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Review #1, by massieblockrox Last Line of Defence

2nd January 2011:
Wow, what a beautiful piece of writing!

The banner is awesome -- its what drew me in.

However, on the fourth sentence before the end, it says " . . . and wit Hough hesitating . . ."

Overall, a good story.


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Review #2, by randomcutie69 Last Line of Defence

23rd June 2007:
I really like this story.

And the banner is amazing!!! That's honestly why I read this story.

I was actually wondering if you could make me a banner... it would be so great if you could. If you decide to email me at Thank you so much.


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Review #3, by prongsie_potter_rulez Last Line of Defence

11th March 2007:

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Review #4, by Ydnas Odell Last Line of Defence

28th November 2006:
I didn't know you wrote stories too.

This is really amazing. It is highly emotional, and Ron and Hermione say all the right things. Though I really hope Hermione was a bit to pestimistic. And Don't worry about spelling Hermione wrong. I did that too. And I can up it because I spelt Voldemort wrong too.

By the way the banner you made me is amazing!

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Review #5, by BlackRoses911 Last Line of Defence

1st October 2006:
This is such a moving story, I really loved it, it made me cry. The ending is especially beautiful.

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Review #6, by slytheringinny Last Line of Defence

23rd September 2006:
Great! A short little moment, and I hope you don't mind a few things of constructive critism.

Hermioen should be Hermione. Just a typo. =D
and He stood up straight, a fire had seemed to ignited in his belly, and wit Hough hesitating, should be with out hestitaing

I'm pretty sure they are just typos, but other than those two things that I's good! Well done!

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Review #7, by potterfan93 Last Line of Defence

9th September 2006:
hi wow your writing is amazing
i rli like these to lines they are very touching:“He wants us to lose faith, lose hope, but I won’t let that happen.”
and His life, and all the people in it had been cursed since that fateful night, over sixteen years ago, and it was time to break that curse. Once and for all.
your story is amazing *add to favourites* well done keep writing

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Review #8, by almost_witch Last Line of Defence

16th August 2006:
*puts it in favourites*

well done, it was brilliant, alot different and better then what people normally write on the final battle

nice banner too

Author's Response: aw, thank you! and all credi for the banner goes to x_halawa_x, she's wonderful!

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Review #9, by MirrorOfErisedx Last Line of Defence

9th August 2006:
What a wonderful story =)
This line makes me want to cry: "His life, and all the people in it had been cursed since that fateful night, over sixteen years ago, and it was time to break that curse."

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Review #10, by hpdude_4life Last Line of Defence

8th August 2006:
well, that was gripping. i swear, i never pictured the battle like that. or the fact that the order and evryone else was harry's 'line of defence'.
hehe, wot a cheesy name. :P
gr8 story. write more! :D

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Review #11, by hjpobsessed Last Line of Defence

2nd August 2006:
Beautiful! Your writing's amazing!

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Review #12, by firebreathingradishes Last Line of Defence

1st August 2006:
That was really sad. *tear* Really well-written! A few typos here and there, but whatever... we all have those. :P
I love the dynamics between the trio. They seem very realistic. I love this line: " He was past the point of being frightened. He’d lived in fear all his life, and he seemed past that point now." Great work! :]

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Review #13, by smile2006 Last Line of Defence

1st August 2006:
hehe!! i really liked that, that was well written great job!! =D 10/10!!!

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