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Review #1, by lolovgood Chapter 7

8th April 2014:
Cool, I guess could have been better

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Review #2, by Emilee Rose Chapter 1

4th November 2008:
ron is such a prat!!! lol good story

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Review #3, by HG/DM fan!!!!!!!!!!!! Chapter 7

21st May 2008:
Crazy about your story and I love the whole bad girl Hermione and the "who whants whom" aspect with the couple. plz carry on with the story as i love it too bits. IDEA:"Ron could see the couple kissing or something and prepare to do something particulary nasty to Draco but I'll leave you to decide that" 10/10! ^_^

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Review #4, by sammieoxox Chapter 7

3rd December 2007:
cute.. despite the evil father and his meeting =P

haha.. i like nick ;) ~ hes awssome .. toatly awkward there, then .. but so funny =P

Author's Response: lol an awkward ghost is the best kind!! i thought about making his head come part-way off in his shock. that would totally be a nick thing. haha

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Review #5, by Aeolis Chapter 7

3rd November 2007:

Author's Response: woohoo! :D

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Review #6, by dark-lord--happy-pants Chapter 7

2nd November 2007:
wow. Draco/Hermione is a ship i hate with a passion most of the time, but i luv this! it's really good! i read another one of your stories and it was great too! i'll read some of your other stories too probably! you're really good at writing! pleaz update ASAP!

Author's Response: aww thanks! i wasn't a big fan of D/Hr until i tried writing it. then i had a new appreciation. lol
thanks again!

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Review #7, by Murder Machine Chapter 7

16th October 2007:
That was a good chapter =) The entire story, as a whole, was a pretty cool one too.

Author's Response: it's not technically finished, but thanks! :D

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Review #8, by iloveharry1234 Chapter 7

16th September 2007:
i love this story! please post next chapter soon!

Author's Response: the next chapter should be along this week. :)
thanks for reviewing!!!

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Review #9, by IS bookworm Chapter 7

10th September 2007:
OOH!! I loved it! Please don't abandon this story! Remember your pitiful readers and please write! Please update soon! Loved it! :7)

Author's Response: lol i'm not abandoning it. lol i just have been really distracted by my other story. :) it will get updated though. soon, i believe!! :D

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Review #10, by IS bookworm Chapter 6

10th September 2007:
OOH!! I loved it! :7)

Author's Response: yay!! :)

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Review #11, by IS bookworm Chapter 5

10th September 2007:
EcK!! I loved it! It's awesome when you can help someone out in a situation like that and hopefully Draco and Hermione both learned not to get drunk! Loved it! :7)

Author's Response: haha hopefully. like i said in the AN it was based on an event a friend went through. i thought it was too hilarious to not write. lmao

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Review #12, by IS bookworm Chapter 4

10th September 2007:
OOH!! I loved it! Awesome chapter! :7)

Author's Response: thanks!! :D

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Review #13, by IS bookworm Chapter 3

10th September 2007:
OOH!! I bet Hermione finally goes with it! Loved it! :7)

Author's Response: lol thanks for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #14, by IS bookworm Chapter 2

10th September 2007:
OOH!! I really like it! Good beginning! It's a bit surprising that Draco helped her but hey you just have to imagine! Loved it! :7)

Author's Response: surprising was the point. lol. and imagining is what fanfic is all about!! haha
i'm glad you like it!

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Review #15, by IS bookworm Chapter 1

10th September 2007:
OOH!! sounds good! I loved it! :7) Definitely a favorite! :7)

Author's Response: yay! thanks!!

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Review #16, by la_bella Chapter 7

6th September 2007:
great chapter!!! plz update soon

Author's Response: i plan to! :D

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Review #17, by ron_hermione_fan Chapter 7

25th August 2007:
Aewsome chapter! Just saw that you updated! I'm sooo glad you kept writing this!

Author's Response: aww thanks! :D

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Review #18, by teadoro521 Chapter 7

25th August 2007:
this chapter was my favorite so far :)
keep up the great work.

Author's Response: thanks! and i will! :D

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Review #19, by _Kreacher_ Chapter 7

11th August 2007:
Aww! =)
Absolutly faulous. I love your writing style.

Author's Response: thanks!! :D :D

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Review #20, by Dracos 1 gurl Chapter 6

7th August 2007:
its a good story^_^
although im wondering, is this in Hogsmead or Diagon Alley???

Author's Response: isn't hogmead in diagon alley? so i guess both. cuz i was going with that idea. :)
thanks for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #21, by HarmlessLies Chapter 7

6th August 2007:
Love it! Please update soon!

Author's Response: will do! thanks!!! :D

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Review #22, by Britt_anyyy Chapter 7

30th July 2007:
oh i hope that you do continue with this story i really like it! especially this chapter... i added it to my favorites... so can you let me know if you plan on continuing this story if it helps i think you should. 10/10 seriously i liked it a lot!


Author's Response: yeah, i'll continue! :)
thanks for your support!! :D

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Review #23, by HERMIONEandDRACOshouldBE Chapter 4

29th July 2007:
oh loved this chapter it made me laugh lol... Im gonna go read more.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!!!! :D

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Review #24, by Dracosmybabisdaddi Chapter 7

29th July 2007:
im luvin dis i wanna kno wa happens next..its gettin interestin...update asap.. :-)

Author's Response: your name made me giggle. lol

thanks for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #25, by gangsta_lOver Chapter 7

29th July 2007:
^^ *smiles at hermione and draco* they`rea fallin ofh each other.^^ UPDAYTE =]

Author's Response: they sure are. but they don't know it yet. :)

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