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Review #1, by Ana Attack of the Dunderheads!

29th April 2010:
That has got to be the weirdest and most awesome story i have ever read. i love it

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Review #2, by Zokara Kicking and Screaming

9th July 2007:
Very well done! I love how she blames Sirius for everything!


Author's Response: Yes and in Diamond's defense it IS all Sirius(or preferred name dunder head) fault! yes that tooth yummy....reminds me of my own. ......
^ folks there will be a sequel on this account!

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Review #3, by nazozink Attack of the Dunderheads!

8th July 2007:
Phase 3, beat the telitubies. I still had the peanut butter in my hands. I needed to think of a plan. And fast. The Power Rangers had their energy back. They always seem to heal themselves fast. Now I was fighting side by side with the Power Rangers. (Wow that sounded weird) I gave each of the Power Rangers a bit of peanut butter.
OK, yes. I put that note there, but, but… oh, just forget it.

THE END. I dont remember writeing most of this with you some yes but most no.I was laughing and woke up my mom she was mad. .. . .
Diamond is so Oc in this story, she normally is calm she reminds me more of me or nazo in this one and sirius is like karma. hey it might work nya?
love it love it love it
we have to do a squell like sirius' pov it could be called It's all Diamond's fault!

Author's Response: OMG YOU HAVE THE BESTEST IDEA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! !! I think I shall take you up on this Idea! I shall start brainstorming with you right now sense your sitting right next to me....yeah..... Off!

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Review #4, by hp4eva786 Kicking and Screaming

24th June 2007:
this is good. real good

Author's Response: thank you very much I really heart this story I really don't know what to say to think for me and create a witty response.

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Review #5, by Lucarichi Fun Fiesta Party!

15th March 2007:
*laughs some more like a nut job) HAHAHAHAHAHA! *stops typing 2 laugh 4 a while*...SWEET SWEET RANDOMNESS! WO! i like randomness. u know, that H-E double hocky stcks is a fun term. wanna hear a joke?

jingle bells!
batman smells!
robin layed an egg!
the batmobile,
lost a wheel
and the joker killedeveryonewithinatwenty-fivemileradiusofgothomcitywithtoastersonnewyearsay!

(i made up the last part O_o)

Author's Response: lollollol

that can't be healthy. O_o ...

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Review #6, by Lucarichi You Screwed Up Sirius!

15th March 2007:
yeah. i can totally see dumbledore (WOOHOO! HE ROCKS! HE NEEDS MORE PARTS YA HERE!? HE!IS!AWESOME!i miss the old one. in the movies. he died. relly! i miss him! the new one sucks on (censored O_o)! the 4th movie sucked on [censored. again O_o]) doing that. he is so funny! oh, and mcgonigal is awesome 2. i could see her doing that 2.

Author's Response: beleive me, i can see almost anyone do anything. thanx for the review!

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Review #7, by Lucarichi And All That Jazz

15th March 2007:
O_o. that was. very odd. not as funny as the first, but still. funny. ness. and stuff. T-I-DOUBLE GUH-ER!.got that from amanda. IT'S HER FAULT! SHE HAS NO SENSE OF HUMOR FOR OTHER PEOPLE'S JOKES!!! SHE FREAKIN' SAYS TWINKIE AFTER EVERY FREAKY SENTENCE FOR GOD'S (oops. scratch that. am i allowed 2 say dat?) LUCARIO'S SAKE!. TWINKIES ARE NOT YUMMY!O_o

Author's Response: OH, i HEART tigger and his sweet sayings! oh, and sorry, i must disagree on the twinkie thing. i do like them once and a while...

but anyway, thanx!

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Review #8, by Lucarichi Kicking and Screaming

15th March 2007:
O_o. *falls over laughing* Ohmigod that was so awesome! the first marauder era story with out romance in the first chappie!!! good on you! keep it up! (oh, and i LOVE the way u used the sentences. FUNNYNESS!!! WOOO!!... IT'S ALL THORN'S FAULT I TELL YA! AND KELLY!!!... BOTH 1ST YEAR KELLY AND 3RD YEAR KELLY!!!. am i getting off topic O_o) anyway, great chappie!!! i don't care if they're short, keep em coming! (oh, and plz check out my fic once it's up. it's Chi: a pokemon kid in a magical world. it's not funny yet, but it will be. MARK MY WORD!.s!!! wor-duhs!

Author's Response: lol *iz zmacked* ;-; ow...

YES! I love pokemon-ish stuff! Eh, I only have the blue version and saw only the first two seasons but... eheheh... totally!

We decided to get these chapters coming back, now that we're not lazy anymore. *sobs as she is zmacked multiple times by readers* T_T ah-haha... ow.

thanks a bunch! =D

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Review #9, by nazozink Fun Fiesta Party!

15th November 2006:
wow Im partcialy bumbed cause I helped write this and I didnt get to review first (sad) any who yea love it loveit and to the reviewers thanx I thought up the hourse and spladle here made up it just being the bak end hm I wonder if it was the way around O well I love the story scince we first wrote on a cold day when the sun was beating down and there waas no wind also if u do not believe that lie is tru ask the blind man he saw it too! Okay byes
ur friend
+ karma

Author's Response: nazo, you've got that little rhyme stuck in your head again! =P heh, yeah we all helped, but Diamond is ... erm... the_REAL_Diamond's, so it is technically her story from this point on. ^-^"

Nazo, do you want... Ice Cream? O.o

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Review #10, by Kaley Black Fun Fiesta Party!

15th November 2006:
I agree with you..! candy is great! but I must say that enjoy cookies very much!
omg! this chapter was hilarious! seriously (no pun inteded =P) how do you come up with this! I can't stop laughing!
Taco! I love that stuff! but my family doesn't like it... they're all crazy! maybe I'm adopted... hmm..
Suddenly I want a piñata... from now on that's on my whishing list.. and on christmas eve (here we get to open our gifts then) we'll all have a huge piñata! filled with candy! (not fruit... =P) !
I like how she rambles about something and then suddenly forgets what she's talking about...What was I saying? LOL
hahahah! I'm so glad you updated! *rates* I rated 10/10.. sadly it won't go any higher... :(

Author's Response: XD we're so glad you think so. This review is hard to follow... maybe she made this a little TOO random... =P

jk. Okays, firstly, I'm appalled your family doesn't like tacos. The must be missing the 'i love tacos' gene. Dino must have stolen it. hmm. I'll have to look into that.

As for a piñata, go for it girl. Piñatas are awesome, especially if there are no fruits in them, and as long as Slughorn isn't let near it. and it has to have a stop sign in its hand. a big hexigonal red one. with the word STOP on it.

or not. >_>

neep. ^_^ thankeez

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Review #11, by SeriousSiriusluver Fun Fiesta Party!

15th November 2006:
ok this is the most random story on the planet. but its hilarious. thats why i luv it. I WANNA TOSTER IN MY HEAD! THATS NOT FAIR! I WANT ONE! :'(

Author's Response: the MOST random?? that's... that's... BRILLIANT! I'm happy you think that! ^o^ so's my friend, but... >_> she's not here now. shh!

awesome. there's more to come soon!... I hope. soon, I mean. ^_^

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Review #12, by Dragonchaserchick Fun Fiesta Party!

15th November 2006:
Lolz! What he "accidently" spills taco sause on her a year ago and that's why everything is his fault? I love it! You never cease to amaze. (I can't believe I was stupid enough to misspell horse's last time yieks!) Please update soon!

Author's Response: and that's when it all began. >_>

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Review #13, by Dragonchaserchick And All That Jazz

15th November 2006:
And it keeps geting better! I love that Sirius is a hourses arse, that is seriously twisted! -scampers off to go read the next chapter-

Author's Response: oh yeah, that was awesome! XD I love your reviews. I'm extatic. I'm loopy. I'm uhhhauhh... dizzy. @_@

maybe I shouldn't spin around in this chair anymore.... but it's fun! ^o^ wheee! *spin*

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Review #14, by Dragonchaserchick Kicking and Screaming

15th November 2006:
That was hilarious! I laughed out loud multiple times. Which maybe isn't such a good thing since I'm in my moms office and her co-workers are trying to get stuff done, but hey at lest they find me amusing! Keep it up!

Author's Response: eheheh... srooy 'bout that mate. I'm glad you liked it, though. (this is the actual spladle_of_doom speaking) my flend actually wrote this, so if you could hug your computer for her... that'd be awesome. =D
read on my friend, read on!

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Review #15, by Kaley Black You Screwed Up Sirius!

9th November 2006:
SIRIUS MADE ME DO IT!!!” LOL.. I just realized you've updated.. so sorry I didn't notice before.. I was sure I had added it to my favorites. hmm.. well I'm doing it now! hahahahhahaha... gots a little carried away..
well funny chapter! you're really good to make it funny.. this story is really orginal ^-^and I love it =P please update sooon...
and once again sorry for I didn't notice it before.. it has been like a month since you updated...*blushes* 10/10

Author's Response: sorry for the hold up. i guess that i was just really busy. but i will try harder. and thanks for the review.

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Review #16, by an exfriend And All That Jazz

14th October 2006:
Good bye incase u dont get my email

Author's Response: bye-bye

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Review #17, by Dr.Who You Screwed Up Sirius!

14th October 2006:
I hate that three detentions? I think she shold get an award cause I have sukish aim and to do that wow! were did you get the name Diamond?

Author's Response: my sister helped me come up with it. and i always sove shiny things. SHINY! muha!

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Review #18, by Dr.Who And All That Jazz

14th October 2006:
i can't believe this line
“OH MY FLUFFLY GOSH! I FORGOT REMUS!” I love the fluffy!! It's so funny! did you like have to think a lot for that one it was hilarous!

Author's Response: hey, thanks. somtimes random phrases just come to me... my mind just works that way. gotta love randomness.

ok, maybe i get some help, but most of it is mine.

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Review #19, by Dr.Who Kicking and Screaming

14th October 2006:
Wow this is halirous!! Everything is his fault thats Hilarous! I love the part with the shiney bright blue and then how he said i it was Diamonds Fault I got to see the next chappters one this it's prue Magic

Author's Response: i really do like shiny things. i like to make alot of things shiny. 'cause shiny rocks. thanks a bunch!

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Review #20, by nazozink You Screwed Up Sirius!

5th October 2006:
Wow I helped wit the beggging but like the ending roks!!!

Author's Response: thankies, yo! this the ending of the story sje was talkin about the chapter! you totaly rok nazozink your like my idol ok mybe not but u do rok! K byez

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Review #21, by Kaley Black And All That Jazz

8th September 2006:
hehe lol! great chappie! Professor McGonagall has amnesia..
=P and it's all Sirius fault =P

Author's Response: heheh... I love it how she randomly has these random reflexes... XD! It IS all Sirius fault!

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Review #22, by tjwhermione Kicking and Screaming

8th September 2006:
LOL! I totally love it so far!! I loved this part, because it totally screams me: My name is Diamond-hey what is that shiny thing over there? Oh, back on the subject.

Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck!! Love it! I love how she hates Sirius so much that she blames him for everything! That's how I am with my sister (except it usually is her fault).

Anyway, great so far! This is the author of Voldie-Ninja, just so you know...and that reminds me: I have to give you that free toaster! Here's the link:

Enjoy your new, and possibly more shiny, toaster!

Author's Response: oh yeah, wait till you read the next few chapters! X) Well that's Diamond. There's kind of an inside joke there- no one knows her last name. >_>

I'm so glad people are reading and reviewing. It gives me POWER! Yes... power... >_> Yeah thanks fer the Shiny toaster. AH! I'm blinded by the shininess! XO ... Yay. ^_____^

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Review #23, by nazozink And All That Jazz

2nd September 2006:
This chappter is going to rock! hold on to your thinking toasters people!

Author's Response: yep YEP! X)

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Review #24, by nazozink Kicking and Screaming

28th August 2006:
Give me three cookies please!

Author's Response: >_> ...fine, but only two! Considering... there were only two to begin with! MUAHAHA!

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Review #25, by Kaley Black Kicking and Screaming

25th August 2006:
lol. I fell out of the chair.. I think it's because of Sirius =P
I was laughing so hard..hehe..
I realize you can't post two stories at the same time.. :(
so I'm kind of caught in the middle, which story I want to be updated first.. =P

Author's Response: This is only the toothpaste chapter? Yeah. This story is a little crazier, just because my friends helped write it. =) I'm glad you enjoyed it. Coming up next: Part Two! XD!

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