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Reading Reviews for 'A Book Mystery in Hogwarts'
51 Reviews Found

Review #1, by GINNYWEASLEY_HARRYPOTTER The Book Mystery

8th May 2011:
this was SO funny...it was HILARIOUS...loved it

Author's Response: Thanks you very much!

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Review #2, by beccah The Book Mystery

23rd March 2010:
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . ... . ..alrighty then.

Author's Response: There was a warning haha. I'm not normal.

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Review #3, by Icestorm The Book Mystery

29th July 2009:
i started laughing from the fifth sentence!
so effing bloody hilarious!
wow, you should make another one, for the next gen.
go randomness!

Author's Response: =D thank you. Today is the first day I've come by here in awhile and I read over these stories and decided I MUST write more.

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Review #4, by forever_weasley_girl The Book Mystery

24th June 2009:
that was the stupidest story i have ever read in my life! it wasnt even funny! obviously you cant tell humor from stupidity.

Author's Response: "Stupidest" isn't a word, you obviously know humor because you just made me literally laugh out loud. =D

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Review #5, by me The Book Mystery

30th March 2009:
lol so random nice lol :D

Author's Response: =D Haha thank you

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Review #6, by lucy_gray The Book Mystery

30th March 2008:

Author's Response: Haha, let yourself breathe for a moment. =] Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #7, by Kat Malfoy The Book Mystery

29th March 2008:
LOVE IT! It's hilarious(is that how that word is spelled?) One of the awesomest specnifigant one-shots I've ever read.

Author's Response: Lol, yes you spelled it right. Thanks for loving it!!!! I love these types of reviews. =]

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Review #8, by xXharry and draco_luvrXx The Book Mystery

14th March 2008:
omigosh!that was sooo randomly funny I'm crying

Author's Response: Haha! Aww sorry I made you cry. Glad you liked it though!!! =]

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Review #9, by Baby Dreamer The Book Mystery

9th March 2008:
ok then that wasn't weird at all...

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #10, by iluvfredweasley The Book Mystery

9th February 2008:
i had a good laugh
keep up the good work!

Author's Response: thanks so much!!!!

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Review #11, by Billie_Granger The Book Mystery

8th December 2007:
Your story was very funny and it really made me laugh thanks for writing it hope to read more by you soon.

Author's Response: Your welcome!! and thank you soooooo much!!

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Review #12, by Isa_Of_Loare The Book Mystery

5th December 2007:
Alright! Then...Pure randomness! lol

Author's Response: I love randomness!
Thank you soooooo much!!

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Review #13, by FantasticElastic The Book Mystery

21st November 2007:
Thats great. Very funny and random, the best ones in my opinion. I'll have to keep an eye out for more of these.
Steff :)

Author's Response: Thank you soooooo much!!

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Review #14, by AndromedaConstelation The Book Mystery

17th October 2007:
That was weird... but funkii
i like Snape's habit of jumping out at random places

Author's Response: Lol.
Thank you soooooo much!!

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Review #15, by Tonks the Klutz The Book Mystery

14th September 2007:

Author's Response: Haha glad you liked it!!!
Thank you soooooo much!!

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Review #16, by Billie_Granger The Book Mystery

24th August 2007:
This is a hilarious story can't wait to read your other stories,

Author's Response: Thank you soooooo much!!

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Review #17, by padfoot240 The Book Mystery

2nd August 2007:
Haha, VERY random. I thought it was sorta funny. Good job!

Author's Response: haha
Thank you soooooo much!!

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Review #18, by comic_freak The Book Mystery

31st July 2007:
he, he he,he,he,he,he,he,he,he,he. oh goodness. that was extremely randoom. although quite hilarious. i like funny stories . you should write more.:)

Author's Response: Ah I want to write more.
Thank you soooooo much!!

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Review #19, by albus severus29 The Book Mystery

24th July 2007:
Nice humour. It was completely random though, as stated. Quick fun read, though VERY weird.

Author's Response: Thank you sooooo much!!!!

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Review #20, by BuckBeaktheHippogriff The Book Mystery

19th July 2007:
Okay, very random but it was very enjoyable! It was very creative how you put all these different things that are completly different. Very cool! 10/10 :o)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!!
And sorry for this late response.

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Review #21, by Dolly Bird The Book Mystery

10th July 2007:
haha this story is so funny...i was laughing all the way thorugh

Author's Response: Thanks!!! I love making people laugh. It's like a hobby lol.
Sorry for the late response!

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Review #22, by jbj1031965 The Book Mystery

4th July 2007:
this has got to be the funniest thing i have ever read. i laughed till i cried. absolutely hysterical. loved every line

Author's Response: Thank you sooo much!!!
Sorry for the late response!!!

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Review #23, by AussieAnatomy627 The Book Mystery

1st June 2007:
w.o.w. that's all i can say. lol

Author's Response: Lol. Well wow isnt always a bad thing. So thanks for reading, reviewing, and so on. =]

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Review #24, by devayani The Book Mystery

25th April 2007:
it is a really very very funny story.its really marvellous.hope you write more stories often like this and lot more like lol ! but the bad thing is that hermoine died.

Author's Response: Sorry, just had to kill her off. Im hoping i'll write more also lol. Thanks for liking it.

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Review #25, by Hermione_bestwitch The Book Mystery

18th April 2007:
Oh my god that was so hilarious.

Author's Response: Thank You Thank You..

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