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Review #1, by the_spladle_of_doom Strategery For Those Who Simply Can't Play Cards

20th September 2007:

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Review #2, by odd_profession Enter: Nazo Shima

10th June 2007:
HEy sy!
I just reliazed something it said It was actually very nice. She didn’t have anyone familiar to talk to, yes, but Nazo wasn’t there to shock, bounce, squeal, jump, scare, electrify, annoy, experiment, or sing at, with, or by her, every waking moment. So, as I said, it was nice.
notice the part it says sings. with? syra would join in now with that I'm shocked.Fantastic chapter 10/10

Author's Response: yes yes I know. you were so annoyed with me for not answering so I answered. here. yes.

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Review #3, by Lucarichi No Hard Feelings?

10th May 2007:
OH! NEXT CHAPPIE! NEXT CHAPPIE!^^*wants 2 give u a 10*

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Review #4, by Lucarichi Enter: Nazo Shima

10th May 2007:
me likey! man, nazo's almost exactly like me! *except i would only act that crazy if i knew the new ppl could be my friends or something.
*wants 2 give u a 10 cuz it's so awesome!... allows u 2 ask*

Author's Response: yay a fellow Nazo-er-er yeah....Nazo is special though and likes to annoy everyone with her craziness weather she knows them or not. So why cant you give a 10?

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Review #5, by Lucarichi Well... It's the begining.

6th May 2007:
hi, spladle!^^
me luffles!!! anyway, this ish awesome! d'ya mind if i use this sort-of thingy 4 the begining of mine 'cept 4 the letter part?.. well... maybe the letter part. anyway, this ish an awesome start! *favoritizes*

p.s. what's ur e-mail or anyway i can contact u?

p.s. I WISH I COULD GIVE U A 10!... but sadly it's against my rules. don't ask.

Author's Response: I suppose I can't give away my email, security reasons. but any questions or comments you can put on the reviews part...

as for the letter part, shoot! Go ahead-- I'll be glad to have inspired something for someone else!

also, drat. Heck, I'm asking! >_< heheh...

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Review #6, by siriusly_strawberry No Hard Feelings?

22nd April 2007:
the sweet taste of revenge muwahahahahahhahaha


Author's Response: always.

BWAHAHA. *ahem* >,> ...

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Review #7, by nazozink No Hard Feelings?

18th April 2007:
I LOVE IT SY!!! oo and person who asked about ze majic with a J u'lll see i asure you it makes sense not only in our minds but in the minds of others so sit tight im sure Sy will be explaining it soon.the advantages of being able to walk over to her house and sneak on her computer are endless.YOU DIDN'T READ THAT OKAY SY you didn't u er just didn't.toasters?

Author's Response: Haha I should start writing again then, so you CAN sneak over and read stuff. Then again, you don't know the password to my computer file... *heheheh...*

Majic with a J? of course the J has significance. just... uh... wait a minute okay...? >,

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Review #8, by Ezzy_May No Hard Feelings?

18th April 2007:
Personaly i realy like this story, it shows that not all slytherens are bad. like Nazo. i dont get why its called "Majic With a 'J' " though, what does that have to do with it? right more! soon!

Author's Response: Hey Hey Hey Ezzy May! ^o^ woo! that rhymes... OKAY! next totally on-topic subject... X_x

YES! That has to do with something in the story. If you read to the last part so far, you should know that thing about syra... >,> *coughcoughmagiccoughnoforsycough* ... what? I didn't say anything *whistles* anyway, it is about the o/c's. Good stuff, this. ^o^

thankeez much!

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Review #9, by nazozink Trust is Something I Haf'ta Get Over

14th April 2007:
WOw again sy! i can't wait for the- good book~ tehee! if u wrote more please let me read it I LOVE TO READ YUM! i finished the series of books i was eat-reading. that was a clasicprank i now intend on pulling it

Author's Response: Heheh... of course I'd have to do something with betrayal... It just wouldn't seem right with Sy! I love Sy. *tackle*


ANYway. thankeez. You know not of the majic with a j thing nya. ^o^

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Review #10, by the_real_diamond Gathering the Crowd

13th April 2007:
holy cownessness-ness. i wonder what shall be done now! how interesting. i can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: of course it's interesting. Read more. *bops head* >,

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Review #11, by the_real_diamond The sorting

13th April 2007:
uh oh. karma, AH! i don't know why i did that... yeah... great chappie! yum. i know how nazo feels... i can't stop eating.

Author's Response: *glomps*

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Review #12, by the_real_diamond Enter: Nazo Shima

13th April 2007:
i don't know what a novel is either. i don't read that much... i should probably do it more. tee hee!

Author's Response: -_-" heh... yes. read zombie, read! XD!!

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Review #13, by the_real_diamond Well... It's the begining.

13th April 2007:
well then, taht was pretty cool. i likeded it. yes. gigleafubleah! you know the story, i expect.

Author's Response: ah yes, good times. ^_^

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Review #14, by Ezzy_May Trust is Something I Haf'ta Get Over

13th April 2007:
i thought it was realy good! :) showed the good side of slytherin

Author's Response: thank you. see, people? there are some good picks in slytherin, right? :D

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Review #15, by odd_profession Gathering the Crowd

29th December 2006:
I love this story it like roks!! I like Nazo shes really random and what up with the icecream? why not just call it roacky road? I personaly love roacky road. I wonder how this is going to turn out I really love it!! continue writting please!!!

Author's Response: but rocky road and chocolate with marshmellows and pecans are totally different! i should know.

thanx for the review!

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Review #16, by odd_profession Well... It's the begining.

29th December 2006:
wow! i love it! the charcters seem funny I shall review on the last chapter as well with a much longer and hopefully good review!!

Author's Response: da! i can't read long stuff! ha, just kidding. i might just read a little too much for my own good...

i am proud of it though!

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Review #17, by Kaley Black Gathering the Crowd

9th December 2006:
hahah... Nazo sounds a little crazy... aww.. and the marauders... ^-^ can't wait for the next chapter... this is so funny =) third place? wow! that's many. is that why she moved to Hogwarts? have you written it? and I didn't notice.. hmm... anyways.. awesome chapter! (as usual!) I'll probably end up repeating myself.. but your story is funny =)

Author's Response: she's falling into the trouble making mind set again... bad syra! >.< the marauders are awesome. and the next few chapters will get progressively longer, no worries! ^o^

And 's okay if you repeat yourself. the same thing happens to me ahh... yup, just about every day. ^_^" ah well, we all have our little oddities... maybe my friends and I have more than most but... >_>

next subject. I hope to get the next chapter up soon as possible! =D

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Review #18, by Padfoots_Number_1 Well... It's the begining.

8th December 2006:
(Didn't feel like signing in) Just wanted to say that I would be happy to make you a banner, just send some info (character to put on/people to use, title, penname, quotes, colors, genres of fic.ect) and send it to

Author's Response: ahh... a little too late there, mate. ;-; nazo's trying a hand at adobe for me, and I can show her stuff so it's easier--thanks for the offer, though! ^o^

and the rest of the story isn't that bad either, if you DO read through chapter four, I'd tremendously appreciate any reviews. =)

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Review #19, by nazozink Gathering the Crowd

8th December 2006:
wow nice title read the chapter before AND STILL LOVE IT! I cant wait for the- o yea cant say buh bye nah thoem(crazy sound effect) Great story bye

Author's Response: NAZO! *hugs* >.< I'm living through your reviews alone so far! I can't stand it-- I might just combine the next two chapters and make it one long thing... oh, but I can't! I hope you like the next part, though. and for being an ever-faithful reviewer... *tadaa* ^o^ Here's a coupon for one free week of having Sirius as your own personal... erm... buddy. yeah. who does whatever you tell him to. ^-^" *thrusts ze ticket at you and runs as far away from Black as possible*

ookkkkaaaaayyy... you can use it noooww. *is a considerably safe distance away* =)

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Review #20, by nazozink The sorting

3rd December 2006:
YO yo yoz just up at 11 33 and thought Id review soo here it is review time(just like mail time only diffrent) sooo sy nice chappter and I say Karma? karma tyme? nice twist althought the all powerful Melady lord would be mad wouldnt she? Ah well she will just have to get over it won't she? I like up date (mybe if I do the ancient update dance[ hey dont be surprised they made one for rain] ) got to goes Im takeing to my 'cuz'cugh*godbro*cough

Author's Response: aren't YOU meladylord? O.o or were people not supposed to know that? You know I just realized I didn't put a disclaimer on the next chapter I submitted so... I'll put it here now!

disclaimer~ I don't own Nazo Zink. I don't own Karma Tyme. In fact, Nazozink does. and her cousin hates me. I dunno how that ties into the subject, but apparently I don't own him either. Heck, I own only my ideas in my head and Syra. Good day to you all. ^o^ _>

right, how's that nazo? I hope it's okay. golly gee, this is gonna be a great next few chapters! but you know that already, don't you, nazo? ;)

don't tell. >.< XD haha jk jk

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Review #21, by Kaley Black The sorting

2nd December 2006:
but that would’ve led people to think that I was crazy, which I’m not... lol
wow... this is exciting! I love drama ^-^
different houses? hmmm... this can't be good...
oh well. I'm glad you updated! =P
please update soon...

Author's Response: I'm rather excited, too! The next chapter is coming up shortly, and soon after an update on the Sirius short story and a One-Shot with the Harry Potter gang. ^o^

drama. yes, we'll see much more of that to come... >_> *sticks a napkin in mouth to refrain from giving anything away* shanks fer da rebiew! XD

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Review #22, by the_spladle_of_doom The sorting

29th November 2006:
*dances* YAY finally! the long wait was because the chapter got rejected because the banner for the story was too big, but it's all good! When did this thing get validated anyway? *sigh* oh well. On to the next chapter!

Sirius, you do all the work! =D haha, spladle out.

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Review #23, by Kaley Black... again..:P Enter: Nazo Shima

5th September 2006:
the banner was cool! even though it was a little blurry. can't wait for the update.. this story rocks my socks! =P
really enjoy it!

Author's Response: yeah i guess its okay. I used paint that's why i'm upset with the resolution... >_> yeah. heheh. i'm so glad you're enjoying the story- i'll try and get the next few parts typed up fast!

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Review #24, by nazozink Enter: Nazo Shima

28th August 2006:
I'm back and have a poggo stick

Author's Response: POGO! XD!

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Review #25, by Kaley Black Enter: Nazo Shima

28th August 2006:
lol. this story just keep on getting better!
I'm in lack of word! Really looking forward to the next chapter! =P

Author's Response: yes... the party is just getting started! I'm so glad you enjoyed the intro's. =) Now, onward!

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