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Review #1, by slytherensangel26 Chapter 15 A Very Unusual Request

2nd March 2008:
this story is so good...would you please update soon! pretty please!

Author's Response: I will do it right now!
Thanks for the review! =o)

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Review #2, by angelinneveah Chapter 15 A Very Unusual Request

30th November 2007:
More more more,please!!! Very good, but one thing. Isn't it a bit twisted that Ariel and Sirius are so closely related? Other than that very good.

Author's Response: Thanks!!! I'm sorry I didn't see it before! I will update right now!
Keep reading, please!? hehe

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Review #3, by Pottergirl17 Chapter 10 - The Potters

11th May 2007:
Nice story idea so far. I love it. Please keep writing. I can't wait for chapter 11! By the way, thanks for leaving me a review.

Author's Response: Thank you for leaving me a review! ;o) And thanks for reading my story. Chapter 11 is on already!

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Review #4, by LilyMarieEvansPotter Chapter 1. The Boy Who Lived

24th January 2007:
I really like the story!! Its so well written!! Love the twists!! The only thing is... I am one of the few people who believe that Snape is evil and that he betrayed Dumbledore!! So dats da onli part i dont agree with!! But that just me!! I love the story anyways!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm really glad ou enjoyed the story! =o) Well... About Snape... Maybe I do believe he is evil, but the thing is that he just cannot be and I don't want him to be be! How could Dumbledore be so wrong about him?? Anyways... Again, thanks and keep reading!

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Review #5, by uknw Chapter 5 - Ariel Loiseau

22nd November 2006:
love this story

Author's Response: Thanks!!! I will do it just now!

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Review #6, by sand_at_your_feet_ Chapter 1. The Boy Who Lived

11th August 2006:
wow excellent. =]=] can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so sorry for not having replied before, but I didn't know my story was up already!!!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!
I will update right now! hehe

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Review #7, by Midnight_darkness Chapter 1. The Boy Who Lived

11th August 2006:
Amazing story, could use some more description though.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm really glad you are enjoying the story! About more desciptions... Well, I will see what I can do, because this story is almost finished and since it is also posted in other sites as well, I wouldn't like to mess with it, but read the next chapter as soon as it is up and let me know what you think!
Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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