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Review #1, by draco_zelda The Dust Settles

9th February 2007:
ok luved it but when r u adding more? its really good

Author's Response: yeah, i'm hjaving trouble writing the very begining from when she just opens her eyes. will update soon though :)

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Review #2, by draco_zelda the biggset surprise

22nd January 2007:
wow i like that not that voldamort will come back but this chapter LUV IT!

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #3, by hurrah! it's kirsty! just like from the last story! the biggset surprise

22nd October 2006:
uhhh....i liked the last chappie better.

but it was good...

Author's Response: how namy times must i tell you i cant spell? i spelled biggest wrong for pete's sake!

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Review #4, by scarletLady666 the biggset surprise

21st October 2006:
i love it,keep going!!:)

Author's Response: HURRAH!!!

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Review #5, by rose_kisses The Dust Settles

6th September 2006:
hey! it's me again!!! did you know im a gold fish? I HAVE SCHITZOPHRENIA!!! if you don't know that means, it means that I belive I'm on a special misson. TO DESTROY ALL THE TWINKIES!!! jk. anywooz, see ya later!

Author's Response: lol, kirsty

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Review #6, by rose_kisses The Dust Settles

24th August 2006:
hi nneka! it's me! kirsty! anyway, i just wanted to know if you read my story, fallen ashes, anyway, luved ur story, but the killing of moldyshorts went kindsa fast...anyway...ta!


Author's Response: i am writing a funny story

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Review #7, by cocoa_spark The Dust Settles

10th August 2006:

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