author's Response: Glad you did!

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Review #25, by Sirius_babe One Lazy, Saturday Afternoon

5th August 2006:
OMG!!! This is the BEST, I repeat BEST story I have ever read!! It was so hilarious, funny, cute and romantic! James and Lily were so cute!! And the drawing...LOL..

Author's Response: Yes. . .The Drawing. . .LoL. You really think it's the BEST one you've read? Hmmm. . .Thanks for reviewing! : )

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